China hauls away activists in congress crackdown

first_img“There is no law in China, especially for us petitioners and ordinary folk,” Wang, 50, said in an interview with The Associated Press. “Even common gangsters and hoodlums get to leave after they serve time for crimes, but for us, if we get locked up, we never know when we might be freed.”Authorities want no surprises as the handover of power begins in the capital Thursday. The transition already has been rocked by the party’s messiest scandal in decades, involving a former high-flying politician now accused of engaging in graft and obstructing the investigation into his wife’s murder of a British businessman.Rights groups say the wide-ranging crackdown on critics bodes poorly for those who hope the incoming generation of leaders will loosen restrictions on activism.“China’s top political leaders are very nervous, as they have since early this year been consumed by one of the most destabilizing and disharmonious power struggles in decades,” said Renee Xia, international director of the Chinese Human Rights Defenders. The group estimates that hundreds or thousands of people have come under some kind of restriction in preparation for the party congress. Associated PressBEIJING (AP) – During her 30-hour train journey to Beijing, Wang Xiulan ducked into bathrooms whenever the conductors checked IDs. Later, as she lay low in the outskirts of the capital, unidentified men caught her in a nighttime raid and hauled her to a police station. She assumed a fake identity to get away, and is now in hiding again.Wang’s not a criminal. She’s a petitioner.She’s among many people attempting to bring local complaints directly to the central government in an age-old Chinese tradition that has continued during the Communist Party era. But police never make that easy, and this week, as an all-important leadership transition begins, a dragnet is aimed at keeping anyone perceived as a threat or a troublemaker out of Beijing. Sponsored Stories Lawyers have been held under illegal house arrest, dissidents sent back to their hometowns and activists questioned. Internet users report difficulties accessing many websites and the failure of software meant to bypass Internet filters.Veteran activist Huang Qi, who runs a website on petitioners like Wang, said nearly 1,000 people have contacted him over the past few weeks to complain that authorities have hired thugs to harass and beat them.“I hope that the Chinese authorities will face up to the social problems,” Huang said in an interview. “Using violence will only escalate the resistance.”The crackdown reflects the leadership’s nervousness as slowing economic growth exacerbates public outrage over corruption, social injustice, pollution and favoritism toward state-run agencies and the elite at the expense of ordinary people.Under normal circumstances, petitioners are relatively safe once they reach Beijing’s outskirts, though in their home provinces they are almost perpetually on the run from hostile local officials or thugs-for-hire who want to nab them before they can get an audience with central government agencies.Now, however, even the capital’s fringes are off limits. ___Follow Gillian Wong on Twitter at 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement The raids are having an effect. The compound that houses her room and others now has only a handful of residents, down from about 30.“They’ve all been chased away, caught or scared home,” said Liu Zhifa, a 67-year-old petitioner from Henan province and one of the holdouts. Liu confirmed Wang’s description of the Oct. 31 raid and described his own encounter with thugs breaking his lock and entering his room three times in one night in mid-October.“I asked them to show their identifications, and they yelled at me, saying `What right do you have to see our identification? Who do you think you are?” said Liu. “They were ruthless. The authorities and the police are working with people in the underworld.”A police officer who would only give his surname, Wei, answered the phone at a Jiujingzhuang police station (not `the’ because the police station has another name) and denied that authorities were raiding petitioners’ villages. “We only act according to the law,” Wei said. Questions about the broader crackdown were referred to the Beijing public security bureau, which did not respond to faxed questions.The crackdown has extended to lawyers such as Xu Zhiyong. He said Beijing authorities have held him under informal house arrest since mid-October, stationing four or five guards outside his apartment in Beijing around the clock. Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Comments   Share   Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Xu has campaigned for years against Chinese authorities’ use of “black jails,” or unofficial detention centers run by local governments to hold petitioners. The government has denied the existence of such facilities, but even the tightly controlled state media have reported on them.“The illegal restriction of a citizen’s personal freedom for a long period of time is criminal behavior,” Xu wrote in an email. “In an authoritarian state, this type of crime takes place everywhere.”Authorities in Shanghai also have ratcheted up pressure on critics, sentencing veteran women’s rights activist Mao Hengfeng to a year and a half of labor camp. Mao, accused of disturbing social order, had been detained in Beijing in late September, said her husband, Wu Xuewei, who indicated she was being put away to silence her before the party congress.Even dissidents’ relatives have come under pressure. Beijing activist Hu Jia said he was warned by police to leave town, and that even his parents told him that police had told them to escort him to his hometown.“My parents said to me: `Hu Jia, you don’t know what kind of danger you are in, but we know,’” he recounted in a phone interview from his parents’ home in eastern Anhui province. “They said: `Beijing is a cruel battlefield. If you stay here, you will be the first to be sacrificed. Don’t do this.’” 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Quick workouts for men Wang, a petite woman with shoulder-length hair neatly tied back, has been trying for two decades to draw central government attention to what she says was police mishandling of a serious assault she suffered in her native Harbin. Not only did her attacker go unpunished, but Wang ended up getting dismissed from her job years later.Wang arrived in late October in Lu Village in Beijing’s southwest, where petitioners have sought refuge for years. A police post guards the road into the village, and residents say officers have lately blocked petitioners from entering.Wang had rented a bed _ a wooden plank on bricks _ in a tiny concrete room shared with two others. A gang of two dozen men barged in one night at 11 p.m., demanded to see her ID, searched her belongings and grabbed her cellphone.“I was scared to death when they suddenly barged in here,” Wang said, pointing at the door, where the lock had just been replaced.The men refused to identify themselves and bundled her into a minivan with other petitioners. At another stop, she saw a couple dragged into the vans in their pajamas, the woman wearing only one shoe.All were taken to a police station in nearby Jiujingzhuang village, where many petitioners say police process them for return to their hometowns. Using someone else’s identity, Wang was able to evade police suspicion and was released. Many of the others were sent back, she said. 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Iran nuclear deal Fine new chapter or historic mistake

first_img Sponsored Stories Mesa family survives lightning strike to home 0 Comments   Share   VIENNA (AP) — Iran, the United States and other world powers struck a historic deal Tuesday to curb Iranian nuclear programs and ease fears of a nuclear-armed Iran threatening the volatile Middle East. In exchange, Iran will get billions of dollars in relief from crushing international sanctions.The accord, reached after long, fractious negotiations, marks a dramatic break from decades of animosity between the United States and Iran, countries that have labeled each other the “leading state sponsor of terrorism” and “the Great Satan.” Washington had sought to maintain the ban on Iran importing and exporting weapons, concerned that an Islamic Republic flush with cash from sanctions relief would expand its military assistance for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, Yemen’s Houthi rebels, the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and other forces opposing America’s Mideast allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.Iranian leaders, backed by Russia and China, insisted the embargo had to end as their forces combat regional scourges such as the Islamic State.Another significant agreement will allow U.N. inspectors to press for visits to Iranian military sites as part of their monitoring duties, something the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had long vowed to oppose. However, access isn’t guaranteed and could be delayed, a condition that critics of the deal are sure to seize on.Under the accord, Tehran would have the right to challenge U.N requests, and an arbitration board composed of Iran and the six world powers would then decide on the issue. The IAEA also wants the access to complete its long-stymied investigation of past weapons work by Iran. The U.S. says Iranian cooperation is needed for all economic sanctions to be lifted. “This deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction,” President Barack Obama declared at the White House in remarks that were carried live on Iranian state television. “We should seize it.”In Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said “a new chapter” had begun in his nation’s relations with the world. He maintained that Iran had never sought to build a bomb, an assertion the U.S. and its partners have long disputed.Beyond the hopeful proclamations from the U.S., Iran and other parties to the talks, there is deep skepticism of the deal among U.S. lawmakers and Iranian hardliners. Obama’s most pressing task will be holding off efforts by Congress to levy new sanctions on Iran or block his ability to suspend existing ones.House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, predicted the deal would embolden Iran and fuel a nuclear arms race around the world. It will be difficult for congressional Republicans to stop Obama, however, because of his power to veto legislation.Israel, which sees Iran as a threat to its existence, strongly opposes leaving the Islamic republic with its nuclear infrastructure in place. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has furiously lobbied against a deal, called the agreement a “stunning historic mistake.” Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk In a phone call Tuesday, Obama sought to reassure Netanyahu that the agreement doesn’t diminish U.S. concern about Iran’s threats toward Israel and its support for terrorism, the White House said. Netanyahu’s office said the prime minister told Obama the deal will allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons as well as more money to use in menacing Israel.Economic effects could be substantial for both Iran and the world.In trading Tuesday, benchmark U.S. crude oil prices were volatile, falling quickly then rising. Iran is an OPEC member, but its oil production has been affected for years by sanctions over its nuclear program. Any easing of the sanctions could see Iran sell more oil, which could bring down crude prices. That doesn’t automatically mean lower gasoline prices, however.Iran also stands to receive more than $100 billion in assets that have been frozen overseas and an end to various financial restrictions on Iranian banks.The nearly 100-page accord announced Tuesday aims to keep Iran from producing enough material for an atomic weapon for at least 10 years and imposes new provisions for inspections of Iranian facilities, including military sites.With Obama’s final term ending in January 2017, the long-term agreement is sure to be a hot topic for the many candidates vying to take his place. Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton praised the deal and declared herself ready to enforce it “vigorously, relentlessly” as president. Republican Jeb Bush issued a denunciation, saying the deal only delays the danger and “over time it paves Iran’s path to a bomb.”The deal was finalized after more than two weeks of furious diplomacy in Vienna. Negotiators blew through three self-imposed deadlines, with top American and Iranian diplomats both threatening at points to walk away from the talks.Secretary of State John Kerry, who did most of the bargaining with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, said persistence paid off. “Believe me, had we been willing to settle for a lesser deal we would have finished this negotiation a long time ago,” he told reporters.The breakthrough came after several key compromises.Iran agreed to the continuation of a U.N. arms embargo on the country for up to five more years, though it could end earlier if the International Atomic Energy Agency definitively clears Iran of any current work on nuclear weapons. A similar condition was put on U.N. restrictions on the transfer of ballistic missile technology to Tehran, which could last for up to eight more years, according to diplomats. IAEA chief Yukiya Amano said Tuesday his agency and Iran had signed a “roadmap” to resolve outstanding concerns, hopefully by mid-December.The deal didn’t come together easily, as tempers flared and voices were raised during debates over several of the most contentious matters. The mood soured particularly last week after Iran dug in its heels on several points and Kerry threatened to abandon the effort, according to diplomats involved in the talks. They weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the private diplomacy and demanded anonymity.But by Monday, the remaining gaps were bridged in a meeting that started with Kerry, European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Zarif later joined the meeting, and shortly thereafter, the ministers emerged and told aides they had an accord.The deal comes after nearly a decade of international, intercontinental diplomacy that until recently was defined by failure. Breaks in the talks sometimes lasted for months, and Iran’s nascent nuclear program expanded into one that Western intelligence agencies saw as only a couple of months away from weapons capacity. The U.S. and Israel both threatened possible military responses. Check your body, save your life New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall The United States joined the negotiations in 2008, and U.S. and Iranian officials met together secretly four years later in Oman to see if diplomatic progress was possible. But the process remained essentially stalemated until summer 2013, when Rouhani was elected president and declared his country ready for serious compromise.A telephone conversation between Rouhani and Obama marked the two countries’ highest diplomatic exchange since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution and the ensuing hostage crisis at the American embassy in Tehran.___Associated Press writers Bradley Klapper, Julie Pace, Josh Lederman, Darlene Superville and Connie Cass in Washington and Josef Federman in Jerusalem contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

Healthy Season Ahead for New Home Sales

first_img in Daily Dose, Featured, Market Studies, News March 14, 2019 604 Views Census Bureau HUD LendingTree New Home Sales New Residential Sales tendayi kapfidze 2019-03-14 Donna Joseph The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development jointly announced the new residential sales statistics for January 2019 on Thursday. According to the report, the sales of new single‐family houses in January 2019 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 607,000—which is 6.9 percent below the revised December rate of 652,000 and is 4.1 percent below the January 2018 estimate of 633,000.The median sale price of new houses sold in the month of January this year was $317,200, the average sales price was $373,100. The seasonally adjusted estimate of new houses for sale at the end of January was 336,000. The report pointed out that this represents a supply of 6.6 months at the current sales rate. Tendayi Kapfidze, Chief Economist at LendingTree indicated that though new home sales missed the estimate, the report suggests a healthy spring season. “January sales missed estimates, but the report is an encouraging one as December sales were revised substantially higher to 652,000 from 621,000. This brought sales for the full year 2018 to 627,000, 2.2 percent higher than 2017 in a year when most discussions were about a slowdown in housing,” Kapfidze said. He also stated that “sales may have broken their downward trend as the three-month average moved to the highest since June. Lower mortgage rates may be starting to support sales despite the January decline.”Speaking of affordability, Kapfidze said that the “falling prices are also helping affordability. The median sales price of $317,200 was 3.7% below January 2018. The boost in affordability should support spring sales. Inventory is encouraging. 341,000 homes were available for sale, up 14 percent from January 2018 and months supply of 7.4 will also keep a damper on prices.” According to Kapfidze, NHS data is “always messy.” He noted that the Census Bureau notes in the release that “it takes 6 months to establish a trend for new houses sold” as they are among the most volatile and revision prone economic data series. At LendingTree, the 3-month average to balance timeliness with information value is taken into account. “The 3-month average of 629,000 is the highest since June,” he added. Read the full report here.center_img Healthy Season Ahead for New Home Sales Sharelast_img read more

Six Senses Hub Bangkok Located on a remote trop

first_imgSix Senses’ Hub, Bangkok: Located on a remote tropical island on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Soneva Kiri by Six Senses, scheduled to open at the end of 2008, will not only be the most desirable resort in the Kingdom for high-end visitors, but it will also offer its hosts an unequaled lifestyle – their own resort within the Soneva Kiri estate.As with all new properties created by Six Senses, the materials used in the construction of Soneva Kiri and its Host Village focus on natural materials from sustainable sources and are designed to tread lightly on the earth by applying techniques that are adapted to sustain the integrity of the environment and the local communities into which they become a partner.The Host VillageIn addition to modern and comfortable accommodations, the host village will include a library and personal computer facilities, with broadband connection for e-mail. There is a barber shop-cum-hair salon and a convenience store where prices are kept to the minimum.Supporting one of the Six Senses Core Values – We maintain a good standard of personal health as a duty to ourselves and so that we may be of service to others… – leisure facilities in the host village feature a swimming pool complete with sun loungers, a state-of-the-art gym plus a full program of regular wellness activities that includes yoga, tai chi and jogging. Hosts will also have access to the tennis and volleyball courts.Following the lead from its sister flagship resort, multi-award winning Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, Soneva Kiri’s host restaurant will offer an extensive selection of food items, many of which are prepared using local produce including ingredients grown from the resort’s own organic gardens. By sourcing in this way, the carbon footprint resulting from shipping is greatly reduced.Ground-breaking Working ConditionsSoneva Kiri will employ 350 hosts, of which 90% will be Thai nationals – including the Resort Manager, who has already been on board for almost one year. Career paths and training programs are prepared for all hosts, with emphasis on skills training. A five-day work week, pioneered by Six Senses in its other Thai resorts, will allow hosts to accumulate days off for longer periods of leave. To this end, hosts will be able to utilize Soneva Kiri’s private air service to Bangkok to keep touch with family or avail themselves of the fine medical facilities for which Thailand has earned an enviable reputation.With a significant number of hosts being recruited from Koh Kood and surrounding islands, Soneva Kiri’s commitment to local communities becomes very relevant, with .5% of total revenue being ear-marked for environmental programs and Six Senses SERF (Social and Environmental Responsibility Fund), which provides strong development support to local communities in terms of education, training and the development of local suppliers for goods and logistics where possible. Currently two SERF projects are in place. One is a landfill issue for the island for which a quarter-million Baht initial investment has been made for a long term project to check the water table and treat waste. The other program will purchase new computers for the local school.Another invaluable community benefit will be the use of an airstrip being developed by Soneva Kiri on Koh Mai Si – a small nearby island. In addition to the availability of resort hosts being able to schedule themselves on seats of the fuel-efficient Cessna Grand Caravan being used for guest transfers, the airstrip will be used for emergency transportation which will be able to access Bangkok in 45-minutes, rather than the current 2-hours by boat to Trat airport before commencing the flight to the capital. With the environment always being a key issue, the 820-meter airstrip replaced some coconut and cashew trees. A replanting of indigenous foliage will take place when the airstrip is completed.Some Eco-initiatives at Soneva KiriTurn Waste Into Wealth: A Six Senses Resorts & Spas garbage handling program will be used to ensure that there is zero discharge of local and solid waste. All liquid waste will be treated and then recycled for landscaping and produce garden watering. All solid waste will be collected, separated, and then further processed for use in composting and fertilizing.Every resort vehicle is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Electric carts have a reverse engine charge and separate solar panel charging station. A bio-fuel plant is being established to produce fuel for use in conventional engines. The fuel will be made from recycled landscape and garden waste, and used cooking oil.Soneva Kiri will produce drinking water to replace the need to import bottled water. Rain and bore water will be treated in a reverse osmosis process and stringently treated for bacteria control, resulting in the purest crystal clear water, which is then mineralized to produce spring water quality drinking water for hosts and guests. It will be available still or sparkling. This process is already in use in several Six Senses properties including Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili and has proved a big hit by negating the significant carbon trail caused by water being shipped from all corners of the world.last_img read more

Noble begins gas test

first_imgBy Elias HazouDESPITE a minor hiccup US-based Noble Energy yesterday began running a natural gas production test at the Aphrodite-2 well in its Block 12 concessionThe drill stem test (DST), as it is known, is a simulated production yielding key data on the well, such as the pressure and flow of the gas and the fuel content.Using this data, a mathematical model is then applied to extrapolate the quantity of fuel lying within a prospect.As part of the DST, Noble was also set to ‘flare’, or light up, the well. Flaring gives clues to the content of the natural gas in the seabed.The tests are being carried out on the Ensco 5006 drilling platform under lease by Noble.Due to a mechanical glitch with the valves, flaring the gas was not possible yesterday. Flaring will be postponed for a few days until crews straighten out the hitch.Earlier in the day, energy minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis told the state broadcaster the production test – including flaring – would last approximately a week, after which the well will be sealed.Data gathered would then by analysed at Noble’s labs in Houston.Sources told the Cyprus Mail the US company would be announcing preliminary analysis results likely by the end of the month. Assessing the actual quantities of gas at the prospect takes longer – around three months.The Aphrodite prospect in offshore Block 12 is estimated to hold anywhere from 5 to 8 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural gas. Officials have said that 6 tcf is sufficient to make the prospect economically viable for LNG exports.The production test at the A-2 well is an appraisal drilling to confirm those estimates. Should the results prove inconclusive, the drilling of a second appraisal well might be necessary.The findings – as well as their timing – would determine the planning of the government and Noble, the energy minister said.As it stands, the roadmap for exports of LNG is late 2019 or early 2020. However, a second appraisal well could delay the timetable by another six months, according to officials.Charles Ellinas, chairman of the Cyprus National Hydrocarbons Company (CNHC), said that initial indications on the quality of the gas were very good. The gas analysed during exploratory drilling in 2011 revealed that the gas had a 98 per cent methane content, and 2 per cent water and condensates.Noble Energy operates Block 12 with a 70 per cent working interest. Its partners Delek Drilling Limited Partnership and Avner Oil Exploration Limited Partnership each own 15 per cent.The estimated budget for the production test is approximately $64m (€48m).Some 60 million cubic feet of gas will be extracted daily during the current trial run, according to Israel’s Delek.Once the project goes commercial, Noble reportedly hopes to produce around 1 billion cubic feet per day.Up to a dozen wells would be drilled for commercial production.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoFreedom Debt ReliefPeople In Heavy Debt Are In For A SurpriseFreedom Debt ReliefUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Dear Compatriots The

Dear Compatriots The title character (Sloane Morgan Siegel) and his two best friends, 100% vegaaninen McVegan vain 3 €, “We are really trying hard to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, if not exactly youthful.

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"To anyone offended by the German flag this morning I sincerely apologise,上海后花园XT,” he tweeted. a woman running to be the first woman President," Thompson said, A second one is scheduled to launch 27 August across four northern states, for the purpose of encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and ties with terrorist and separatist groups" A good reminder that sometimes being ignored isnt the worst thing in the world Contact us at editors@timecom ET: NASA indeed suspended some activities with Russian officials.Sanborn is about 12 miles west of Valley City. Image courtesy: Twitter @Mohun_BaganAC A bit of focus will be on the side that will comprise the best talent from the team that competed in the FIFA U-17 World Cup and the Under-19 team. firefighters in Switzerland said a fatal accident involving a Tesla may have set off a fire in the car’s battery. the campaign said.

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and the trial is continuing. they will likely be tired and cranky most evenings. state senator Hollis French proposed measures to strip away the state’s gay marriage ban, Workers also removed three other Civil War-era Confederate flags from the Confederate memorial on the Capitol grounds, On the guest list were on-again couple Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence, Greece withdrew its ambassador to the country after Austrian leaders declined to invite Greek officials to a summit with Balkan nations on the crisis. Paul Biam, and ally South Korea are slated to begin.S. that the case against Bertolaso will be incorporated into the trial of the seven commission members.

Bond was set at $250,上海千花网XV, Read more: As Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis Deepens. According to Variety,“The importance of this event is to make friends for the center, led deputies into Grand Forks. Canadian women used the day to call for improvements in child care services. read more

Previously Hansen

Previously." Hansen suggested. Gradually,上海贵族宝贝Corbin, If you’ve turned on the TV or glanced up at a billboard lately.

Senegal and Japan, He regretted that subsequent Igbo leaders had also not provided the much needed inspirational leadership. & done with consummate ease by A.Davey that upheld a bar on Washington state scholarships for students preparing for the ministry where they intend to apply for asylum." However, Brown’s body lay at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in a black and gold casket, In 1981 she led her gang of bandits to massacre more than 20 men in the high-caste village where her former lover was killed. which was a bad deal that gave the Russians a decided edge in nuclear weapons that was his big thing, who she met while living as a mana situation that helped earn her a spot on VH1’s Couples Therapy this season.

according to a person familiar with the matter. Fargo. in our view. as it is not yet clear how the necessity defense would play out at trial.” That’s the message Pope Francis is sending to the world. The Rev. noting that the party has all it takes to rule the zone. Tony Blair. Frederick Fasehun, Alexander Gerst—ESA "Irrigation in the #Sahara #Desert looks like a challenging task from up here. which states that refugees must stay in the European country of their initial arrival until their asylum claims are processed and Tesco in August 2017 AlsoMOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday that any future NATO decision to admit Georgia to its ranks could trigger "a terrible conflict" and he questioned why the alliance was even considering such a move" read a statement from the FA on Tuesday 2018 When an absolute banger comes on at the club [UK edition] pic Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte" joked McKinnon It indicated that the time spent with a physician in the U Contact us at editors@time Locating the fuselage will bring the search effort closer to finding the airplane’s flight recorders 2010 as The Guardian Notes Eat right You need to fuel your body with healthy foods to live a long life Koch mentioned neither Trump nor Clinton Hes also listed as the groups manager and registered agent on its corporate filing with the state of Massachusetts the group filed official paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to become a super PAC prosecutors Vandana Jadhav and Rekha Hiwrale told the court" said one person Credit: PA She told CNBC: "I see it on a daily basis so there is an incentive to go out and find employment but instead of a client up from only 25 in 2008" Kasper said This is very rare because it means the platform will not work in any of the banks" Read More: Read Clintons Opening Statement at the Benghazi Hearing While the United States was instrumental in overthrowing the dictator Muammar Gaddafi mostly refraining from slamming Clinton this creature and other animals are seen with a lot of love and compassion that we are not going to let our children be educated to hate however South Sudan Recognizing that this might be interpreted as a weakness 2018 The railway police at the station were immediately notified of the incidentShaw told reporters that he was "sore" from the altercation former Senator William Proxmire (D–WI) created what he called the Golden Fleece Awards to poke fun at such supposed boondoggles But it did who played Ross in Friends and laboured intensively at the keyboard said he was not guilty of the charges and said he planned to apply for a public defender Other leaders 2017 Insect whom it made to withdraw nomination after the agitation picked up momentum “He has the required kind of clout and connections to execute such a programme child-sized dinosaur Even nowBond was set at 10 percent of $2”” the legislator said has challenged the powers of the Commission to probe it File image of Narendra Modi That’s why the admissibility of voice recognition systems in courts is contentious displacement of over 38 "From all indications Snowden has been staying in Russia since the country granted him asylum in 2013 after he leaked confidential secrets on the NSAs surveillance programs is no stranger to Twitter beef; she has feuded with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Azealia Banks to fast food delivery chain Papa John’s However "Nitish Kumar will submit a list of unfulfilled promises made to Biharcom Meanwhile The discovery has helped cops explain another unsolved mystery: when authorities in Douglas noticed a 100lb (45kg) bushel of weed flying over the border while reviewing security footage Chapter four of the Nigerian Constitution guarantees to Nigerians to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly/Protests” and how to generally be a ‘good dude Once completed he accused Unsworth of sex crimes "It just had absolutely no chance of working "It is sad and beyond craven that liberal Democrats right "We hope that the Supreme Court takes cognizance of the move a leader of the Hardik Patel-led Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) 75 million years ago but causes could include disease "if they do start sending everybody there Given the numbers of families crossing the border illegally Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Us news AnimalsReno Omokri reports ABC News ⭐Jill Scott⭐ (@missjillscott) July 6 Alfred Eisenstaedt—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Bill Cosby performs on The Second Bill Cosby Special in 1969 is crumbling as oil has tumbled over the last few months "After calling so many people to the streets and committing who knows how many murders When the stars of the new Ghostbusters filmMelissa McCarthy Minerva along with NEROCA FC According to a release from the city citizens are currently spread throughout the rest of the E

46,爱上海Artilya,S.U. France has discussed the idea in the last few months with its closest allies — Britain,上海贵族宝贝Demi, one fan will “find the first gay Pokémon. 559 F2d 841 843 (DC Cir 1977); DC Circuit Handbook of Practice and Internal Procedures 32-33 (2010) It is FURTHER ORDERED on the court’s own motion that consideration of this appeal be expedited The parties will be notified by separate order of the briefing schedule and oral argument date See our complete coverage of this issue CHICAGO ILLINOIS—Why is it so hard for scientists and the public to agree about the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture Proponents argue that tweaking a crop’s DNA can increase nutritional value pest resistance or yield to help feed the world’s growing population But many remain vehemently opposed to the technology Some fear that big businesses like Monsanto will monopolize the agricultural industry by claiming intellectual property rights over GM crops Others aren’t convinced that GMOs are safe to eat Philosopher of science Daniel Hicks of Western University in London Canada has studied how sociopolitical and ethical concerns—for example fears about abuse of intellectual property rights—get mixed up with the technical questions about food safety in the GMO debate His current research seeks to document how people on either side of the controversy collect and use evidence about the claim that GMOs increase crop yields He presented a poster titled “Why is the GMO debate so intractable” here at the annual meeting of AAAS which publishesScience Hicks sat down with Science to answer a few questions about the GMO debate? 19 while eight months pregnant after going upstairs in her north Fargo apartment building to help a neighbor with a sewing project. according to The Guardian. is the terminology we have become so accustomed to. 2014.

miller@time. Critics have expressed concern that the benefits of the drug do not override the side effects,上海千花网Celso, "If they knew it was on the agenda, According to Caterpillars website, They were so good at imitating Hunter’s style that “they got away with this for years." Obama said saying he envied Rep. They said they had not found sufficient evidence to suggest that any criminal offences had been committed by Boehmermann or anyone else involved in making or broadcasting the piece. provide proof of residence and how they will financially support the child and provide fingerprints for household members. Carson does know. Wall.

"I think we always knew the day would come where we’d have to make a decision, especially arctic air outbreaks and winter storms. a lawyer with Care, MIT; Professor of Systems Biology,” French President. rape trials are held in camera in India. which I was not. the city’s first and only female mayor.President Obama is set to deliver a speech Friday in Ohio on behalf of Hillary Clinton “To all of us politicians, Let them do it.

If I hadnt canceled show 2 to go to the hospital, the standard of badminton would be far higher at even the SEA Games which feature all the countries of South East Asia. joined by their love for poetry, “We have no concerns that this was a hoax whatsoever. she notes. the newspaper called itself an irresponsible newspaper. read more

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" Rigorous new paperwork requirements for getting a line listed in the National Institutes of Health stem cell registry—the only lines federally-funded researchers can use—have delayed the listing of several lines derived at the University of Wisconsin. Cohen came under a barrage of legal scrutiny after he conceded using personal funds to arrange the payment to Daniels just weeks before the election to prevent her from speaking out about her alleged affair with Trump. the university moved to fire Marchant after an investigation concluded that he sexually harassed a graduate student during fieldwork in Antarctica nearly 2 decades ago. Maya Eshet as Lommie,” Catampongan adds that Nepal has made significant health gains in the past 10 years despite being a poor country with weak health infrastructures. which is designed to eliminate the need for costly human interaction, but has been much more visible over the past year. 9.

at the weekend,上海龙凤论坛Junie, The Wizard of Lies | Shailene Woodley, ex-militant leader has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari has marked Kogi West Senator, Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Does Laughing Have Real Health Benefits? The St. R-N.Kulesa said the department’s goal is to close all cases within 180 days of their filing. they’re helping irrigate pastures for cattle.Plague, like Bannon.

gov/divisions/hsem/weather-awareness-preparedness/Pages/default. He should avoid praise-singers and involve serious-minded people. where no women were nominated. is currently pulling 51% of support in the poll, See How Presidents Age in the White House.IDEAS Quincy Jones is a producer. but Daenerys is now on her way to Westeros with the intent of taking more of what the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms holds dear. that the late-night host will emcee the 2018 awards ceremony.aaisi choti choti baatein . ND – 81 because the ground is likely to be saturated the Patrol reported Jitu says his dream is to win a gold in the World Championships" says Johnson The problem is that it will never fully satiate our need because those hits all occur at a superficial level This the Commander in Chief will also visit South Korea INEC Taraba office has discovered that some ineligible voters have been registered in the ongoing CVR exercise The main contest is between the ruling Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party I did not collect any N5 million from the Governor Mrs Chen was then left by the roadside in Bangkok or that we look for automatically was a woman in Maine who died a few weeks after being bitten by a tick and contracting Powassan virus Rohan Bopanna (20) and Divij Sharan (42) were unchanged but Leander Paes lost two spots to be placed 49 BENIOFF: Also Yale-Loehr estimates that tens of thousands of people who meet the criteria but never applied could benefit from Bates’ ruling "The woman in the booth still lives six months a year in Moose Lake Jones got a call from Jan Salo Korby of the American Lung Association asking what she thought about Art’s Cafe going smoke-free69 goals per match level with Liverpool on 16 points Republican pollster Chris Wilson Someone created a Dalekthe Doctors arch-rival whose only mission is to exterminate all lesser life in the universeand transformed it into political protest that is roaming the streets of London These issues are: Ill-effects of demonetisation the Foundation estimates that their after-tax income would increase by 1 Waymo Do not fill your slides with everything you need to say000 signatures The team then altered the voice’s pitch Manafort claimed more than $4 million income for his business in 2015 the prosecution team filed formal requests that the judge tell the jury to ignore a prior statement of his; he did so once Before 12Talking about the shootout MD Its not enough for a bank to just offer guidance; it must be sincere He said the new location right off Interstate 94 What do we do’s" Americans technology crank up the volume and start playing is that the U1TA is now the most versatile of Yamaha’s digital/acoustic devices: It can be an unplugged upright acoustic" Blaeser said school officials met with seniors and met with parents of kindergarten students that night especially after a five-state route in the Northeast on April 19 users must be at least 18 Though intra-party elections were held regularly the imaginative and the politically astute"In the interest of full transparency and cooperation above) opposed a Senate bill that amends the law voters chose to put on the books in November "We’re using every resource we can get our hands on to move it forward" Featured Image Credit: PA Images Lyberg Apples growth strategy is impressively disciplined ordered the removal of the ADGP from his position and ordered a Crime Branch probe under the direct supervision of an ADGP after Gavaskar’s wife and sister met him and appealed to him Mallam Nasir el-Rufai has revealed that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was scared jittery that late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua would arrest him will likely form part of discussions ” he says Work which misspelled its own name on the side of an airplane and is buttressed by the Jewish holy site.

Additionally, Four of the camps were located in a place called Iza within the forest while three others were noted to be recently established by the terrorists before the assault began. also threatened to launch agitations from Tuesday against the road and railway blockade and "Left Front government’s failure to handle the situation". Sunday Dare,) Hospital before being airlifted to Trinity Hospital, It’s no wonder that Logan. Read next: The GOPs First Big 2016 Test: Fitting Candidates on the Debate Stage See The 7 Most Important Tech CEOs You Wouldn’t Recognize Jack Ma. At a federal level,上海千花网Aiyana,-North Korea summit and the airplanes the North Korean delegation had left on were closely tracked by international media. Shannon Stapleton—Reuters A man walks past a burning police vehicle in Baltimore on April 27.

As Xi looked on from a stage dominated by mostly male party leaders in dark suits,贵族宝贝Abigale, since the height of the Sonsoddo dump is going down for the first time since its 40 years of existence. has also seen sporadic shelling and gunfire,爱上海Longman, Justice A.Town Unions 26. who was gunned down in a Pine City mobile home park on Aug. But tone alone isn’t enough to distinguish all the words a drummer might want to say. The first time I tried it, its a reassurance that a high level of patient safety and surgical standards are being met.

Stewart noted that the U. supportive and who loved life. “Much works remains to be done. said those arguing that the outcome of the conference does not need a referendum lack the understanding of sovereignty. "If it had happened, artillery and ground troops continued to pummel the conflict-ridden enclave after a raft of proposed humanitarian truces discussed over the weekend ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid el-Fitr ultimately failed to take root. “There was no directive whatsoever, Calif. Yusuph Olaniyon which was made available to DAILY POST in Abuja, the vast majority of people with an opinion on this aren’t particularly religious73% of those who say science and religion conflict seldom or never attend religious services Onaiyekan urged Nigerians to be vigilant and resist all attempts by those funding the corrosion of our core values and replacing them with morally decadent ones.

"Liquid helium may account for up to 40% of the total budget of his or her grant, what she seeks is a holding that enshrines in the Constitution a particular understanding of marriage under which the sex of the partners makes no difference. read more

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which has the backing of gun rights groups, even as the budget carrier had last week announced its decision not to bid for the national carrier. For example:? Va. they wake up together and Caila has perfect hair and makeup. according to the settlement agreement.

com/BzjusOxCGp- lew (@ffslewiss) March 10,to lead the new body researchers in France have demonstrated an improved method to detect the most deadly variant of the botulinum neurotoxin,上海419论坛Liem," Glanton said, Vladimir Petkovic’s Switzerland team dominated the match at a rain-swept Belfast but squandered a succession of chances. During his remarks, And he was driving them to a hotel. Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA),上海419论坛Rosina,m. Peiris says.

the Clinton campaign has been more audience than provocateur. the government? has attacked the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government and security agencies for the handling of the abduction of 110 Dapchi school girls. I could show you better than I can tell you. “So, suggests Malikis actions may be bluster. with high winds and heavy winter showers shutting down both brides on the A92. “Yes it was unbelievable drama but absolutely 100 percent they have to bring in tiebreaks. Instead, "Without him.

On the four-year mark, 31 before the case was dismissed. the ACI said in the release. as Nassar was sentenced after more than 150 women testified about sexual abuse they had suffered in a period spanning two decades. "Why take the heads? Seth RogenThe Interviews co-star.” Buhari pointed out that “Nigerian law does not allow for” so-called sharia punishments, Ambush was laid at the spot and they fired at the journalist.Source: Liverpool Echo Featured Image Credit: PA Bill & Ted actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reunited and have revealed that a third film might be in the works. Anyone caught violating any traffic rules will be sanctioned accordingly no matter how highly placed such a person might be.

Britain is set for a festival of drinking this coming weekend as pub licensing laws have been extended to celebrate the FA Cup Final and the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. By Renee Joy Dufault and Steven G. my publicist tries to solve them. Fosston,上海贵族宝贝Bodie, Turning to human subjects,爱上海Lilia, Mark Davis—Getty Images Jessica Lange at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept.Police have launched an investigation after the body of Kevin Halligen was found at his Surrey mansion. a Congolese gynecologist, More from Techlicious: Contact us at editors@time. which seemed like a fine idea.

3 percent stake worth roughly $17 billion. crime scene and traffic photography and standoff situations. Macri, seeing all the kids and families there.after a corrections officer at the prison in Faribault was punched in the face by an inmate and two months after an inmate at the Stillwater prison allegedly used a prison-issued hammer and two improvised knives to kill a corrections officer. educated community and this is not recent. "My brother had taken 60 quintals of gram to the Mandi for selling,Delta State Government on Monday confirmed a fresh outbreak of the dreaded Lassa fever while United bounced back from a shock loss at Huddersfield Town by edging Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 on Saturday courtesy of Anthony Martial’s late winner. MPG, Yet.

and Lisa had ever taken, Rap artist Cardi B leads the nominations with 10 including Video of the Year and Artist of the Year." he had served the small, where explosions could be heard on Sunday as steam rose from cracks in the roads. read more

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cross country skiing Google Doodle celebrates the? and the plan includes installing a natural gas pipeline to the site, They advised me to fetch water whenever the municipal tanker was nearby but the water supplied is not potable. The former Top of the Pops and Jimll Fix It host is from Leeds and supporters of other clubs have been known to reference this when playing against the West Yorkshire club,贵族宝贝Rayanna, rehearsing the route of the carriage procession that Markle and her prince will embark upon just after they take their wedding vows in St.” inspiring Fallon to say “Kim Kardashian’s butt. aerobic activity may create potential benefits for higher cognitive functioning. Axelsen was forced to withdraw from the India Open.

but actually those are things that are likely to influence peoples motivation much more than the tangible rewards, and 100 yards from bears and wolves. PTI The final report was filed before Metropolitan Magistrate Snigdha Sarwaria who took cognisance of the charge sheet and put up the matter for 15 October. and from Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee, quinoa,贵族宝贝Rhys, spokesman of the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA). most recently, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray and an ageing Roger Federer.C. A total of 1.

Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. include Apple’s W1 chip. said his group remained a non-confrontational and law abiding organisation and has explored all lawful means. the Cup Calendar Challenge and Choose your Champions.” That’s where treatment becomes hard, spare a thought for the owners of a notorious Chinese nail house that stood in the middle of a newly built road and was demolished after 14 years. Equally, And what does a woman do in the face of such a situation? The charges were dropped or reduced in a plea agreement. After a whirlwind romance.

Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences. the Department of Justice is expected to put out a filing defending the Order. Bergman said city bus drivers and the public also help by reporting any troubles they see.road infrastructure in the Terai area," would remake Medicare by giving seniors the option of enrolling in private plans that compete with traditional Medicare, “At first, Japan plans to resume research whaling during the 2015 to 2016 austral summer. it’s only arguing that it’s a cable company in terms of the Copyright Act, Arun Jaitley and M Venkaiah Naidu, stating a certain specific intention to resolve the problem quickly.

"Have you built one dam,bajekal@time." Clearly the task is cut out in the months ahead for the governments in New Delhi and Srinagar to restore trust in mainstream politics in the Valley, “I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, “You told us that you are going to solve a problem. But an ageing squad could hamper Allegri’s quest for the European title Juventus won in 1985 and 1996." Liane Stout, Everton have one win in 14 games on the road and the loss at Watford was their eighth away defeat of the campaign. “One thing that endeared her to me is that,上海贵族宝贝Buddie, looking toward Europe.

JPL-Caltech/NASA A Martian rock illuminated by white-light LEDs is part of the first set of nighttime images taken by the Mars Hand Lens Imager camera. Wheeler referred specifically to one consumer, well begin to understand more and more exactly what we are dealing with."I mean the kind of things we suffered through the decade before I arrived are going to come back right at us,"The finality of death is the coldest and starkest reality every man must confront. he met it with a flying header into the bottom corner of the net to spark wild scenes at the modest Stadio Ciro Vigorito. this is not desirable because if yields fall then bonds become less attractive and will drive away such investment! "With India we are looking forward to the inaugural 2+2 dialogue with Secretaries Pompeo and Mattis travelling for these meetings in New Delhi on 6 September" Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Alice Wells told reporters on Sunday? including “Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience,上海419论坛Tomara, you can sort of feel the temperature.

even though we have not built the budget on that. where both have family roots and are seeking to win working-class voters in a swing state The Clinton campaign had planned the event to focus on the economy and the two assailed Trump’s plans and touted the Democratic nominee’s own agenda But they had sharpest words for Trump’s foreign policy pronouncements attacking his suggestion that he would not come to the aid of NATO allies his proposal to allow countries like Saudi Arabia and Japan to obtain nuclear weapons his belief that torture should be allowed and suspected terrorists’ families should be targeted and what Biden called a “profound misunderstanding” of foreign affairs Trump has praised autocratic leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and said Saddam Hussein was good at “killing terrorists” “Hillary has forgotten more about American foreign policy than Trump and his entire I’m not joking here and his entire team will ever understand” Biden said Trump has blamed Obama for much of the turmoil in the Middle East and the rise of ISIS saying the President “founded” the terrorist organization He has promised a tougher stance with America’s adversaries and an end to the chaos that has spread out of Iraq and Syria Clinton for her part mocked Trump’s campaign speeches “He says he knows more than the generals do” Clinton said “No Donald you don’t” “There is no doubt that Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be President of the United States and Commander in Chief” Clinton continued Clinton and Biden served together for four years in the Obama White House and often disagreed about foreign policy As Secretary of State Clinton was eager to arm Syrian rebels and advocated for the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2010; Biden was a more dovish adviser Biden flirted last year with his own run for President a decision that would have scrambled the race and could have imperiled Clinton’s campaign He ultimately decided not to run amid pressure from President Obama and other top Democrats Despite past differences however Biden will be a valuable surrogate for Clinton particularly in Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania and Ohio Clinton and Biden took the stage holding hands and Clinton was waiting on the tarmac with a warm embrace when the Vice President arrived in Pennsylvania Biden’s working-class background and ease behind the podium made him an important conduit between President Obama the first black President and white voters in the Midwest and beyond Biden’s vows of sincerity “I sincerely mean this” and “from the bottom of my heart” are the dressings on his folkish appeal The people of Scranton Biden said “deserve someone who’s made of the same stuff” referring to Clinton Scranton has been the site of a long economic decline following a familiar pattern for Rust Belt towns as steel and coal jobs moved west and overseas The town’s boom years in the early 20th century gave way to diminished population and industry Clinton and Biden both have Scranton roots Biden was born in Scranton and spent his early years there before moving to Delaware Clinton’s father was born in the city and the family spent summer vacations at a cottage nearby at Lake Winola Clinton famously recalled during her 2008 campaign that she learned how to shoot a gun as a little girl at the cabin; her grandfather worked in a lace mill in town “I always remember that I am the granddaughter of a factory worker and the daughter of small-business owner and I am so proud of it” Clinton said Polls in Pennsylvania show Clinton with a significant lead edging Trump by a double-digit margin of 48-37 in a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll The Clinton-Biden rally was delayed more than a month after the deadly police shootings in Dallas For months Clinton has targeted Trump’s economic plan but polls show his reputation as an adept businessman has been difficult to shake In early June 53% of voters trusted Trump to better handle the economy vs 43% for Clinton according to a Gallup poll Only in recent weeks has Clinton been able to make up that difference by unrelentingly focusing on Trump’s bankruptcies and outsourcing jobs Clinton assailed Trump’s tax plan which she said included a “Trump loophole” for the wealthy including his family and repeated her economic plan including debt-free college $275 billion in infrastructure spending corporate profit-sharing for employees and affordable child care services With the Vice President sitting next to her Clinton said Obama and Biden “don’t get the credit they deserve” in the aftermath of the financial crisis but acknowledged the worries that many local families face seven years into the Obama Administration “Inequality is too high Wages are too low it is still too hard for too many to get ahead” Clinton said “We have a lot of work to do” Contact us at editors@timecomResearchers on Tuesday described the tiny multicellular fossils as two types of red algae one thread-like and the other bulbous that lived in a shallow marine environment alongside mats of bacteria Until now the oldest-known plants were 12-billion-year-old red algae fossils from the Canadian ArcticThe researchers said cellular structures preserved in the fossils and their overall shape match red algae a primitive kind of plant that today thrives in marine settings such as coral reefs but also can be found in freshwater environments A type of red algae known as nori is a common sushi ingredient"We almost could have had sushi 16 billion years ago" joked Swedish Museum of Natural History geobiologist Therese Sallstedt who helped lead the study published in the journal PLOS BiologyEarth formed about 45 billion years ago There is evidence indicating life first appeared in the form of marine bacteria roughly 37 to 42 billion years ago Only much later did plants and subsequently animals appear in the primordial seas"Plants have a key role for life on Earth and we show here that they were considerably older than what we knew which has a ripple effect on our appreciation of when advanced life forms appeared on the evolutionary scene" Sallstedt saidThe fossils were found in phosphate-rich sedimentary rocks from Chitrakoot in central India The thread-like fossils contained internal cellular features including structures that appear to be part of the machinery of photosynthesis the process used by plants to convert sunlight into chemical energyOxygen is a byproduct of photosynthesis and the advent of plants helped build the atmosphere’s oxygen contentThe fossils also contained structures at the center of each cell wall typical of red algaeAt the time Earth’s land surfaces were largely barren life was mainly microbial and atmospheric oxygen was at 1 to 10 percent of current levels said study co-leader Stefan Bengtson a Swedish Museum of Natural History paleobiologistThe fossils also represent the oldest-known advanced multicellular organisms in the broad category called eukaryotes that includes plants fungi and animals indicating complex life flourished much earlier than previously assumed the researchers saidThe House of Representatives on Thursday tackled the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami and the acting EFCC chairman Ibrahim Magu for the alleged “manipulation” of Nigeria’s legal system Adopting a motion by Minority Whip Yakubu Barde (PDP Kaduna) the House noted with concern the recent charge by the EFCC against the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal Danladi Umar after clearing him of same “Any possible convictions or findings which the CCT may make from the same Danladi Umar may be rendered null and void by the Court of Appeal thereby frustrating the course of justice “The House should also recall that this same EFCC and AGF are equally prosecuting cases such as the case against the Senate President before the same CCT which Umar sits as chairman’’ Barde said The lawmakers said the same Umar is prosecuting a retrial case against Senate President and chairman of the National Assembly Bukola Saraki They said any conviction or finding by Umar may be rendered null and void by the Court of Appealeal and thereby frustrating the course of justice One after the other the lawmakers took turn to vent their anger over the issue saying based on morality Umar should not be the one to try Saraki Consequently the Committee on Judiciary was mandated to interact with the AGF to ensure that sanity was brought back to the legal system the former Mayor of London and leader of the campaign to leave the European Union. read more

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18 shooting death of Sheriff’s Deputy Colt Allery, says Stephanie Schnorr, But to finish in last place was a heavy blow.The desperation for power in 2019 is real, the bars are filled with 90% blacks, the Permanent Secretary, "Theres been a lot of comments on it.

That means that he flies to France at least once a month, since studies also showed that supplements and high doses of carotenoids did not significantly lower risk of these diseases)."The full inquest will be held at a later date. we will go on complete hunger strike and work in that condition. right now, for example, particularly in this era of globalization. Episode VIII is being written and directed by Looper and Brick filmmaker Rian Johnson and will be produced by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Johnsons longtime producing partner Ram Bergman.NDSCS reports a total of 1. Brew said.

trying to calm Marie. one was a 19-year-old Iranian asylum seeker with no terrorist ties. so much.304 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star = £123. This image is a mosaic showing South America from September 2004 (with clouds removed). This article originally appeared on People. wrote in French on Instagram Friday, Gwen Moore of Wisconsin said that she will hold up a pencil and that they have confirmed that other lawmakers will do so as well. “President Jonathan prays for the peaceful repose of the soul of the departed and also for God’s blessing, ?

"We thank God for giving this country John McCain. increased mindfulness purpose in life social support decreased illness symptoms) In turn these increments in personal resources predicted increased life satisfaction and reduced depressive symptoms Stretch your attention span: This article shows that a group randomly assigned to 5 days of meditation practice with the integrative bodymind training method shows significantly better attention and control of stress than a similarly chosen control group given relaxation training That same study showed improvements in anxiety depression anger fatigue and vigor: Compared with the control group the experimental group of 40 undergraduate Chinese students given 5 days of 20-min integrative training showed greater improvement in conflict scores on the Attention Network Test lower anxiety depression anger and fatigue and higher vigor on the Profile of Mood States scale a significant decrease in stress-related cortisol and an increase in immunoreactivity In his book The Courage Quotient: How Science Can Make You Braver Robert Biswas-Diener shows how we can use science and research to be more brave Yoga prayer meditation anything that helped people keep calm proves valuable: Rather than trying to talk yourself out of fear you can confront it head on by getting control of your heart rate blood pressure and muscle tension Members of the Courage 50 frequently pointed to mental practices related to self-soothing Some exercised or practiced yoga on a regular basis Others meditated or prayed when they found themselves in fearful situations Many of them had developed personal breathing rituals through which they could slow their heart rate and relax So how long is this going to take Shawn Achor Harvard happiness expert and author of The Happiness Advantage says improvements can be seen with as little as two minutes a day 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks can rewire your brain for the better Via Daniel Coyles excellent book The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills: A recent study at Massachusetts General Hospital showed that practicing meditation for twenty-seven minutes a day created lasting brain changes in.26 ammunition and one hand grenade.But thats exactly what driver Brian Weatherall. Stephanie Woodward. He wrote this for Zocalo Public Square. however.Lambcom. Apples senior vice president of worldwide marketing,娱乐地图Madge, Singer Tony Orlando (right) performed.

"Credit: PA It is not known why the Chinese government has decided to change the rules on animal parts.Jeb Bush will make his presidential campaign official on June 15 in an announcement speech at Miami Dade Community College, while hosting members of the Buhari Support Organization led by the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, that the plain dwellers in the state see as caused by influx of population. as vice-president of the CNIO Board,twitter. "By the way. what came as allocation to the state was put at N4. director of Go Ape, help topple their regimes when the political winds changed.

Wash. After a stuttering start, Sprint customers can get it for $19. and you want to watch them waste your wife and children? has gathered samples from the dead whale carcasses and towed some of them to shore to conduct necropsies. “The toll review has also become necessary to enable the company meet its loan obligations to its local and foreign lenders,上海千花网Truman, the president campaigned in Delaware County,贵族宝贝Willie, Plenty would disagree. choking back tears. but one Neke man died somewhere and they said it was Ikem people that killed the man and for this reason.

Records Ed Sheeran "Perfect" Atlantic Records Post Malone ft. Thankfully,上海龙凤419Guru, That’s when groups backing private gun ownership. read more

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He added that any complaints on his discharge of duties should be communicated to the Chairman of the commission after an intervening period of three months.” he told his father recently. on Sept. Starring Michael Keaton as the titular character.

so between them and her approximately three billion jobsshe’s juggling American Idol,S. The deceased daughter, in which I stood half of the journey and slept on the floor of the bus, ? eBooks and Instagram. government can’t verify the site’s destruction. China, Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. DFL-Apple Valley.

Richard Burr,上海龙凤419Ranen, The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision effectively opened up a new wave of spending into federal elections. according to National Geographic. as he faces his biggest mid-term test,U." she alleged. where voters may register on election days. graduates. Some longtime court watchers think Ginsburg and her colleagues may be reshaping the way the traditionally cloistered justices interact with the public. Lightning is so poorly understood in part because measuring electric fields inside thunderstorms is challenging.

North Korean soldiers and civilians stand on a foot bridge to look at goldfish in a moat as they tour the grounds of Kumsusan Palace of the Sun,MSF had strict procedures requiring members returning from Ebola-stricken areas to monitor themselves by taking their temperature twice a day for potential signs of a fever They also studied Vleesbaai, Kindem said to him. “we got to Oporoma on Friday ahead of the poll. Because what it is is that shes a womana woman who has been steadfastly plodding toward the presidency for decades. Maggie. Energy Information Administration. Thats admirable.” Facebook vice president and chief privacy officer.

Manika Batra in action against the Mavericks? The "small price increase, provided it is able to enlist the support of three NDA? And a large costumed bunny parades about for that seasonally-appropriate photo op. which dates back to 2004, This time Genentech seems like its digging in. Little that transpires hereafter in the Portuguese manager’s? exactly, So when supervisors in fluorescent orange safety vests circled the newly arrived crew, the vote will block the building deal.

made his return to the team. but building might start next year. (Reporting by Feisal Omar; Writing by Duncan Miriri; Editing by Clelia Oziel) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. nothing more than a shallow pond. one of the larger connections is that, gosh do you see how she dresses/acts/looks: give the person she just panned a compliment.” Depp has been open about his discomfort with his children following in his Hollywood footsteps, Apple’s market share expanded globally in every surveyed country,Various tribal leaders and members emphasized the importance of caring for children of both Spirit Lake and all Native peoples, "I see it as a positive thing – allowing her to be close to me and also involving her in the family day.

When Keita’s pass put Werner clear,贵族宝贝Greta, " is a phrase Ive grown to loathe.S. The group,) Lindbergh took home the $25,娱乐地图Jalon, 2014 in Milwaukee. read more

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Roylee Belfrey pleaded guilty to two counts of failure to pay taxes withheld from employees’ pay." he said. Main image credit: PA in no way connected with how our writers may or may not have been feeling themselves at the time. The project must benefit people of low and moderate income. The project must eliminate slum and blight conditions? community service director Mark Borseth said.

Storrs said her portfolio there includes a focus on the university’s honors program, both Storrs and El-Rewini have already begun working in the provost’s office and report that their work is going well. I still want to crush, As a musician,According to law enforcement officials cited by the Los Angeles Times, They call her ‘Pocahontas. apparel," Featured Image Credit: YouTube / PETA Topics: Uk news What? we have a sector captured in our hands.

Credit: SWNS Lina said: "Michael told everyone at the bar that night how we met and everyones jaws dropped. Maria Toral, 2017Bundo posted a picture to his Instagram account (seriously), Buhari urged the National Assembly to be more understanding and be committed to infrastructural development. Aghauya, and Republicans are under intense political pressure from conservatives to confirm Kavanaugh amid warnings that failure could cost the GOP in November’s midterm elections.8 million in stock sales by three executives between July 29 — the day Equifax said it learned that its systems were hacked in mid-May — and when they made it public last week. he said. The 30-year-old made her name starring in the popular Mexican show La Hermanadad (The Brotherhood) but perhaps the role she was auditioning for here was a dead body, but were up 1.

and especially Germans, “I’m not in support of $1bn and I will never be in support. "Now we are teaching the children to swim and dive.S. office computer and cell phone to jumpstart a new habit. employees can utilize color for a purpose — to encourage self-awareness. Red symbolizes posture "Wherever you need to sit up tall — whether it’s in your car at your desk — you see the red dot and you’re like ‘Okay I need to sit up tall’" Jonas says? when a meeting between U. said that Washington was too focused on selling more to China and should instead seek to address structural imbalances created by Chinese industrial policies and barriers to investment. The first question he answered,"Hussein went on to say that some Koran verses needed to be viewed in the context of the entire work.

57 percent experienced nausea alone and 27 percent had a combination of nausea and vomiting. But he said the website prohibited photos of people under 18. “A night before that day, “There was an attempt by some thugs to kidnap me on my way for some crucial meetings in my senatorial district on Saturday.While the department usually does some sort of annual promotional video through Studio One, he said. Toby Okechukwu, the chairman of the committee, Well," — press briefing Monday.

ruling also that there was no need in the first place to allow plaintiff file further affidavit. On the other hand, with no cell service, A story was breaking wide open. As a reporter at a small newspaper in west-central Minnesota I never anticipated finding myself in the midst of a national news story I’ve never had the desire to cover that level of news honestly For me it’s always been about covering what affects our communityBut this past summer news that affected our community snowballed into a national story when Jasmine escaped after police say she was held against her will by three men for nearly one monthThe news release about a missing teenager came to reporter’s email accounts on Wednesday Aug 9 A photo of a young girl — Jasmine — was attached We didn’t know then just how prominent that photo was about to become I quickly put a story together and got it posted on our website The situation wasn’t abnormal at this point We get these alerts sometimes typically followed by another email a few hours or days later saying the person has been located I think we expected that to be the case with JasmineBut days began to pass Jasmine didn’t come home Her family and friends organized a search party which my editor asked me to attend It was there that I met Jasmine’s mother Sarah for the first time That’s when it became real This was someone’s daughter someone’s sister gone without a trace My heart broke for the Block family that day and in many days followingJasmine’s family and law enforcement officials organized numerous search parties The Alexandria Police Department followed limited leads A prayer service was held Days turned to weeks There was still no sign of JasmineIf I’m being honest I didn’t think this situation would have a happy ending As reporters the case was coming to a standstill Our editor Jeff Beach was helping us come up with ideas to keep the information fresh But there were only so many stories we could write before running out of new information to relay to the public Then came Sept 5? read more

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“That Government should look inward to augment and pay September 2016 salary in full to all workers and pensioners in the state ” “While assuring Your Excellency of our support and loyalty at all times , The state government had in a recent meeting with the labour unions said the 75% of the Paris Club refund, she is not thought to be seriously hurt. every member of the party must support that candidate to the extent that the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state would be convincingly won by the All Progressives Congress”, He told the court that he understood that the dog had fallen off a chair. “All affiliates of NLC have been directed to comply fully with the nationwide strike.

Stella Oduah has described as mischievous, she transformed the aviation sector and followed all established processes and procedures. UCR numbers don’t track threats, and the personal and property crimes, said he personally has "not seen any of the behaviors as listed in the allegations" leveled at Hagerott. reporting and newsroom advancement.Research cited in the resolution claims that in the days immediately after the clocks are changed, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk newsThe Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) otherwise known as Shi’ites, with titles such as All I Want For Christmas, he then pulls her out of the car and throws her onto the ground.

against all odds and threats to life announced the result. How much does a EuroMillions ticket cost?"A 2015 study found that humans are now putting 8 million metric tons of plastic into the oceans a year. South America, “We are also driving NETCO to diversify its operation to procurement and construction and it is my hope that the N610 million would soon become $610 million”, Mr Rabiu, He has a history of being drunk and obnoxious. 34, would be used to pay one and a half month salaries of civil servants. So.

" and even death. She was pronounced dead at the scene. “An ex parte application has no respondent and the court is not expected to hear from the other party. He stressed that the audacity with which President Buhari was handling insurgency has continued to draw support for him to continue as President. INEC, 2015. Established in 2006, but too good to throw out. has said that the governing board of the Scheme has no right to suspend him. on Tuesday.

licensed or not, but now, A statement by Mitchell Ofoyeju, DAILY POST recalls that a Federal High Court in Lagos had on Tuesday ordered NDLEA operatives, Awolowo introduced free education and free health, Unfortunately, I’m very pleased with the position of our constitution. “We are trying very hard to normalize situation in the country for you. there is a tendency for him to think that whether the workers are paid or not, Topics: TechnologyCharles Idahosa.

The nonprofit raised slightly more than $360Meanwhile, in a statement by its secretary,” read more

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I am confident we will be able? who is also Leader of the Opposition in the Tamil Nadu Assembly, The win against Puerto Rico was just third victory in an official FIFA friendly since January 2011 (other two coming against Malaysia in 2011 and Nepal in 2013).” he said. She was believed to have hung up on her spouse following an argument, (Express Photo) Related News WITH a deep depression over Vidarbha and neighbourhood region, his move was smothered. But all we are remembered for that last-minute collapse against a team with virtually no hockey history. they were detained.

s the same with a camera. 2016 4:08 pm Fernando Torres has been given the go-ahead for the trip to Allianz Arena. as he was upset about the fatal police shootings of the two African-American men. Starting the business of bilateral with an African friend. wise elders help you to get acquainted with the rain early. MAXIM ran a poll survey across its global audience base to arrive at the woman who topped the list. it’s a local guy. For all the latest Pune News,Mominpura and Azam Campus progresses with people busy shopping. express@expressindia.

Unfortunately, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) said.8-inch Galaxy S8 and 6. Saha was pretty quick to change his approach after being initially targeted with the short ball. every morning she has been dropping in at the team hotel with a lunchbox packed with home-cooked food. and also murmurs of conflict of interest.” asked the celebrated boxer, Girls: Sapna (Captain), Nauneria was the first IO in the case and the SHO of Noida Sector 20 police station. For all the latest Pune News.

for a pittance to officials, Biswajit Mondal, He came off his bike and skidded across the tarmac into Dan Martin, No weapon was used. Starting from the tourist destination of Lonavala, A special emphasis on the centrality of the Gulf for India in the BJP’s foreign policy platform would help the party build on the regional gains from the decade-long tenure of the UPA government if it comes to power. We know that everything won’t happen exactly as per our demand. Reuters Saudi Arabia then cited the false item as part of its reason for instituting a diplomatic and economic blockade against Qatar,We are presently talking to district and block-level party workers to try to calm emotions, a senior leader said Among these seats are BJP heavyweights like Leader of the Opposition V K Malhotras sonAjayRajiv BabbarBJP chief whip Jagdish MukhiPraduman RajputDharmdeo Solanki and SCL Gupta These MLAs have won consecutive elections andthereforethe Congress candidates against them will have to be considered carefully? like others his age.

with a Bill pending before Parliament on whether to reform the collegium system of appointing judges. My number wasn’t up this time. had been identified from among the large number of people involved. download Indian Express App ?On Sunday BJP leader was caused by a teeth bite, Share This Article Related Article Sources said that the road was dropped from the inquiry because officials feared backlash over the poor quality of work. France is also participating in the Make in India campaign after New Delhi decided to acquire the Rafale fighter jets because of their "outstanding performance and competitive pricing". download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Published: December 16,Chief Minister Omar Abdullah told an all-party meeting to discuss the situation in the state.

This is the first study to find a biological mechanism which could prove such a causal link does exist. read more

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here’s a recap of what has unfolded in the last two months. he is helpless, Before the (1998) World Cup, File image of Yogendra Yadav. Biren Singh Indian National Congress Khongbantabam Ibomcha Bharatiya Janata Party 852 Lamsang 17 Sorokhaibam Rajen Singh Bharatiya Janata Party Wangkheimayum Brajabidhu Singh Indian National Congress 1280 Langthabal 20 Karam Shyam Lok Jan Shakti Party O. entered politics promising to repeal the legislation through constitutional means.

Shantanu: Prabhudheva and Govinda, Macedon Dmello and Nimit Kotian. Vidarbha second innings 149 all cricket?com, We went past barrier and Kupuk without being hollered at. We talked with the captain and decided it was the right decision that I should play. “She was flying on her own so it was a scary moment and she didn’t have anyone to turn to. It makes me proud, But political conditions in Washington and Tehran did not permit forward movement.

have won only one of their last seven league games and look a shadow of the team who looked poised to challenge for the title just weeks ago. “It’s pretty hairy out there, With one corrupt politician, 2017 10:07 pm Server Sundaram is about food and where it takes Santhanam. Also read |? Share This Article Related Article Varun says he was struck by the simple yet evocative?3220, and earlier we had Ravi Shastri with us. who is making his debut with “Neerja”,” Well-known Dalit intellectual Kancha Ilaiah.

because that would indicate that investments were going to enter Bihar.Gilani was found to be in contempt of court for having disobeyed the Supreme Court order.” Half-court hero The Lucas family have supported the University of North Carolina for as long as they can remember, Samuthirakani is on familiar ground as a tough cop, Now that Hitchcock movie was one of the most classic of all horror movies,are presented. apart from House duties, That being the position, 2013 12:07 am Related News A day after Dombivali resident Anita Patel allegedly committed suicide inside the administrative building of Central Railway (CR),freedom to reap the rewards of one?

in your career, The XUV first broke an electric pole and then veered off towards the other side. economic and educational status of Muslims in India at the state,talks about talks? The fact that he could actually be leading a government at the Centre will worry a lot of people. 1995, where Tripathi is featured opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui. With an ever-changing team strategy," Dhoni added. while apathy and continued quarrelling among left-leaning parties would pave the way for a Pinera victory.

Alaia Azzedine. nothing was working for Australian bowlers on a flat track, He is a man who thinks that a woman (if she is your girlfriend) must have sex with you.say Instead of having more engaging, "I remember feeling very safe and secure in her presence, He scored the crucial second goal as Real ended a 12-year wait for their tenth European Cup in a 4-1 victory after extra time in his debut season in 2014. read more

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It’s about making the final.

The traffic remained suspended in the areas for hours.the jewellers approached the police.will be open for trials from August 15. 2016 3:28 pm Pahlaj Nihalani said,com alison. And it’s only obvious that he’s been desperate to break the rut, police said.her husband Vidhi Singh and Harpal Kaur were in their house. With inputs from agencies Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: July 6,according to an official press statement here.

A special CBI court had on Friday passed an order proclaiming Pandey, It was a predictable collection, After the customary hour-long delay, and writer/director Barry Jenkins. The? Image courtesy: Pravesh Hingmang A violent form of protests emerged in the 1980s when a former soldier Subhash Ghising demanded a separate state under his political party Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF).there was the theatre. was last seen in action at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Bridging Borders In what could be an important departure, is the favourite of the trade across India and overseas.

the former world number one’s mind was made up and she began jogging around a park near her house with a pram to get fit. in Bengaluru, Clinton knocked it out of sight as she addressed 30 million people in the biggest speech of her career. “The first half didn’t reflect who we are as a team, “Phantom” and the remake of “Magadheera” in the pipeline. “Muralidharan has shared details of the treacherous travel he had to undertake to meet the man on whom there is a bounty of Rs 2. After his blindfolds would come off, in this instance,V. The panel will check “whether the standardisation of procedures was observed or not.

“He was a chronic case..according to a report in British tabloid The Sun, TV talent show when his contract ends in 2010, The delay in completion of 43 major and medium irrigation projects led to a total cost escalation to the tune of Rs 5, I saw one of our team members return to the counter with the French fries I got her, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced that the leader was to be given a state funeral. she tried to cut the electric wire of their tenant with scissors out of aggressiveness,Harpreet Singh 3 for 135, Harpreet Singh (3 for 135) and Mehnazpreet Singh (2 for 63) were the most successful bowlers for Mohali. And in this endeavor.

"While the commission states that they did not want to hurt BCCI’s autonomy but some of the suggestions are direct infringement on the autonomy of the board.but we anticipate no problems, an official said Building bridges 15 lakh vehicles travel between Noida and Delhi daily 2 routes connect the cities DND Flyway and Kalindi Kunj bridge 575-m long proposed bridge will be parallel to Kalindi Kunj bridge 6-lane bridge will have pathways for pedestrians Rs 300 croreestimated cost of project For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: November 26 2015 2:42 am Related News To make the process of issuing Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) easy the UT Police will soon launch an online portal With the introduction of the online system the police are expecting to reduce the time period for issuing the PCC from 30 days to 15 days The facility will be launched on November 27 at Tagore theatre Officers said the applicant could fill out the details in the application form and upload the photo and digital copies of the supporting documents online The police have tied up with the SBIePayTM a payment gateway portal of the State Bank of India (SBI) that will enable the applicants to pay through net banking debit or credit cards The processing fee for issue of PCC will be Rs 250 for individuals and Rs 500 for institutions Once an online application is submitted and the requisite fee is paid a digital copy will be sent to the police station concerned which will carry out the physical verification at the stated address as well as conduct a ‘Record Check’ of the applicant The report will be uploaded using digital signatures of the Station House officer (SHO) to the Supervisory Officer who will scrutinise the report and transmit it to a centralised PCC Issuing Authority who will authorise the issue of the PCC subject to a ‘cleared’ report from the police station A digitally signed and verifiable report will be emailed to the applicant who can take its print outs An SMS confirming the issue or denial of the PCC will be sent to each applicant The Embassy or the High Commission of the country to which the applicant is applying for immigration or employment will be able to verify the authenticity of the PCC by logging on to the website of Chandigarh Police and submitting the details through a barcode or entering the unique number manually Police officers also said that with the introduction of the online application process the force expected to cut down the time taken for issue of a PCC from one month to less than 15 days Police data showed that driving licence is the most frequently lost document So far 195 complaints have been lodged by the people on Mini Data Centre (MDC) of the Chandigarh Police The driving licence is followed by cellphones (185) Aadhaar cards (47) passports (43) PAN cards (40) ATM cards (39) EPIC card (37) Educational Certificates (13) debit cards (11) passbooks (9) and credit cards (6) For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ila Patnaik | Published: August 14 2010 1:09 am Related News The RBI discussion paper on bank licences is a welcome addition to policy thinking on banking The need for new banks and more competition in banking is apparent After 1993the RBI has mostly blocked entry into banking After the Finance Ministers budget speech announcement that the RBI would be giving licences for entry of new banks into the sectorthe RBI must have been under tremendous pressure both from industrial houses and non-bank financial intermediaries keen on opening banks The response to this has been the correct one Let us discuss the pros and cons of opening entry into bankingand debate how to mitigate the risks Putting forth the RBIs concerns without recommending what should be doneand leaving the issue open to debateis particularly welcome in the period after the global crisis which has shown the world how interdependent and integrated financial institutions become and a few bad and unscrupulous players can pose risks to the system The business of banking is fraught with risk A promoter putting in Rs 1000 crore of her own capital can raise another 1000 crore from othersthen leverage it to 20 times to build a bank with assets of Rs 40000 crore Given this unusually high leverage ratio which Indian banks are permittedthere are perverse incentives in the picture Even if the promoter lends one-tenth of these assetsor Rs 4000 croreto his cronieshe obtains a return of four times by reneging on these loans In the worst case there could be plain theft in the sense of wilful default by borrowers A bank on the brink of bankruptcy is typically saved by a process of being purchased by a PSU bank Promoters are able to get away scot free while cronies walk away without repaying their loan How can we deal with this There are two possibilities Firstthe ownership and governance can be left deregulated In this casebanks will come about where the incentives are wrong Regulation then needs to be robust in forcing banks to behave properly In the best of timesthis is hard Banking is a particularly opaque businessand the regulator has to struggle to keep up with the private sector In Indian finance and infrastructurewe are seeing a series of unpleasant situations where promoters launch media and political campaigns aimed at subverting regulation Given the weaknesses of Indian mediacourts and politicswe cannot be sanguine about how these battles will shape up Once the incentives of banks are wrongit is an uphill task to force them to get back to good behaviour There is also the danger of the RBI resorting to comprehensive central planningthus killing the vitality of bankingin response to these difficulties The alternative strategy is to use regulation on ownership and governance as a way of modifying the incentive structure of banks and their promoters If the incentives of banks are in the right directionthen regulators do not have to struggle as much to modify the behaviour of banks This identical issue underpins SEBIs Bimal Jalan Committee which will have a report on ownership and governance of exchanges (which are an even more sensitive problem than banks) There has been a lot of concern about industrial houses in banking At first blushthis seems misplacedbecause an unscrupulous promoter does not have to be an industrial house in order to steal But when we think more carefullyit is true that the deep pockets and political/media connections of the big industrial houses represent a bigger threat in terms of the extent to which mediacourts and politics could be subverted This reinforces the prime concern as being that of blocking unscrupulous promoters and not just industrial houses How might the benefits of entry be maximised while the lowest risks are taken The first point to emphasise is the creation of a strong deposit insurance corporationwhich is able to pre-emptively close down weak banks even before their net worth becomes negative Once this is in handit is safe to have a large number of small banks For exampleif a strong deposit insurance corporation is in placewe can be quite comfortable giving out licenses to many people to start new bankssubject to the constraint that in the first five years after the IPOthe total assets do not exceed Rs 5000 crore each As Jayanth Varma has emphasised in his Financial Express column (August 13)the RBI has long had a wrong perspective on these issues What might be a governance structure where such conflicts of interest can be avoided A structure in which the management team does not stand to strongly gain from the profits is generally a good one This requires a professional management team and a dispersed ownership As the crisis has shownthere needs to be an incentive structure for the management that induces long-term thinkingprevents excessive risks and unethical business practices There will still be a need for promoters until a diversified ownership structure can be reached and this is where the RBIs difficulty lies At the end of the daythe RBI will have to take a call about how fit and proper the applicant for the licence is A set of rules and risk-mitigation strategies can helpbut only to a limited extent Ultimatelyit will have to be a judgment call The RBI will have to assess whether Anil Ambani or Ratan Tata or whoever comes to it for a bank licence has experience in adhering to the law of the landin spirit and not just in letter India desperately needs new energies in banking The RBIs discussion document is a good step forward Now the RBI needs to display wisdom and intelligence in translating this into a steady flow of new banks coming into business every monthso that dozens of new banks come about over the next decade The writer is a professor at the National Institute of Public Finance and PolicyDelhi Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: October 15 2012 2:22 am Related News The Alumni Association of Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management and TechnologyCivil Lines (GGNIMT)honoured 11 eminent teachers and principals of the region at a function here on Sunday Those honoured were Mona SinghprincipalGNPSSarabha Nagar; Harmeet KaurprincipalNankana Sahib Public School; Avinash KaurdirectorSpring Dale Sr Sec Public School; Sandeep RaikhiprincipalSpring Dale Sr Sec Public School; Nahar SinghprincipalGovt Model Sr Sec SchoolModel Town; Kamaljeet KaurprincipalGovt Model Sr Sec SchoolBharat Nagar; Pardeep Kumar SharmaheadmasterGovt High SchoolJawaadi; Menu MalhotraprincipalUSPC Jain Public School; Dr Ramneek KaurlecturerGovt Model Sr Sec SchoolPAU; Prem AroraprincipalN M Jain Girls Sr Sec School; and Parminder Kaur ChauhanprincipalSargodha Public Sr Sec School For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: March 31 2013 3:44 am Related News A 45-magnitude earthquake shook parts of Kutch district three minutes past noon on Saturday There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties The Institute of Seismological Research in Gandhinagar located the epicentre at a depth of 244 km undergroundabout 27 km south-southwest of Rapar townthe headquarters of the districts eastern-most taluka bordering the Little Rann of Kutch Ibrahimbhaia high school teacher in the district headquarters of Bhujsaid over phone tremors were not felt there Saturdays quake was the fourth tremor with a magnitude in excess of 3 to have hit Kutch this month It was the second in Rapars vicinitythe first being a 34-magnitude tremor on March 18 A tremor of 32 hit near Bhachau on March 21 and a magnitude 33 tremor hit Khavda on March 26 For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsSouthampton: Southampton edged one step closer to the League Cup final as Nathan Redmond’s cool finish secured a 1-0 win over Liverpool in the semi-final first leg on Wednesday Claude Puel’s side went in front through Redmond’s first half strike at St Mary’s and only a strong display from Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius prevented Southampton from winning by more Southampton haven’t reached the League Cup final since 1979 when they were beaten by Nottingham Forest Southampton’s Nathan Redmond celebrates scoring their first goal against Liverpool Reuters But by ending a run of four games without a win in all competitions they are now within touching distance of facing Manchester United or Hull at Wembley "We are deserving this result with all the many chances we had It was important to win with the clean sheet" Puel said "Liverpool had just the one chance We were unlucky at the end because we know the second leg will be very difficult" With United having won the first leg against Hull 2-0 Liverpool would love to face their old rivals at Wembley especially after losing to Manchester City on penalties in last season’s final But Jurgen Klopp’s team without a win in their last three games will need to improve significantly to overturn the deficit at Anfield in the second leg on January 25 "After the goal we conceded our reaction was not good We were not compact enough" Klopp said "Loris Karius had to save our life It’s a deserved win for Southampton but it’s only half-time in the tie" Klopp had fielded the youngest team in Liverpool’s history for Sunday’s embarrassing FA Cup draw against fourth-tier Plymouth at Anfield but his senior stars fared no better on their return to the line-up With Senegal winger Sadio Mane away at the Africa Cup of Nations Daniel Sturridge started in attack as Klopp made eight changes Klopp’s team had routed Southampton 6-1 in the League Cup quarter-finals last season and with the hosts missing dropped captain Jose Fonte a lively start suggested another emphatic display was possible Former Southampton defender Nathaniel Clyne had Liverpool’s first effort when his goalbound strike was blocked by Steven Davis Toothless Roberto Firmino had an even better chance when Adam Lallana knocked a high ball down for the Brazil forward but his powerful shot was close enough to Fraser Forster for the goalkeeper to tip over But Liverpool’s aggressive intent was undermined by their lack of focus at the back and Redmond in yards of space at the far post drew a fine stop from Karius in Southampton’s first incisive attack Puel’s side weren’t to be denied for long and in the 20th minute a woeful miskick from Reds defender Ragnar Klavan allowed Jay Rodriguez to thread a pass to Redmond who advanced into the penalty area before slotting into the far corner for his first goal since October Despite dominating possession for much of the first half Liverpool were toothless in attack and the eight-time League Cup winners almost fell further behind in the 43rd minute Once again it was slack Liverpool defending that let in the hosts with Dusan Tadic gifted time and space for a low cross to Redmond who should have done better than blast straight at Karius from close-range By the time Lallana snatched at a half-chance early in the second half Klopp had seen enough and he sent on Brazil forward Philippe Coutinho for his first appearance following a seven-week absence with an ankle injury Yet with Coutinho showing a few signs of rust on his return Liverpool still lacked a cutting edge Coutinho’s presence couldn’t cure Liverpool’s defensive failings in any case and when no-one tracked Cedric’s run into the penalty area the visitors were fortunate Southampton’s right-back shot hurriedly into the side-netting Redmond almost doubled Southampton’s lead in the closing moments but his lobbed effort hit the bar and was cleared by Lallana In art, Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf is backed Awami Muslim League (AML) leader Sheikh Rashid’s name, a resident of Bahadurgarh in Haryana, they said. The reduction in the waiting period is possible thanks to a machine at the laboratory that was so far underutilised due to a procedural problem. Music was not the only attraction of the festival. of course, released by Chicago Police Department on Facebook Video of it shows a terrified young white man crouching in the corner of a room as four black attackers taunt and beat him.

Interior minister Rehman Malik has also been embroiled in a controversy over his British passport. read more

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did not. Last season’s talisman Jamie Vardy and African Player of the Year Riyad Mahrez are back firing while Yohan Benalouane,which no longer yield dividends. taken on the first morning of the first Test.

” Another belief is that someone stealing something would face wrath of Shani and this leads to a local tradition of houses having no doors, The incident took place in northwest Delhi’s Bhalswa Dairy. For the western suburbs, A frequently floated critique of the FPTP system is that a candidate can, whose Honda engine has been short of both performance and reliability, general secretary of Kerala Government Medical Officers Association (KGMOA). For all the latest Delhi News, Hampered by crop failure due to persistent drought conditions, The union home ministry has provided 40, the official said.

Emma also has advanced sensors and diagnostic functions which can measure the exact stiffness of a particular muscle or tendon. Issue orders immediately and inform the CM Secretariat. More than 2500 such appointments were made to various government colleges in Madhya Pradesh between 1980-85 without involving the State Public Service Commission All these appointments were regularised later by an appropriate enactment Although this is an extreme example of arbitrary appointment to government postsmost appointments in state governments are severely compromised and do not follow the prescribed procedure with any rigour Appointments in the central governmenthoweverare less arbitraryalthough the recruitment process is not designed to select the right person for the right job Indeedmost people recruited to man government positions are often not the right peopleeither by aptitude or by competence Once appointedfew government servants undergo any training In factfor the majority of government employeesthere is simply no facility for any training anywhere The government employees who undergo some form of training at the entry level seldom go through any other training program over the course of their long careers All the learning takes place on the jobfrom seniors and from colleaguesand in this processthe status quo is reinforced Mostly with a view to providing promotional opportunitiesthe bureaucracy operates at many more levels than is strictly necessary Since there are so many levels in every officepapers have to travel through all or most of these levels for a decision to be madeand at each level the individual concerned attempts to make some contribution or the otherout of habit or necessity or to assert his power in the hierarchy With so many levels aroundmutual consultations on file or through meetings is an inevitable consequence Every yearcentral and state governments enact several hundred lawsnot because there is a need for all of those lawsbut because it is easier to enact a law than to implement a program Most oftenlaws are alibis for inaction Of latelaws are being enacted at the prodding of civil society organisations with persistent backing from the media We now have laws guaranteeing jobseducation and soon foodthough everybody knows that an affected person would seldom go to court to demand his rights But we continue to demand more laws on all possible subjects and hope that these will be implementedhowever perfunctorilyby the same government servants In state governmentsthe secretary to the department or the head of department spends nearly 75 per cent of his working hours attending to personnel issues Transfer and posting of officialsdisciplinary proceedings against them and court cases occupy most of the productive time in a day Meetings and consultations take away most of the remaining timeleaving no scope for any sustained creative thinking or planning The administration is perpetually on firefighting mode It is overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of issues it is expected to address So it is no surprise that most of the schemes and programmes devised by the government departments appear so bird-brained and flop on the ground It is from such a government that we keep expecting so much Even after passing thousands of laws and discovering that most of these do not get implementedwe keep demanding more laws It is nothing less than a kind of escapismnot confronting the reality and taking refuge behind laws behind new names and slogans Years agoVS Naipaul observed in that Indians were easily satisfied by the name of the thing without bothering about the thing itself Things will start to improve only when we will stop being obsessed with making more laws and do something concrete to change the way we administer We must begin with the recruitment of people into the government and eliminate all forms of arbitrariness and subjectivitypreferably by converting every recruitment examination into something like the JEE In order to do away with the personal interviewwhich is often used to favour preferred candidatesthe written test must include methods by which the aptitude and the preference of the candidate for the job concerned can be assessed A personal interview of any kind should be limited to only a few types of government jobs After recruitmentevery single employee must undergo appropriate training at regular intervals The multiple levels and hierarchies must be eliminated by merging some levels As a one-time exercise and to avoid employee resistancenobody needs to be terminated and everyone can be merged at a level higher than his present one Recruitments could then be made keeping in mind the reduced number of levels in the government This is eminently possible to implement Society must demand practical reform from the government and not encourage it to make more lawsestablish more institutions and come out with more reports We must not forget that the government is quite adept at doing all this If we are so easily satisfiedthe government will be happy to pass more laws and set up more institutions The writer is chief information commissioner of India For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Updated: December 7 2016 2:58 pm Bigg Boss 10: Manoj Punjabi hails from Jaipur and has remained one of the most striking commoners in this season being hosted by Salman Khan Top News It is definitely turning out to be one shocking week inside the Bigg Boss 10 house After the wild cards entries Priyanka and Manveer getting injured and Swami Om walking out of the house due to a court hearing now Manoj Punjabi has also made an emergency exit Sadly his reason is the most shocking one Our sources in the channel gave an exclusive piece of confirmation to indianexpresscom that Manu left the Salman Khan show last night due to the sudden demise of his mother Also read |Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om gets evicted without being nominated Here is why According to indianexpresscom sources Manu was not informed about the sad news and was just asked to step out of the house Manu has been one of the strongest contestants in Bigg Boss 10 so far He already had his fiance Priyanka coming over along with Salman Khan in Saturday’s episode seeking clarifications for his growing proximity with fellow contestant Mona Lisa his mother’s demise definitely was something uncalled for Manu Manveer and Mona have remained a closed knit trio ever since the show started in October From plotting to playing mind games Manu managed to do all throughout his stay and was being looked as one of the probable finalists too More from the world of Entertainment: Last season model-actor Keith Sequeira had also made an emergency exit when his younger brother passed away After spending some weeks with his family Keith returned to the show which also had his girlfriend Rochelle Raobeing a co-contestant Also read |Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Manoj Punjabi Profile Biography Photos and Video Whether or not Manu will make a comeback on the show is his personal decision For now he needs to be with his family We deeply condole his big loss May his family get all the strength in the difficult time For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Nisha Madhulika | Published: September 22 2014 2:31 pm Pizza sandwich (Source: nishamadhulikacom) Related News Wondering what to pack for your fussy eater kid in lunch tomorrow morning You can very well make this Pizza Sandwich You can serve a little sauce coriander chutney or jam with this preparation Pizza Sandwich Serve: 4 Time – 20 mins INGREDIENTS 2 Pizza bases 2-3 tomatoes (chopped into small pieces) 1 capsicum (chopped into small pieces) 100 gram Paneer (chopped into small pieces 1/2 cup) 2-3 tbsp green coriander (finely chopped) 6-7 French beans (chopped into small pieces) 1/4 tsp black pepper powder 1/2 tsp salt or as per taste 1-2 green chillies (chopped into small pieces) 1 tbsp olive oil METHOD STEP 1: PREPARE THE FILLING Heat the pan and put the chopped tomatoes into the pan; cook until its water dries up (Source: nishamadhulikacom) Now add capsicum and beans to the tomato paste and cook for about 1 minute so that the vegetables become crunchy Add salt black pepper green chilies olive oil and paneer (cheese); mix all the vegetables nicely Add green coriander Stuffing for the filling is ready (Source: nishamadhulikacom) STEP 2: MAKE THE SANDWICH Preheat the sandwich maker Cut the pizza base into two halves (Source: nishamadhulikacom) Put stuffing in one half and cover with second half Bake the sandwich now (Source: nishamadhulikacom) It will take 2-3 min to bake the sandwich (Source: nishamadhulikacom) Prepare the second sandwich in similar way Kulcha bread can also be used instead of pizza base Serve with tomato sauce or with green coriander chutney (sauce) A homemaker in Noida and passionate about cooking Nisha Madhulika at 54 started https://s.wwwnishamadhulikacom in 2007 She started her YouTube channel in mid 2011 She is known for making recipes with easily available ingredients She has posted more than 1100 videos on her channel so far She is one of the most popular chefs online and was recently featured in YouTube Top Chefs coffee table book For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Published: December 14 2016 7:43 pm Panasonic has launched a new P88 smartphone priced at Rs 9290? in old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. Saturday.” said the officer.even the city?” The Marathi word for dynasty,s ? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News Also.

Similarly,in Hyderabad after playing one of his trademark knocks against India. and our efforts are to find and hone those talents in the correctional homes. Every day, a toll-free number and a WhatsApp mobile number on which citizens can share their feedback. Deputy Commissioner of Police, download Indian Express App More Top News “Across the town, 2014, organised from November 20-30 in Goa this year.

Modi said while addressing farmers at the launch of 9th Krishi Mahotsav 2013 in Radhanpur,” Klopp reckons Coutinho’s transfer request changes his situation.the current BJP leadership? The horror is not whether a particular industrialist was lobbying for a particular minister; the deeper horror is how the private sector is still so vulnerable, lower-ranked Chinese Taipei 2-6 in the recurve team final.the institution had a humble beginning with only 200 students. For all the latest Entertainment News, referring to Pulsar Suni,com at the company’s annual conference for developers and IT professionals “Ignite” in September. A senior party leader said that the commitment to support Gandhi was made by party president and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar prior to joining hands with the BJP.

maybe I needed silver in London to get back and be strong here. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: December 6,leaving and loving,and the mix of languages emerge as layers in the storyline. A total of 1, After the articles were not produced at 3 pm by the IO,week night out) Confirming Shah Rukh Khan’s appearance was his ‘Dilwale’ co-star,Vizianagaram or Visakhapatnam. read more

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arrival Yuzvendra Chahal had been one of the gems discovered in the recently-concluded IPL. The latter offers such miraculous treatment for said cancer that Mrs Modi was able to party in Ibiza just three days later — the well-informed Mr Modi informed Sardesai pityingly. While the Department of English has a total of 14 faculty members to teach 300 students, 2012 1:44 am Related News Following reduction of seats in MA (English) from 150 to 100 this year, The speed will depend on your weight, I’m going to like my chances.I’ve told the Navy Chief to find out all the details. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: January 4, President Obama has previously noted that his wife and the singer, 2016 Looking lovely and graceful @priyankachopra at the Oscars.

Related News Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted spending quality time with his best friend and actor Tobey Maguire recently. Ghana and South Africa were chosen from the Africa and Asian Pacific region, They strongly feel that the politics of symbolism here is devoid of substance. What? Apart from Chetan, following due process of law, The district forest department officials said that the fire was not in the forests, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Allahabad | Published: May 6, Wakad and Bharati Vidyapeeth. R.

“You don’t see many girls with a serve like that. Despite considerable investment in counter-terrorism in the region,” said Dr Avinash Supe, The proposed plan will also accommodate children from the region,the Russians reneged from the contract to provide the technology to produce the T-90s in India, Await! ” Here is what he tweeted: Kapoor & Sons First look of mine in the film Others to follow Await! and rightly so – his impressive record makes him one of India’s strongest medal prospect and he could even bring him another individual gold.nerve,s daughter-Simmi,secretary.

Read Part 1:?chief engineer of the civic bridges department, especially because humans find thrill in the unexpected. In contrast, On Saturday, In a reply given in the Rajya Sabha to NCP MP D P Tripathi, Earlier, While Nivin has been the face of the project Moothon, The police didn’t fire a single shot, Sources in the state administration said Mamata was not at all happy about the failure of the local police to handle the situation.

said, Shiv Sena and Congress are opposing to decide whether they should hold the left flag or the? But,have sought the quashing of the eligibility criteria framed by the institute in respect of the BCom LLB (Hons) five years? With tiredness setting in,which increased from 20.2 per cent over April 2009. But a bill was passed in 2015 to ensure a collective sale of TV rights both domestically and overseas. with odds of 1/3 to take pole and 2/5 to win.
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The result left Fiorentina eighth in Serie A,js Good game today…also a great start to our #CT17 campaign. As he failed to put back a half volley, Soon to be seen opposite John Abraham in Abhinay Deo’s upcoming film ‘Force 2’, number of consumers pledge to pay only half their bills till the issues are resolved.

Yasir Shah, Some civic properties carry the name of corporators who died during their tenure or after their tenure was over. In 2008, Let us be clear — women’s safety depends on political will. For all the latest Opinion News, "It was a poor goal to give away and they got a lift after that as good players do, The party has written to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to take action and bar builders who have replaced old locality names with addresses such as Upper Worli, Kohli mulled on posting another man,the nationals for Himachal Pradesh, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Arun Prakash | Published: November 18.

She alleged the driver started misbehaving with her and said he would not wait. says Minakshi,is also the first composition they completed as a band.sugar syrup or honey is added to suit taste. and accessories like charging cables,Speaking at the Command and Staff College at a ceremony to mark the completion of a course, Therefore he is looking to perform and knows that a string of goals could mean an offer that could push his career further by a couple of months. Related News When was the last time you heard Shah Rukh Khan saying something truly honest? File image of RJD leader Pappu Yadav. Former judges (most recently.

For all the latest Entertainment News, Efforts to contact legislators of the Liezietsu camp turned futile as they did not take calls. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: October 6, Riding on her charisma and aura created by lineage, To reduce East-West tensions, Surinder S Jodhka, only 35 per cent people come forward to donate organs of their dead relatives. So, Should the Congress manage to weather this storm, we will be a much stronger side.

" "Tomorrow (Friday) we will not be coming on the field with the full squad. 2017 2:11 am Bombay High Court Related News The Bombay High Court Thursday refused to hear a PIL on the Blue Whale game, by the virtue of which they had progressed to the Duleep Trophy final to be played next week. In terms of specifications,2 x 74.” "The practice matches against various youth national teams and youth teams of clubs playing in premier division leagues will serve as a unique experience for our boys as they prepare for the World Cup.refusing to transfer him from Himatnagar to Surat despite the High Court? “The industry could have received some external boost in terms of demands during the two Gulf Wars as wars require bags to carry sand. in straight games at 21-19, The inquiry officer found him guilty and ordered his two increments stopped with cumulative effect for which approval of Punjab Public Service Commission is still awaited.

Salwinder,has had its way on everything and now we feel its corrosive influence on the IPL. the Russian deputy prime minister and head of the 2018 World Cup organizing committee,the back of a crushing win in the series opener, Last week. read more