Hebei hedgehog analysis of pure text outside the chain effect of mercy Bozhuan

take a look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia for love love Shanghai related to the domain of interpretation: for use only in fall in love with the sea link, which is the reverse link, Shanghai love to use domain: instructions can be found. Love for love Shanghai domain, Shanghai ranked very important, if the website content is king, then the site outside the chain is king. Careful analysis of competitor rankings in front of you love Shanghai related domain and YAHOO back links, you will find his love Shanghai related domain and YAHOO link may be a lot more than you, he is the ranking in front of you.

so do anchor text link is indeed very large, but we must find a stable resource to send in, is the signature of the chain, although more and more small signature, but better than nothing, feel the effect is quite large.

1, the anchor text link, high weight, can improve the keywords ranking there is no denying that, if you are leaving the anchor text links to your place in the high weight can be considered as a high quality the chain in written text or to increase the weight of your site and keyword row all have good the role, but with various forums, blog and other management is more and more strict, and can do the anchor place less, some even if you can, but a few days will be deleted, included in the deleted, so for your website itself is very good, especially for the new station will be not well, included later deleted and search engine will think you website trust, and for your site review period may be extended, in addition to old website anchor text link is not stable under the That will cause the instability of the keyword ranking.

on pure text links in the Shanghai dragon has been very controversial, today Hebei hedgehog bold with the anchor text of the chain, and the chain of super pure text outside the chain of three forms of simple analysis for pure text outside the chain effect. Anchor text with hyperlinks to the keyword, click link to a page; a hyperlink is a direct contact with the web site elements, while the pure text links is not the point of the web site, appearing in the form of text.

3, pure text links, this is the focus of today, pure text in the form of URL chain is the love of Shanghai related domain for the website optimization in the end there is no use, how does the effects

The effects of

: hyperlink anchor link should belong to a hyperlink, but I said here is a hyperlink can directly enter the URL, the effect is relatively better than the anchor, but can do the chain place is less.

anchor text link promotion keywords ranking, promotion website links, so the three forms as the chain specifically what kind of good? Is not pure text links has no effect on


the following is the Baoding Shanghai dragon in the work of the personal point of view, if there are different views can be put together to discuss:



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