A novice to fully understand the Shanghai dragon to start learning from where

5 months ago, I first heard the word Shanghai dragon, is the beginning of my work. With this "mysterious history" of the word, I have been wandering in the door, do with Shanghai Longfeng competent editorial work, the entire two months time, I just write stiffly, constantly change, until want to spit, but always do not know how to meet the needs of users".

second: to write articles, writing articles is the core of Shanghai Longfeng power, because the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng station must rely on the power of the original article.

station will be relatively complicated, because it involves the point in addition to edit articles, but also the use of data analysis to grasp the whole station layout, reasonable planning structure, keywords, and outside the station optimization is relatively simple, but due to a large amount of drainage through different channels to the main station, the establishment of a number of pathways, build more platform is the primary work of the chain, after careful management of these platforms, the main station and form a good interaction.

in November, I was responsible for the guidance of learning by a new Shanghai dragon head, less than a month’s time, I will break the Shanghai dragon fog from Shanghai has been standing in the door to knock on the door into the dragon, began to walk along the road there, although a lot of problems, but we have some opportunities. So for a completely unfamiliar Shanghai Longfeng novice learning of Shanghai dragon had some experience from where.

Optimization of

: the first quantitative change will cause the qualitative change point is true, a lot of writing, especially in a short period of time, the original article, this process is very important to me. Before you write an article to only half a day to day one or two, but also hard, one day 6, 7 after they started to write more quickly, for a long time, in their original process began to have their own feeling. So, don’t be afraid to write a lot, very tired but very important.

work for third months, I was officially listed as the Shanghai dragon specialist learning, has specialized in Shanghai Longfeng supervisor is responsible for my study. When do is look, see the various information about Shanghai: Shanghai dragon dragon search outside, moon, Shanghai dragon Zac actual combat password…… Shanghai webmaster forum, love…… In a word, read a lot, and that their work is not hanging hook, and it is mumbo-jumbo, do not know, for a long time can not enter the work state, no progress is really frustrated and depressed.

third: continuous learning from a fully understand the tension of learners and practitioners gradually started operation, experienced entry stage pain, see the link there is a long way to go through before the actual operation, and continue to learn professional knowledge, knowledge of Shanghai dragon, collapse heart to feel, write a unique article, build continuously meet the needs of users of the platform, we learn is still very important.

a lot of the original article, until the feeling of Shanghai dragon, I think this is Shanghai dragon novice >

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