Experience in website optimization data backup is the key

effect on the siteThe love Shanghai The November 1, 2011 Does not affect the basic

station in the past is the latest snapshot of the next day, not two days, now four days have not been updated, the server is not stable for love Shanghai influence is very large optimization snapshot, snapshot not update, other content optimization, Shanghai natural love not found, more new content is again good, do the chain again good, not updated snapshot, it is difficult to have a good ranking. Probably no spiders to crawl, is still not put out to grab.

website optimization server stability is very important for website optimization, stable server is a powerful guarantee for the website optimization, website optimization is the foundation, the absolute stability but who are also unable to guarantee the server, the database information is not lost. So do the database backup, the backup program is also very important. According to the experience on server stability and effect of good database backup on the website optimization, the author of the website to rent a VPS, a year 1000, on a site with enough, the past server has been very stable, basically not a problem, is a problem, a certain day, so I was relieved unexpectedly, two days ago, the author of the VPS expires, due to the busy forget VPS due.

server open half a day to rank web site keywords, one day it will be affected, the station is not open half a dozen a day. Why did this happen? How the website does not open, and the user through the search engine will find your site click open, will hurt the user experience, have a negative impression of the search engine, the >


website suddenly open, remote desktop can’t go into the call that VPS has expired, then pay the fee, continued, the site is open, and consulting, said the past VPS has been deleted, program and database not, you said not depressed depressed also, without notice.

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two, to influence keywords ranking

server, web applications and database has been lost, only update the new content, updated to three at night, the content of the website to update the basic full. The website for more than one day open, love Shanghai keywords ranking caused large fluctuations, the specific performance: A, B, snapshot update slow; keywords ranking decline; C, part of Links removed. Through this matter illustrates the importance of server stability on the website optimization, also shows that the data backup is very important. The following is the server affect the stability of the optimized

station the ranking has been relatively good, keywords basic web site optimization in more than 20 to more than 40 levels, this is quite normal, the key competition is more intense, the words of small amplitude changes is very normal, but now the keyword ranking to one hundred, love Shanghai down the right treatment of certain.

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