The hair of the chain of skills and the matters needing attention


forum signature chain way is relatively convenient and the number of the Forum web site is considerable, so in construction site outside the chain way among the most widely used is the forum signature reply, there are many worthy of the experience of small skills, through observation and summary will be.

[high included rate and high browsing quantity, high correlation, high weight.

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4, not to delete the site regularly.

1, the chain containing rel= labeled "nofollow". Rel= nofollow is of crawler do not track this link, and certainly not to transfer the weight. This chain is of no significance.

D, high weight: you want your posts to give awesome rewards that you choose right important high resources.

2, do not send in the web crawler shield. In QQ space, campus network, happy network, taobao贵族宝贝, these sites are not included in the love of Shanghai. So, my friends recommended in the chain first to ensure that the site is normal, the best immediately included, so you can ensure that you do not work hard.


chain has been an indispensable part of optimization. The forum outside the chain in the chain component occupies a large part of. Now the chain has become more and more difficult to send the case. In the forum outside the chain is an important way of Shanghai dragon er. With the theme of the forum posts can be a link at the bottom of the hidden, find some popular online news, in the corresponding section, so as not to be the moderator in the content is that the advertising posts. And then placed in a row at the bottom of the article to the optimization of the key links, the font color words and tune into the forum as the background color, so that ordinary users have not noticed a row of hidden keywords to link the bottom, thus reducing the chance of owners.

3, not to cheat, or on the K website.

reference requirements: 5-10 forum wide degree, 50 topic post reply type valid signature

Note: the ]

. PR high quality first, the contents are similar, the best course is consistent with the theme of the site, the number of main to control the number of the hair of the chain, the new station in general should not be too much.

B, high traffic: you released a message, is to be a few people see? Or want to be more people see

chainThe quantity and quality of the combination of

, a forum signature post

a, a high citation rate: if you find the resources is not included resources that you the information released by nature is not be included.

outside the chain of skills and attention, especially in the beginning of the site of the friend, need to promote site needs the following

C, a high correlation to the corresponding website:

The main way of the

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