Analysis of different types of chain effect

anchor text can also be said to be super link, which guide the user to a different page to browse, is one of the important factors affecting the site keywords ranking. The specific point that is a higher weight site to our website links, means that their website recognition of our website, a bridge and the anchor text is the site to the site, which is beneficial to the spider crawling. But the love of Shanghai and Google for the anchor text responses are not consistent.

chain is an important part of the construction site, which can enhance the weight of the website plays a very important role. Outside the chain is the anchor text, hyperlinks, text and links jump, the four main links have their own a little and unique contribution to their clear understanding and timely use of their site outside the chain construction will play a multiplier effect.

love Shanghai more emphasis on the number and weight of the chain and the site’s overall quality, and not delegated too much power for the anchor text, and Google is not the same, it pays attention to the construction of the anchor text, as long as in the forum or blog is often published with anchor text articles, I have to improve website rankings in Google will.

two pure text chain

2. anchor text keywords should actively take part in the article, the content of the article and avoid isolation. And the number is not too much to release the anchor text according to the actual situation of their own website. (you can go to the Chinaz Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive search)

but the anchor text construction also need skills:

anchor text link



for the chain form, some owners think no need to get to your site, not what the Webmaster Help, why have this kind of idea, the key is pure text links is pure text, not into the URL, such as: 贵族宝贝****贵族宝贝 click on the link does not exist, the webmaster own do not know that this is a keyword. Or a link. But the author is concerned, I think this method is worth using, firstly, it can improve the site exposure rate, then can increase the site in marine domain (love Shanghai off the chain is actually falling off, because marine domain) when using the DOMAIN command, to the query to all is the reverse link appears in the form of text since love, Shanghai can be presented in this form, it proves that the text link will have a certain role. In fact, the pure text links for website optimization help, but also consider the weight distribution platform. A5 we all know, there are many owners are not pure text links on the site last plus? As long as their articles published by, then it will bring considerable amount of super reprint, ranking your site to absolute advantage.

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outside the station anchor text all link anchor text should not use the same words, can use the long tail word with main keywords.

three super link


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