Don’t put the Shanghai dragon when toil do optimization should pay attention to strategy

don’t do Shanghai dragon as toil to pay attention to strategy. For example, write a >

released some of the spread of things is very effective, such as publishing a web site in Webmaster tools, webmaster resources network source code, the chain has its own website the source code, other people to download the template and use the communication chain. In the work, we should go to the analysis of other sites, to break through the bottleneck of their Shanghai dragon. In the process of analysis, find that other people do the chain mode, will bring some new thinking. If you do not know how to send the chain, where to go, every day should be how much, according to a web site in a row of the first page of the search engine, it analysis and summary record, to make a plan, follow it to do, this is a way of thinking and strategy the.

introduction: entering the Shanghai dragon industry people will experience an awkward stage, that is when having dinner with my friends to chat, often asked every day doing what, often this time, before I always return to three words: "the hair of the chain," said as if he would take to do some simple toil live work; but the Shanghai Dragon said through the main has three points: the update, the chain and execution; we only know to update the article every day, multiple outside chain, busy dizzy but not what effect, just like is a network of migrant workers.

in Shanghai dragon industry mix for a long time, you will find that Shanghai Longfeng, strategies and thinking is the most important. Shanghai dragon in daily work, in addition to the update of the chain, and earnestly implement the three points, does not have other key points. But in the Shanghai dragon strategy and Thinking on the needs of every practitioner through the practice of Shanghai Longfeng improved, only in the thinking and strategy in order to reflect the real level superior to others, Shanghai dragon and out of the ordinary.

again, if the hair is very tired, directly in the Witkey network or Taobao online to spend some money to buy a high quality of the original article, the use of which is Shanghai dragon strategy and thinking. The same is the update, some methods and ideas of people of different treatments, the effect may be different, spend a little money, it is easy to get the things you want, save a lot of time and energy. Come to talk about the chain, some people only know to go to the forum or blog outside the chain, but some people spend money to make a soft Wen in the portal site, since the portal was reprinted, the chain increased a lot.

so what is the strategy and thinking of Shanghai dragon? Get updated articles for example, many people may think to publish their own written, or publish some copied but search engine is not included in the article, for the search engines, which are of high quality original articles. This idea is good, but can be further, for example, some websites to encourage the submission, after the document released, became the site of the original article, this is the use of a dragon of thinking and strategy in Shanghai.

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