You are in Shanghai or to Shanghai dragon dragon website ranking Shanghai Dragon


2, the content of the web site.

a lot of people think the chain the more the better, of course, outside the chain of high quality better. So, when most of the day in the chain. By all means do outside the chain. All know that the chain ranking of a website is very useful. However, the consequences are getting worse.

a lot of people in order to enrich the content of the website, also know the importance of the original. It is a dating site, all day long to write some articles in Shanghai dragon. Or also wrote about dating articles. However, no key words in the article, but also some useless articles.

look, these two sentences mean. However, there are two aspects. One is to Shanghai and Shanghai is the only dragon dragon dragon in Shanghai. In order to make the site’s ranking of Shanghai dragon is a kind of thinking. The useless Shanghai Longfeng with you to discuss these two topics.

in the choice of keywords, we choose the best keywords associated with their website. Don’t be too greedy and suddenly get a lot of keywords, also depends on the keywords competition how difficult. Imagine a, a love Shanghai index of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of words, do you think people can take a few years to do up the rankings. How much do you wait. So, don’t think of myself as a SOE staff to be great, equal to anything. Shanghai dragon is not a God, he is a person. As the saying goes, Knowledge is infinite., someone outside the person. Your Shanghai Dragon technology high, there are people taller than you. So, in the choice of keywords, choose a more competitive small. It will soon be able to see the effect. Don’t let yourself down.

1, the choice of keywords.

when we select keywords, there should be a lot of words that we choose. If so we will choose which. A lot of people will choose to compete for the biggest word, because the search volume of many people. Who would be silly to choose a day only a few key words flow.

we all know that Shanghai Longfeng general work is the selection of keywords, such as the station optimization and stood outside optimization. So, if it is to Shanghai and Shanghai when the Dragon dragon. Often there will be a lot of mistakes.

if you really want to own the website ranking to do so, we have to use the Shanghai dragon thinking. What is the Shanghai dragon thinking. That is to change some of their own ideas. From the search engine, from the user’s thinking to think if your website ranking to do.

2, the content of the web site.

1, the choice of keywords.

first, to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon.

second, in order to make the site’s ranking Shanghai dragon.

3, the chain.

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