The reason is not included with the solution solution

1, through the love of Shanghai site tool to push and release chain to lure Baiduspider website to grab the article, if after one or two days are not included, can be through the web site to see if Baiduspider is in the diary to grab this link, if there is a grab connection, but it is not included, so will the next step

collectionMost of the

do just for the Shanghai dragon optimization staff, but most of this question, the website does not include the problem how to love Shanghai, or some website article update ten days is not included, even some website updated original articles, love Shanghai search engine is not included, and some even false original site can reach the second, then these problems in the end is what causes it? And how to solve? A net win for the reason we analyze the vehicles not included

site is new

2 site is the most copied from the

!Solution: ?1, channel entrance for Baiduspider

website article is copied from the collection, causing the site article not included or included rate is extremely low, how to increase the site included? This is currently on the Internet the most basic situation, for your website did not get the trust of the search engine, no fresh content support. On the other hand, some websites can reach the second even pseudo original, that is the website search engine has been a high degree of trust. In the face of most website is collecting or false original, but are relatively eager to get a solution, but often not really been solved! The following several ways for you to solve the problem of

, the website home page and inside pages are released outside the chain, the temptation of the spider crawling, and then increase the residence time of Baiduspider in the



, the Shanghai Webmaster Platform love to submit links, provide crawling

, modify the title and text content of the beginning part, yes, to revise the article title and content of Baiduspider in the crawl page link but is not included, this article shows that repetition rate high similarity.


if the site is new sites, so the site is in the review period, the search engine on the web of trust degree is low, the collection rate is low, this is a normal phenomenon, the reason is not comprehensive enough to get web site in the search engine page mark, so most of the new station only included the front page, or one or two page links. The general search engine will not be long residence time in the new


love Shanghai not included how to do


, a search engine is not included in the end is what causes the

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