Detailed Shanghai Longfeng optimization work process the implementation of article two

speaking in front of the "on the Shanghai dragon" work flow optimization of preparation method, today began. When you are ready to work related material, the natural next to enter into the implementation process. As the saying goes, a good idea if not through practice, it is not empty talk, what persuasion. Just write the same soft, if there is no actual data, it can only be theoretical knowledge, can not succeed or not. So for the Shanghai dragon optimization, execution is the practice ability is the most important, all have to go through the baptism of the actual theory will stand up. So we should how to implement Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Today I to talk about my own experiences.

, with its own advantages to optimize

webmasters may believe that the use of Shanghai dragon tools to do site optimization and not to show their strength. I think this view is not very good, because each person’s energy is limited, and the limited time with the appropriate tools to maximize the efficiency. Many webmaster will put some mass outside the chain of tools to bring the effect is not very good, in fact, each tool is good, the key is how you use. As mass mailing software, most of the webmaster of Shanghai dragon tools that is shunned, I tell you, this tool is not wrong, after all, the tool is dead, people are living, if you know how to put his face to maximize the performance, so the tool is a good tool.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, a lot of people are just rely on others to share the experience to optimize and ignore the truth, people with good methods for you may not be able to get the same effect. Like some webmaster can use the long tail keywords website traffic do tens of thousands, and some Adsense all day watching the same hundred poor flow. So, in website optimization, first know their ability to clear understanding of their ability to do what step, what can you do this for our implementation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very useful, as the saying goes, a big head without a big hat, fellow Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the same, others can create a brand with micro-blog on the station, you may not work. So we should how to use its advantages to compensate for this deficiency? The use of domain name, if the opponent is not easy to remember domain or memory is not convenient, so we can register for the domain name and memory optimization Longfeng Shanghai has congenital advantage, such as a web site keywords appear in the domain name. Second, guarantee the stability of the space, which is very important. Third with a lot of original content for the website age difference. In fact, many webmaster have found their own strengths, always love to egg stone, finally in silently guarding Jishilaibai flow, the author suggested Shanghai Longfeng optimization, first awareness of their advantages in where, to maximize the advantage, will be very good optimization effect brought by the Shanghai dragon.

two, with the help of Shanghai Longfeng tools to optimize

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