Make kite flying a year-round national pastime

first_imgDear Editor,It was sad to read an article in the Kaieteur News stating that some of our local kite flying traditions are dwindling. We must move quickly to stop this.Kite flying has always been an important part of our cultural traditions, but for some reason, people only associate it with the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ or the Messiah Prophet Jesus Christ.While the origin of the local tradition linking kite flying to Easter is unclear to me, I am fully aware that there is no Biblical link between kite flying and the resurrection of Jesus Christ (God bless His soul which is in Heaven).That is why in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Europe, North America and many Caribbean territories, kite flying is a relaxing national pastime that is not only done at Easter, but throughout the year.Just using the wind to get a kite in the air is great fun and it is even more enjoyable to hear a ‘singing-engine’ kite hum as it soars in the sky, especially handmade ones. Children usually get great satisfaction from building, decorating and flying their own kites, even if they are just ‘pointer’ kites.I am calling on the Guyanese people to try to make kite flying a national pastime. Maybe the Education Ministry’s Department of Culture, Youth and Sport or the Public Health Ministry can promote it as a year-round national activity because kite flying involves moving and exercise and is good for concentration and general relaxation.Furthermore, senior citizens who are ill or immobile can also enjoy flying kites from their wheelchairs. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory loss can also entertain themselves in this way.Let us keep our kite flying traditions alive. It is a vitally important part of our cultural make-up, even though it is usually only done at Easter time.We must do our very best to make sure that this culture does not disappear. Maybe it would help to promote kite flying year-round and as a tourist attraction on our breezy seawalls.Yours truly,Roshan Khan Srlast_img

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