Green outfit a combination of real time news analysis love Shanghai latest information

Shanghai news about love, I am very busy these days, the person in charge of the subway group and find help follow up into the sweet love Shanghai news source, I tried, the word is done, then the news did almost one day a person to engage in tens of thousands of IP is relatively easy, especially when the news very high, such as the recent Nicholas Tse Deng Chao entertainment event, "search volume Nicholas Cecilia divorce" these days are W few a few W, continue to update your news, segmentation is done, the first page of a original, with a picture.

Too many things recently,

love Shanghai launched ".


below to search for "business" as an example, see figure

electric district, Tai Chi circle, love reading, a guild, server events, trade links, sponsors and more, people have asked the promotion plan, plan a day, reflect a bit, a bit impetuous mentality, yesterday just after the birthday, thank you for your understanding and support of friends blessing and for my work! For a long time did not write the article, take today recent love Shanghai latest information and share what you order, many of my friends are very concerned about recent, also received a lot of inquiries, back into the positive question! Love Shanghai "in the latest relevant information" is how elected? By what method can let oneself to send the news into love Shanghai latest information?

can find the latest information related to a total of five, love Shanghai "new information" search sources which requires it, it is not difficult to find these sites included are some news, large portal, their love of Shanghai’s products. According to the arrangement of the correlation degree, time sequence. The correlation is very important. Page ranking algorithms and general algorithm is slightly different, but the same principle. If your site is love Shanghai news and the news sources included, click rate is high, it will be possible to run in front.

Similar real-time search for the latest information search and noble baby

for hot news, love Shanghai in the home of the latest collection of information related to the recommendation, is no longer a simple news recommendation, and previous day Shanghai put some weight high old forum joined the love Shanghai love Shanghai news news source, but also try a lot of forum brush can get rich flow (now seems to have been removed in the forum, the Shanghai news source in love but information page would recommend), at the same time, Shanghai also put in love Post Bar posts joined the "new information", we enumerate the hot words of the top posts, generally can be recommended to "love Shanghai * * the latest relevant information", brush every day thousands of IP should be relatively easy. We can go to sum up what the forum was added to the relevant information of the recommended home page love Shanghai, the electricity supplier forum should have been deleted, and later, many forums have similar experience, should be found in many people love Shanghai traffic ranking out in the brush. While we love Shanghai not completely get rid of, and more to try to summarize it.


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