EXCLUSIVE: Dopapod Premieres Pro-Shot Video Of “FABA” For New Live Album Drop

first_imgDopapod 2017 Upcoming Tour Dates:03/31 Philadelphia, PA: Theatre Of Living Arts04/01 Philadelphia, PA: Theatre Of Living Arts04/05 Portland, ME: Port City Music Hall04/06 Burlington, VT: Higher Ground04/07 Boston, MA: Paradise Rock Club04/08 Boston, MA: Paradise Rock Club04/09 Fairfield, CT: The Warehouse @ FTC04/12 Ithaca, NY: The Haunt04/13 Cleveland, OH: Beachland Ballroom04/14 Detroit, MI: The Magic Stick04/15 Grand Rapids, MI: The Intersection04/18 Urbana, IL: Canopy Club04/19 St. Louis, MO: Ready Room04/20 Lexington, KY: Cosmic Charlies04/21 Nashville, TN: Mercy Lounge04/22 Atlanta, GA: Sweetwater 420 Festival04/25 Wilmington, NC: The Throne Theatre04/26 Carborro, NC: Cat’s Cradle04/27 Charlotte, NC: Neighborhood Theatre04/28 Richmond, VA: The Broadberry04/29 Baltimore, MD: Soundstage06/09 Stephentown, NY: Disc Jam Music Festival06/10 Boulder, CO: Fox Theatre06/29-30 Quincy, CA High Sierra Music Festival07/01 Ozark, AR: Highberry Music Festival07/15 Berryville, VA: Pasture Palooza08/04 Thornville, OH: Werk Out Music & Arts Festival08/06 Loveland, CO: Arise Music Festival08/10 Scranton, PA: Peach Music Festival Dopapod, the four-piece jam quartet from the Northeast, drops their highly anticipated new live album, II Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was II, today. This latest release compiles soundboard recordings from their most recent tour and is a followup to their first live compilation, I Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was I, which was released six years ago in 2011. This new live release features fourteen choice cuts from throughout Dopapod’s 2016 fall tour as well as their brief stint in Colorado during January of this year. It also includes the song “Trickery,” a relatively new Dopapod tune that hasn’t made it onto any of their studio albums as of yet.To get us all hyped for II Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was II, Dopapod has been kind enough to share with us the first peek at a brand-new pro-shot video of the seventeen-minute “FABA” from the new live album. The video was shot by videographer extraordinaire MKDevo on December 30th of 2016, during Dopapod’s New Year’s two-night run at The Madison Theater in Covington, KY.You can watch the instrumental goodness that is “FABA” below, then pop over and pick up Dopapod’s new live album here. Also, you can check out the full track listing for II Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was II and Dopapod’s upcoming tour dates below the video. Dopapod’s II Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was II Track Listing:1. Trapper Keeper > Mudwalkin’ > Trapper Keeper (1/29/17 – Frisco, CO)2. Priorities (11/17/16 – Stroudsburg, PA)3. FABA (12/30/16 – Covington, KY)4. Hey Zeus! Que Tal? (12/9/16 – Iowa City, IA)5. Nerds (12/14/16 – Ann Arbor, MI)6. Psycho Nature > PLSS > Psycho Nature (1/29/17 – Frisco, CO)7. Vol. 3 #86 (12/14/16 – Ann Arbor, MI)8. Trickery (12/15/16 – Kalamazoo, MI)9. PIcture In Picture (12/30/16 – Covington, KY)10. Present Ghosts (11/17/16 – Stroudsburg, PA)11. STADA (11/18/16 – New York, NY)12. Bluetooth (12/2/16 – Charleston, SC)13. Blast (12/2/16 – Charleston, SC)14. Bubble Brain (12/2/16 – Charleston, SC)last_img read more

U.S. health care system ready for Zika outbreak?

first_img Read Full Story After finding that he would not be able to get a test for the Zika virus in a timely manner at his well-resourced Boston hospital, Michael VanRooyen doubts that the U.S. health care system is ready to contain an outbreak of the disease. Van Rooyen—who is not ill, but wanted to test how easy it would be to obtain a test and diagnosis—is head of the emergency medicine department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, and a professor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School. He spoke at a February 17, 2016 panel at Harvard Kennedy School.“I was informed that I first had to make an appointment with the [Obstetrics] department first, as they are the ones who actually have to order it. Then I had to sit down with a counselor to discuss it, as well as send a urine sample to a reference lab to get tested, which would take about three-and-a-half weeks to get back to me,” VanRooyen said, as quoted in a Harvard Crimson article. “So by the time I got the appointment, I got the test, it was going to be about a month-and-a-half before I would find out.”last_img read more

Lessons of the Week! Bradley Cooper, Vanessa Hudgens & More

first_img View Comments We trudged uphill 100 miles barefoot in the snow this morning for one reason and one reason alone: To bring you the Lessons of the Week! Admit it, you’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out the crazy things we learned about Bradley Cooper, Kelli O’Hara, Vanessa Hudgens and more stars this week. Check it out!Kelli O’Hara Is the New Mama BroadwayWatch out, Audra McDonald—The King and I headliner Kelli O’Hara is angling to steal your title. When Beautiful’s Anika Larsen recently found out she was pregnant, she immediately told O’Hara, who has become her “baby guru.” Wait, can’t there be two Mama Broadways? There have been like 8 million Mama Mortons…Bradley Cooper Has a Tiny SecretWe already know The Elephant Man headliner Bradley Cooper’s acting prowess is huge, but on The Tonight Show, he admitted to Jimmy Fallon that there’s something else about him that’s very, very small. His talent for air-guitaring! Wait, what did you think we were gonna say?Showtunes Make Us SweatyDon’t think we forgot about that drunk New Year’s resolution you made. You know, the one where you said you’d go to the gym every day and give up peanut butter cups? Don’t worry, just stick our Broadway workout playlist on your phone, crank up the volume and you’ll be ready to rip off your shirt like Ramin Karimloo in no time.Tracy & Link Sealed the DealWe’ve been up all night for the last 13 years trying to figure out the answer to one of Broadway’s most mystifying questions: Did Tracy Turnblad lose her virginity to Link Larkin the night they won the dance competition or what? Hairspray star Marissa Jaret Winokur has confirmed that the answer is yes. Yes, they did. OK, moving on to Elphaba and Fiyero. Did they or didn’t they, Idina?Frankie J. Grande Wants to Play SherrieThere’s some role swapping going on at Rock of Ages. Mitchell Jarvis, who originated the role of Lonny in the hit musical, has returned as Stacee Jaxx—so Broadway.com vlogger Frankie J. Grande wants to get in on the action and play Sherrie. Hmm. If your sister won’t take the midnight train going anywhere, that could work.Even Broadway Stars Get Friend ZonedYou’d think a gorgeous, talented star would have no trouble getting dates, but Phantom’s Julia Udine got stuck in the dreaded Friend Zone with her crush for six years, just like Eponine in Les Miz! (Spoiler alert, the dude finally got the hint, asked her out and they lived happily ever after, but still.)Korean Oz Has No ArtichokesWicked is a hit all over the world, but apparently Glinda’s snappy insults don’t always hold up. International Elphie Jennifer DiNoia told us the line “It seems the artichoke is steamed” has been changed to “broccoli” in Korea, because they don’t have artichokes there. WHAT? That’s terrible! What kind of dip do you guys even eat?!Vanessa Hudgens Goes to Bubbly U.Gigi star Vanessa Hudgens is taking her new role very seriously—she told us she dances around the house drinking champagne and singing songs from the musical just like the feisty French fille. Cheers to the Dom Perignon School of Method Acting!Rum Tum Tugger’s Ready to Rap in NYCWhat’s that sound? Could it be… The sound of Jellicle cats meowing? It is, it is! This week, Andrew Lloyd Webber revealed that Cats is prowling back to Broadway, featuring a glam Grizabella and of course, a raptastic Rum Tum Tugger. Let the memory live again! Right now. Is it open yet? Now is it open? Now? Meow.Everybody Wants to Be ElsaWith a Frozen musical on the Broadway horizon, Lea Michele and Shoshana Bean popped out of the woodwork this week to sing their own interpretations of “Let It Go.” While both gals would make great Elsas, you voted Bean’s fractal-spiraling rendition as your favorite on our poll. Keep ‘em coming, ladies—let the storm rage on!last_img read more

Twilight Tour postponed

first_imgUGA organic and sustainable agriculture faculty have postponed the July 11 Twilight Tour at the Organic Research Farm in Watkinsville due to this week’s heavy rain and very poor field conditions. The fields surrounding the farm and the farm roads are just too wet to accommodate guests, with some fields holding puddles of standing water, said Julia Gaskin, sustainable agriculture coordinator for the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the event’s organizer. With a chance of rain forecasted for Thursday, conditions are not going to get any better before the tour. She plans to reschedule the event in the coming weeks. Those who were planning to attend the event this Thursday should watch for the new date. For more information on sustainable agriculture at the UGA CAES, visit www.caes.uga.edu/topics/sustainag.last_img read more

Guatemala’s National Civil Police dismantles extortion gangs

first_img Criminals target public transportation workers A special unit of the Guatemalan National Civil Police (PNC) is achieving dramatic success in the battle against organized crime groups that engage in extortion. Since its creation in 2012, members of the Task Force Against Extortion (FTE) have arrested almost 1,000 suspects and broken up 69 criminal gangs that extorted tens of millions of dollars a year from cab drivers, bus operators, store owners and private citizens, according to statistics compiled by the Guatemala Interior Ministry and police. In 2011, the year before the FTE was created, only five criminal extortion gangs were disbanded, according to the website Siglo21, citing government sources. Through the efforts of the FTE that number rose in 2012 to 25 disbanded extortion gangs, and in 2013 another 29 extortion rings were broken up. In the first six months of 2014, another 15 gangs were broken up. The National Civil Police (PNC) has about 30,000 agents. To battle extortion gangs, the government created the FTE in 2012. The FTE includes PNC agents, some members of the Armed Forces, analysts, psychologists, criminologists, and intelligence officers. FTE agents work with local security forces in places most affected by extortion, including Guatemala City, Mixco and Villa Nueva. Extortion and related crimes cost Guatemalan businesses and individuals about $61 million (USD) a year, according to estimates by the government. Street gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha (also known as MS-13) and Barrio 18 (also known as M-18) are among the criminal groups that engage in extortion, according to the Interior Ministry. Extortion gangs threaten victims with death, bodily harm or destruction of their businesses if they don’t pay up. Gang members sometimes collect extortion payments in cash directly from their victims. In other cases, gang members do not confront their victims in person. Instead, they call their victims and instruct them to make payments into a bank account. The efforts of the FTE, prosecutors, and other security forces have had a positive impact in reducing extortion in Guatemala, said Carlos Mendoza, a security analyst with Central American Business Intelligence (CABI), a consulting firm based in Guatemala. “The last two years have reflected an improvement compared to the previous two years, that coincides with efforts by the National Civil Police and prosecutors to target the crime of extortion,” Mendoza said. “Security forces have been dedicated specifically to dismantle extortion gangs.” Extortion group members vary widely in age and gender. In the first ten months of 2013, for example, security forces with the FTE arrested 300 men, 180 women and 90 children believed to have been part of extortion rings. Gang members sometimes use women and children to deliver extortion threats or to collect extortion payments. Gang members threaten some women and children with violence if they do not deliver the threats or collect the funds. Adult extortionists face penalties of six to 12 years in prison. About 95 percent of the extortion suspects arrested by Guatemalan authorities are convicted in court. Criminal gangs began engaging in extortion in large numbers in the 1990s, according to a report in Agencia de Guatemala Noticias Some of the extortion gangs have been organized by inmates who are incarcerated. Cellphones are prohibited in prisons and jails, but some inmates use illegal cellphones to direct their criminal groups who are not incarcerated. For example, April 2014 the FTE arrested eight alleged members of an extortion gang headed by Rigoberto Morales Barrientos, also known as Rigorrico, an imprisoned kidnapper who is sometimes called the “Father of the Extortionists.” Since those arrests, security forces have captured another 40 members of Rigorrico’s alleged extortion ring. In addition to investigating and arresting extortionists, members of the FTE also conduct training programs with business owners and other potential victims on how to handle extortion attempts. Potential victims are encouraged to work with police and the FTE to help bring the extortionists to justice. A positive impact The FTE arrests extortion suspectscenter_img By Dialogo September 22, 2014 Extortionists often target public transportation workers, such as taxi drivers and bus operators. As many as 500 taxi drivers per day pay an average of $12 (USD) in extortion payments, according to estimates by the Guatemalan government. Owners and operators of as many as 1,000 buses are forced to pay about $60 a day per vehicle. In all, extortion robs the Guatemalan public transportation sector of about $25 million per year. Extortion gang members take another $23 million (USD) each year from private business owners. Gang members also collect about $2.3 million (USD) annually from private families. Extortionists also take in about $4 million (USD) from “express kidnappings,” in which gang members take victims hostage until their relatives, friends, or employers pay a ransom in exchange for their release. About 35 percent of extortion crimes in Guatemala are committed by members of organized street gangs, such as Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18. Most of the rest of the crimes are committed by independent criminal elements. Some independent criminals pose as members of Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18 to seem more dangerous and intimidating, according to reports in La Noticia and other publications. Genuine members of Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18 force some of these independent extortionists to pay a portion of their criminal proceeds to the larger gangs. Julieta Pelcastre contributed to this report. Cell phones should be prohibited in jails in Guatemala , to avoid this, but make this condition stick for real.last_img read more

Lošinj marked two million overnight stays 10 days earlier

first_imgFor nine years in a row, Lošinj reached 2 million overnight stays in September, and this year ten days earlier than in the previous 2016.     After excellent tourist results in which 2.001.689 overnight stays were realized and 259.422 arrivals in the first eight months of 2017, Lošinj ranked in the top ten leading Croatian destinations with the most realized overnight stays. The data that Lošinj can be proud of are the result of efforts and activities invested in organizing events and enriching the offer throughout the year, and this is certainly visible only in press reports and invitations throughout the year where Lošinj Tourist Board is one of the most active tourist boards in Croatia.Comparing the data with the same period of the previous year, there were 8% more arrivals and 8% more overnight stays, ie 20.240 more arrivals and 143.863 more overnight stays. 86,6% of overnight stays were realized by foreign tourists (69% of them came from the four most important emitting markets: Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Slovakia), while 13,4% % realized by domestic tourists.In May 2017, Lošinj also marked 130 years of tourism on Lošinj and presented its long tradition of tourism developed on basic principles; health tourism and the promotion of Lošinj as an island of vitality. The healing climate, rich biodiversity, as well as aromatherapy and clean sea are the foundation of the tradition of health tourism on Lošinj. “For years, we can boast of good tourist results with 2 million overnight stays. Considering that the goal of starting the destination brand management in 2006 was to concentrate the tourist offer on year-round business, we decided to design and organize projects and additional programs that meet the needs of guests throughout the year. Guests from various European areas, especially oriented towards wellness and health, as well as active and sports tourism, are announcing their arrival in September and October. Thanks to numerous natural factors and a richer offer, Lošinj has all the predispositions to achieve a successful year-round business, just like back in 1912, when it had more nights in the winter.” said the Mayor of the Town of Mali Lošinj, Ana Kučić.Great expectations in the off-season as well The Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj expects a very good continuation of the year, since guests who decide to spend a holiday on the island of vitality have at their disposal numerous opportunities and a rich offer of events. Thus, the Lošinj Sails Festival around the world will be held in September from September 2nd to 23rd. Designed in the desire to preserve and valorize the tourist maritime heritage, there will be numerous regattas, exhibitions, gastronomic offer and concerts. Also, as part of the Festival, which is also part of the EU project of tourist valorization of maritime, fishing and shipbuilding heritage of the North Adriatic “Little Boat II”, from 13 to 17 September will be held the 31st Euro – African Championship in spearfishing, where more than 120 participants from 20 different countries in Europe and Africa are expected.The tourist year continues in the sign of sports, considering that from September 27 to October 7, 2017 in Mali Lošinj, the Croatian team chess championship will be held, and on September 30, 2017, the 7th Lošinj Half Marathon. October will also be interesting, considering that the Days of Croatian Tourism are being held in Mali Lošinj on October 25 and 26, a traditional gathering of all stakeholders in the tourism sector of the Republic of Croatia. ”Excellent tourism indicators are the result of the responsibility and creativity of all tourism stakeholders in the destination, who through daily cooperation help raise the quality of the offer and the common vision of the archipelago. Thanks to the quality communication of all partners in the destination, Lošinj can boast of increasing recognition in the world as a destination for sustainable tourism ” said the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj, Dalibor Cvitković, and added that in the future Lošinj continues to be optimistic, with a focus on projects of quality tourist importance, as well as priority products; cultural and health tourism, outdoor activities, designing attractions as a motive for the arrival of guests throughout the year.last_img read more

Student strangled to death by 7-meter-long python in Southeast Sulawesi

first_imgA 16-year-old junior high school student was killed by a 7-meter-long python, which strangled him to death, while hiking in Bombana regency, Southeast Sulawesi, on Sunday.The student, identified as Alfian, was attacked by the snake on the way to a waterfall in Kahar mountain, Rumbia district, with four friends.The python attacked Alfian when he was separated about 10 meters from his friends, said Rumbia Police chief First. Insp. Muh. Nur Sultan. Read also: Teacher captures python with bare hands in West Sulawesi”After they were separated, Alfian’s friends heard him screaming. When they found him, the python had bit one of his thighs and was wrapped around his neck,” Muh Nur told kompas.com on Monday.Muh Nur said two of Alfian’s friends tried to help him by hitting the snake. However, they were instead attacked and bitten by the python.They then decided to seek help from locals, who killed the python with machetes. But by the time they managed to free Alfian from the snake, the student had died.Muh Nur said two of Alfians’ friends who had been bitten had been taken to a local health community center (Puskesmas) and allowed to go home afterwards. (nal)Topics :last_img read more

Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona to add 40 LNG-powered trucks to its fleet

first_imgImage courtesy of MercadonaSpanish supermarket chain Mercadona and its transport suppliers have allocated 4 million euros ($5m) in 2018 towards adding 40 liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered trucks.The trucks will be deployed in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.They will join the 7 gas-powered vehicles that have already been operating since 2017 as part of the company’s plans to reduce carbon emissions, Mercadona said in a statement on Thursday.The new LNG-powered trucks will gradually be incorporated into the company’s fleet throughout the year, it said.last_img read more

Air Canada suspends flights to Venezuela

first_img Share 70 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring! Air Canada said it has suspended its flights to and from Venezuela due to civil unrest, in a statement posted on its website Monday, March 17, 2014. The airline’s last flight left Caracas on Sunday, March 16, 2014. (Photo:AP)CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Air Canada says it has suspended its flights to and from Venezuela due to civil unrest in the South American country.In a statement posted on its website Monday, the airline says it can no longer ensure the safety of its operation in Venezuela, which has been roiled by daily street protests over crime and a deteriorating economy for more than a month.The airline’s last flight left Caracas on Sunday. It is offering refunds to those who have purchased tickets for flights after that.Foreign airlines have struggled under a $3.3 billion debt owed by the Venezuelan government.President Nicolas Maduro said Friday any airline that reduced or suspended flights in and out of Venezuela would face severe measures. He warned that any airline that leaves won’t be allowed back while he is in power.Associated Presscenter_img Tweet BusinessInternationalLifestylePrintTravel Air Canada suspends flights to Venezuela by: – March 18, 2014 Sharelast_img read more

Semi Catches Fire At Rest Area Tuesday Morning *Update*

first_imgUpdate (1-28 @ 9:44 a.m.)Batesville Firefighters extinguished a semi fire that occurred at the eastbound Batesville Rest Area on I-74 Tuesday morning.The fire department responded after receiving a 911 call from the truck driver, 48-year-old Terry Hightower, of Lexington, KY.Hightower phoned emergency personnel after he parked his 2009 Freightliner semi at the rest area around 6:40 a.m.According to Indiana State Police Sgt. Noel Houze, “[Hightower] heard a couple of popping noises and thought something had struck the windshield.”“Upon further investigation he discovered a fire that appeared to start at one of the tractor tandems possibly from a hot brake,” Sgt. Houze added.No injuries resulted from the incident and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.Houze also noted that there is a solid sheet of ice on the entrance ramp to the rest area and the Indiana Department of Transportation has been called to treat the area.Original Post (1/28 @ 8:17 a.m.)Emergency personnel are on the scene of a semi truck fire on I-74 Tuesday morning, police confirm.According to reports, the blaze is in the westbound lane near the Batesville Rest Area, around mile marker 151.A Batesville Police spokesman indicated that it may be an isolated incident, involving just the semi.WRBI will release more information when available.last_img read more