Love Shanghai 2 some views and the Shanghai dragon green future

come to talk about the source of the news, "the appropriate punishment for bearing release the soft site, reduce its evaluation, in the search engine at the same time, for the love of Shanghai news source site to clean up the news sources, news sources can not leave the link is not what, for the promotion, not too much lower our results, after all the links are often in order to keep the site outside the chain, instead of leaving the promotion, the promotion of medical website is leaving the business, jump directly to the business, so they generally have little effect, but the news source site to clean out the news source, love Shanghai can clean out obvious Sina? No, this also can be seen in Shanghai with a love of intimidation, threatening some news source site, may reduce the promotion of soft news source from the source, and make our new hair The smell of the source threshold becomes higher, reduce such promotion efforts.

is now Shanghai Shanghai dragon like sex now investors worry mood, want to jump, love Shanghai constantly suppress this Shanghai dragon, seems to be trying to build a good Internet environment. When it is in the green, a lot of people say that can engage in the station, and the medical industry or violence, there are sufficient funds to support the industry that can engage in news source chain. Today, the station was the spark plan to engage in engage (are interested can read my "fall in love with a starfish fire plan gimmick" article), but can now engage in news source site was 2 Scindapsus engage, seem to love Shanghai of Shanghai dragon has been hated, not in its development posture.

finished these, really feel the road is dim and dark Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, especially in Shanghai Longfeng. Then the Shanghai dragon will disappear? After all, the Internet product update speed and hot industry are in a hurry. Maple street thinks not, after all, we are not in the peak of Shanghai dragon moment, there are many enterprises do not have their own website, there are a lot of enterprises have their own web site also has not been Shanghai dragon. With the development of the Internet, we have reason to believe there will be more of the nature of business sites, and these sites must be Shanghai dragon, "

in the face of Scindapsus aureus 2, have always felt a strong and he hit a feeling. If the example and besunyen stock software can make people can make people understand, after all, love Shanghai know answer blow is very strict, and the use of third party blog promotion is to do some junk love Shanghai hate, but love of Shanghai yellow pages generalized combat are confusing, with a simple words, everyone in this promotion, whether on the street or small ads, posters, or large exhibition, or in various online promotion class content, including the promotion of such kind. So let’s stop all the love of Shanghai is similar to the Yellow Pages promotion promotion mode? Is the future only through SNS and PPC, WangMeng, bidding advertising model promotion, this is undoubtedly a strong attitude for all and won’t listen to reason Shanghai dragon ER and network promotion personnel.

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