Website optimization and innovation is very important

had also appeared in a number of innovative practices, these practices either white hat or black hat, for some companies or companies bring a lot of profit, whether it is before the keyword, the chain has been in use or the transaction, or even a period of time before the station group, although these methods are black cap, but let the spirit of their site traffic increased as the first principle, who can say that these methods do not succeed? Although hand in because of the large number of people to imitate these optimization methods, leads to the search engines have a certain awareness of these optimization methods, but I believe that a creative person will come up with more optimization method because the approach is always better than more difficult, such as the sprocket strategy.

website optimization and innovation is very important, with the popularity of the Internet in our country, every day people will spend more time on the Internet, an enterprise wants to do better, the network marketing this piece is absolutely can not be ignored, there are a lot of advertising, soft Wen and so on method of network marketing, which is the basis of comparison website marketing, is to establish their own company’s website and by optimizing the website can let the front rank in the search engines.

on the other hand, if you do optimization knowledge from books or online learning is always over, rarely able to add their own innovation, if some keyword competition is not very intense, believe you can still get some success, but if the master is the same with the optimization of one or a number of keywords. I believe the results is as can be imagined. So my personal feeling is that the website optimization need to try a new method of continuous. I QQ:275760916 the article first appeared in Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝809贵族宝贝/Article/34.aspx >

In fact,

of a company or enterprise wants to do website promotion, in addition to some basic things, the most important thing is to have the spirit of innovation, is can try some optimization methods in a period of time, these methods are all the others have done, although we may have a lot of time will be ended in failure. But as long as you have the spirit of innovation, I believe you will be walking in front of others.


wanted to make good performance in web search engine, ranking, you need to do the site optimization, now the network has a lot of website optimization knowledge is introduced, including internal and external optimization optimization. Sometimes I would often go to the Internet to browse this information, my overall assessment of this information is: if you are a novice website optimization, you can spend more on these above, some basic knowledge of the introduction to the novice or have some help, if you are a veteran of the website optimization I think, you will occasionally look on it, don’t spend all day in these things, because some of the things mentioned above are similar, the gold content is not high, because published an article in the above are some is not master of people, a lot of people are busy making money to master said the.

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