North of the city to promote the institutionalization of party inspection work

to celebrate the party’s eighteen, thoroughly implement the party tenure system, effectively play the role of party, improve the ability to perform their duties, to promote a new round of "grassroots organizations" activities, in October 12th, the north area of the Organization Department of the party’s eighteen representative area and provincial, municipal and district three party carried out a total of 35 people the party visited a new round of "grassroots organizations" theme activities. District standing committee, organization minister Zhang Shijun to participate in activities.
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2012 survey and mapping law day rich and colorful activities

August 29th, hosted by the Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information, surveying and mapping administrative departments of Xining co sponsored by the survey and Mapping Law on 2012 day activities in Xining City Plaza opened.

in the morning, more than 130 staff of 37 Xining area surveying and mapping unit of qualification holders on the streets, through the panels, banners, brochures and other ways to passers-by in-depth promotion of Surveying and mapping geographic information law in surveying and Mapping Law as the core, to further enhance the whole society’s legal consciousness and the concept of the rule of law; vigorously promote administration according to law, according to the law, strict enforcement of the surveying and mapping results and typical examples, efforts to promote the law of governance, promote the whole industry to form good situation of study and application of the law. read more

Headdress jewelry stores business advice

headdress jewelry stores good market prospects, the operating cost is not high, so get the support and recognition of many franchisees. If you want to invest in the business, the choice of the brand project is a good choice. Many newcomers to the industry is not very familiar with, Xiao Bian summed up a few points, hoping to provide some reference for you, hurry up, so that the business can be carried out more smoothly.

in headdress jewelry

to open a headdress jewelry stores must have a strong interest in hair ornaments, but also in the life always pays attention to the dynamic trend and headdress jewelry industry, to love life, understand to enjoy life, which is the premise of open headdress jewelry stores. read more

n 36 cities in July CP ranked Xining in the

July, the country’s 36 large and medium cities residents average price index was 102.1, an increase of 2.1%. Xining consumer price index was 102.3, an increase of 2.3%, 0.2 percentage points higher than the national average price index of 36 large and medium-sized city, Xining and Nanjing, Xi’an rose 2.3%, ranking eleventh in the country’s 36 large and medium-sized city.

God mad scratch pester air quality

19 afternoon, the city of Xining will be a strong wind blew a a murky sky over a dark earth from the city’s Environmental Protection Bureau, the reporter, the day of the dust weather, the air quality monitoring data all the way up, individual sites PM10 peak of severe pollution. On the same day, the city’s construction site earthwork excavation and demolition site was immediately halted, 20 am the city’s air quality began to change from bad to better".

blowing dust dust in our province are "homegrown"? Provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Zhang Jinong said that the cold air, brought in the Hexi Corridor, such as the southern region of dust, and no precipitation in Xining for a long time, the surface soil moisture loss is serious, Xining surrounding farmland soil began to prepare for the spring, the dust is the main factor affecting the air quality of Xining. The weather in Qinghai is studying the level of senior engineer de Ligl said that the March and April Xining air weather generally, the Hexi Corridor, the Qaidam Basin of the dust will come with cold air drift, and Xining dry surface, easy to dust on a windy day, he said: "according to the monitoring data, Xining had made great efforts in terms of pollution. Has achieved initial success. Suggested that Xining continue to increase afforestation efforts, in the case of God does not help, try their best to reduce dust floating."  
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500 million yuan to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises

Recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission actively seek the approval of the national development and Reform Commission of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Holdings Limited issued Small and micro businesses credit bonds, bonds have been credited, issued a total of 500 million yuan, the development zone 21 Small and micro businesses will benefit from.

the provincial development and Reform Commission will further strengthen the national development and Reform Commission work cohesion and communication, timely understand the national financial policy, focus on the collection of small micro enterprise bonds issued the preliminary examination and submit the application materials, simplify audit procedures, improve work efficiency. read more

Eastern new community to do the service article

In the party’s mass line of educational practice in the East District of 12 new community focus on deepening reform of community service system, focus on solving problems throughout, to contact the service people get through the last mile". Really learn really understand, to ensure that learning into the brain into the heart. Halal Lane Community by taking concentrated study, discussion, personal study "six step learning method", to promote the deepening of education; Fu Qiang Xiang and mutual, Taining community by inviting outstanding cadres of grassroots party members and the masses of work experience and other forms of Party members and cadres to improve thinking and understanding. The overall linkage, solicit opinions and suggestions. The community through the discussion of the solicitation, the solicitation of written, on-site consultation, consultation, open consultation, network consulting, telephone consultation and other forms, to solicit opinions and suggestions 213. Li Li Li change, four winds problem effectively resolved. According to the "community service process is complex, the masses are not convenient", "method of serving the masses is not rich, the problem is not widely", the strict implementation of the "community working mechanism in front of a receiving station, the classification process, and vigorously expand the service life of the project, to carry out a wide range of activities to benefit, for progress in accordance with the time limit provides timely feedback to the masses. Innovative carrier to improve the quality of service to the masses. Taining implementation of the "Siduoliu community in place" to enhance the level of service of the masses work method; train station community to the regional party as the basis, the implementation of the "2+1+N" party linkage mechanism, building the establishment of the joint system; mutual community through the establishment of "happiness" has the characteristics of "popular project", and the masses closer to the distance between. The truth for the people, do a good solution. International community of "sunshine Zhukun" on the area of 10 needy families; Kangle community of 296 thousand yuan of funds to implement the Road residential area Bayi Road hardening project; the public sector to increase community coordination bus 81 bus trips, solve the problem of mass travel Yuanshan area. Taining community by coordinating all the way to set up in the west of the deceleration belt, zebra crossing, providing security for the surrounding people travel.   read more

ntroduction to the color of the rice noodles in the Gold Rim

what kind of life is wonderful, not necessarily what big as, don’t have to do what the act of creation, as long as doing something you love, and can do well on the line. Of course, life will not be able to bring you anything, but challenging life will make you closer to perfection. This is the way many people choose entrepreneurship. Gold conjugalbed vermicelli, vermicelli and soup has a unique attraction, let diners eat also eat every day to eat, is a hot business. Jin Xiang edge of entrepreneurship, line pull pull success in life, so that you continue to cut wealth. Fire tank vermicelli pioneer, gold Xiangyuan joined the golden road. read more

City human resources and Social Security Bureau held a special guidance on Party education

According to the overall arrangement, unified deployment of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and the global clean government education in August 19th, human resources and Social Security Bureau held a clean government education special counseling report, bureau party secretary, comrade Guo Like made special counseling Seminar

according to the overall arrangement, unified deployment of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and the global clean government education in August 19th, human resources and Social Security Bureau held a clean government education special counseling report, bureau party secretary, comrade Guo Like made special counseling seminar. read more

mproving the reliability of power supply and distribution network of Xining core area

August 28th, reporters from the national grid Xining electric power company was informed that, at present, the city of Xining is the core area of distribution network transformation demonstration project, after completion of the project will improve the reliability of power supply in Xining City, shorten the repair time.

it is understood that the State Grid Xining power supply company from now until the end of 2015, the province from west to East Road, Huang Huang waterway, South Nanshan Road, north to Qilian Road, the total area of the core area of about 30 square kilometers, to build five horizontal and twenty vertical modular smart grid loop network. Five horizontal and vertical power supply to the core area of the province is divided into nearly twenty hundred small grid, in the core area, the power sector will take dual power supply, dual line, double access double loop power supply. Will further improve the provincial power supply reliability, shorten the outage time, reduce the power failure area, to meet the needs of urban development. By then, if a fault occurs in the region, the power sector can be switched within 5 minutes of the region’s power supply line to another line, the residents and units within the area will not exceed 5 minutes. In addition, the blackout area is limited to the grid where the fault occurs, there will not be a wide range of power outages. And the core area of the double loop power supply network is completed, but also to meet the demand for electricity in the next twenty years in Xining, power supply reliability is expected to reach 99.997%. (author: Wang Chengying)
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