How to use the Q & a platform outside the chain

third: add link. The webmaster do the quiz platform the main purpose is to do the chain, or to do their own brand promotion, but now ask the chain platform is very difficult to do. Love Shanghai know new site in Shanghai that add love after 3 times, it will be difficult to love by the Shanghai review, thus unable to answer this question. Although in the search can add URL, but also through the audit, we all know that the weight of the search did not know high weight, but also need to add links to reasonable, advertising will have serious title. When answering the question answer. Don’t add the box, if you really need to add a web site, can be used in the form of text description URL, or keyword fill in your website directly, which requires your web site keywords ranking. The front page of the site address cannot be added, the webmaster can try to add pages within the website address, or for such problems in the BSP blog related solution, add the BSP blog in reference to the address that.

second: do not repeat to modify the answer. Q & a platform in question after a modification, often in answer to questions after the modification of love answer, although there is a modification of the function, but here does not support the webmaster repeatedly modify the answer, repeatedly revised answer is likely to fail the audit, as at the end of a Search ask answer the audit in the audit time, time is not modified to answer. Help others to answer the question, to be sincere in helping others, and keep the link, do not blindly advertising, not related to the answer to the question, others will not be adopted as the best answer, so you do not waste time and effect. This approach is wrong.

can now do the Q & a platform or a lot of love: Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, webmaster webmaster encyclopedia love Shanghai know such channel quiz platform weight is very high, in the Q & a platform to stay outside the chain is also very stable, but now ask the chain platform is very difficult do ask, do it carefully.

webmaster hard operating site, must be very hard to go to the site to find the chain every day, can get the chain method are many, but to do search engine optimization webmaster, the most important is the site to find the stable high weight of the chain. Some time ago to write how to love Shanghai experience outside the chain, today to share with you how to use the Q & a platform outside the chain.

: the first registration vest. Want to borrow the inquiry platform owners started when the crazy registration vest, vest can realize the question and answer form, thus avoiding to help others to answer the question, can not be adopted as the best answer. But the webmaster in registration when there are many to note: do not use the same mailbox registered user name, do not use the similar words, is the same IP users, is likely to be identified as Shanghai love vest, the phenomenon of cheating serious is also likely to be sealed.

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