Shanghai Longfeng Title Optimization have seen the most awesome Shanghai dragon title is to do so

but if you write an article with the search engine needs the title, you will find that this title is not subject to user clicks, the user did not allow users to click on the title of desire, if you write a can let users click on the desire of the title, then do not meet the needs of the drop-down box in the search engine, natural ranking hard, so the problem will come, see here may still have some friends do not understand the meaning here, the release of two title picture, we can refer to the reference

and the second title is a bit users click on the type of title, when the user is to do marketing, I believe this article he is want to learn how to add a five minute QQ, how to carry out marketing, but the problem comes, this title is not words, key words are not, not to mention ranking no doubt, it is not, is this article also want to do for the word "QQ" is not? If the title to the "method" QQ batch add friends _ software to automatically add QQ friends and I believe that is the absolute ranking, but sent to the home page, click on the people but not go in.


! ! Since the

to allow the user to see the title of the Party A to induce users to click on the search engine, but also to see a line with the optimization title, then the problem, not the two title, how can we integrate application.

in Shanghai Longfeng article mentioned that such a view is that each article must have their own target keywords, like target keywords of this article is Shanghai dragon Title optimization.

is usually identified by the search engine users see the title and the title is "code of the title title, but not after two times after the development of CMS are the same title, so it appears the search engine users to see and see the title as the title.

as a blog we mostly use blog ranking, a few may be affected by the individual training institutions, to do this kind of word area + Shanghai dragon, as to what kind of people, we do not consider, so when we write the title is how to write

?I have written

is the first title to meet the love Shanghai users search needs, such as skills Daquan demand, how do micro marketing needs, meet the needs of the full title, the content in the meet is also very full, so there is good reason ranking on the home page, but there are also disadvantages, when I took the title on home page in the station after the recommendation. You will find that this title was not able to arouse to induce users to click on the title, such as "the history of WeChat best marketing methods Daquan", he relative this title may be easier to induce users to click on the title, but the lack of demand for his title, in the rankings on the home page may not be able to


above two title first search engine is in line with the needs of the title, the second is to induce users to click on the title, the two title has its own advantages, but also has its own shortcomings.

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