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Description: Guangzhou Shanghai dragon Keywords: This paper by Deng Kanhao

Title: Deng Kanhao Guangzhou Shanghai Dragon – Shanghai dragon consultant blog

this time without recovery on the outside of the chain to the blog, my heart is still very happy. Haha, if you have the right down the website you can also test this method.

this time drop right back the biggest reason is that blog changed the title, keywords, description, template modification. These four things are basically big changes:

template template.

and we have to do the blog every day to do things is to record, for example when you update a blog, how to increase the chain every day you, and my blog is before unsure of how to increase the chain, the more less the increase, this is very dangerous, and now I put my blog every day do records, according to requirements of the operation, so the effect is very good.

Although the Install other

moved within this month too many things, the blog is basically changed daily, published an article, blog drop right reason is love Shanghai chain increase too fast, here we summarize a truth, that if you love Shanghai, the chain increased too fast may your blog is right down by K addition is a great possibility. Please do not do too much and we URL link in the chain, this is very dangerous.

drop right back, but the same is not included, but the snapshot is updated every day, what else did not change, but the most important thing is the word Guangzhou Shanghai dragon ranking back, finally find the ranking in the search engine, is now ranked in the eighth page, when the see and do the same as before the top three home page.

into Guangzhou Shanghai dragon

these four things changed after second days to see the effect. If you do not believe you can see my blog this now some or previous title and keywords such as the template, because did not react to some search keywords or previous.

here I want to say a website or blog drop right don’t be afraid, as long as you insist it will be very good, I like this blog right down every day the same, in this month, I Shanghai dragon blog basically disconnect the chain construction, because I don’t want to rely on the chain to recover, because that blog recovered quickly, before the drop right is to update the original article, the chain belt was restored, and this time a month since the chain is not done, and this time is the longest, just keep updating the article, you may not believe in here here, by Deng Kanhao to talk about why right down to how to restore reason:

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