SMC seeks to grow student organizations

first_imgSaint Mary’s hosted a meeting Monday to provide interested students with information about starting College recognized organizations. Tamara Taylor, assistant director of multicultural services, said one of the College’s goals is to have student organizations focused more on global and social justice issues. “We want to nurture the creative side of you,” Taylor said. “The recognition process [for student organizations] starts with ideas.” After coming up with an idea, a student interested in creating a club must create an executive board, consisting of at minimum a president and vice president for the perspective organization, Taylor said. A faculty member who is willing to advise the organization must be found, and a written constitution for the club must be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement and Multicultural Services, along with a completed recognition application. “Mainly what we are trying to say here is that you have a lot of support for your club on campus,” she said. When asked to share ideas at large, students named several ideas for potential clubs including a student organization for volunteer work, a club for future math teachers and a Saint Mary’s boxing club. Sophomore Theresa Siver wants to organize “Wishmakers on Campus” as a chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. “Our main [goal] is to fundraise for the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” Siver said, “So we can help them continue to do all the wonderful things they do to help those kids.” Other students, like junior Theresa Her, have a more global idea. “I plan to start a Korean club, which will be a part of a multicultural club,” Her said. “We will be learning about Korean culture, and … about the language.” Along with brainstorming, Taylor outlined the benefits student organizations will receive by gaining recognition from the College. Benefits include the approved use of College facilities, a club mailbox in the Student Involvement Office and the ability to fundraise and hang promotional fliers around campus. One of the greatest benefits, Taylor said, is the access to funding from the Student Government Association. This money comes from the student activities fees Saint Mary’s students are charged. Senior Maureen Parsons explained the club funding process. “We’ve changed a little bit of the process,” Parsons said. Each club at Saint Mary’s will be given a $100 budget for the year. This funding is not to be spent on clothing, food, or club merchandise, she said. For those optional expenses, clubs are expected to fundraise separately. “They’re really going to push and let you know that these are for things that will benefit all the students on campus,” Taylor said, “They won’t fund something just for your club.” Athletic clubs are allowed to submit a proposed budget plan to the Student Government Association detailing other expenses such as sports equipment, for which they may receive funding of up to $1,000. “We also have a sponsorship process for events and travel,” Parsons said, which is not limited to athletic clubs. Contact Tabitha Ricketts at tricke01@saintmarys.edulast_img

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