The latest love chain Shanghai algorithm under construction principle analysis

love again this year in Shanghai algorithm was updated to highlight the original web site and user experience, in the construction of the chain website, also put forward many conditions, past the chain that simple construction method is not suitable to love Shanghai algorithm principle, and even cause the love on the website of the Shanghai punishment and drop right, so in the new period, in order to improve the website optimization work, in the next period of time, continue to play a role in optimizing the chain, also need to seriously comprehend love Shanghai on the site outside of the chain algorithm proposed the relevance and the principle of originality and quality.

is to focus on the outside of the chain. This quality can include two parts. The first is the quality of the chain carrier content to be high, with a certain degree of readability, expand the content at the same time the chain can also give users some guidance, and has correlation. Another important part is the chain release platform must have the high quality of the chain, is you to be released in the high weight of the site, so that it can effectively enhance the love of Shanghai on the site outside the chain of the attention, after all, the principle of Like attracts like. chain algorithm in.


refers to the so-called correlation has certain correlation to the content of the chain website and you must release content. If you release the contents of a game, but to the website is a kind of recruitment website. The chain model of the apple and orange is easy to be punished love Shanghai. If the content is pointing to the game, is a game site, is effective to extend your content, so that the chain can be counted as correlation. According to this principle, in the chain site, you need to select the reasonable content, and the introduction of the corresponding chain in the right place, thus highlighting the correlation.

The quality of

is the content of the original. The chain is now in Shanghai for the release of love also needs to have the original attribute, a love of Shanghai has been greatly improved in the original recognition technology, the simple pseudo original and original content recognition has made great breakthrough, so for the carrier of the chain, the content has given great restrictions at least to maintain a high degree of originality and readability, not just the original, because some software arbitrarily change the content seems to be original, but very poor readability, the same content can not be used as carrier of the chain. So in order to build the chain of qualified, should also give attention to the quality of the chain carrier.

is the first to talk about love relationship Shanghai algorithm mentioned. In the past, a signature on a forum, issued with a chain of the post, it means that the network has a corresponding chain. But very focused on the quantity, number, then the website optimization effect is more obvious. After a few years of extensive application of the algorithm, which makes a very large chain of rubbish and garbage content in internet. So for this algorithm, is behind the times, so love Shanghai after several adjustments and innovation of the algorithm, and finally construct a chain based on recognition technology of correlation system.

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