Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to develop a reasonable chain optimization process to improve wo

website optimization to Shanghai dragon headache is the chain construction site this link, this "slow dance sky" type of work even if it is "God" level people will feel my heart tangled. When it comes to what extent will be done outside the chain? Can only be said to the home page must also continue to maintain the ranking does not fall down, it will never have an end. But did not reach the home website at least Adsense heart there is a hope, those who have reached the home page of the website has tasted the sweetness may have made up for the kind of bitter taste. The construction site outside the chain and ranking effect is a causal relationship between circulation, only a variety of weaving together a great enough chain network, website ranking keywords to the texture. There are a lot of Shanghai dragon feel the most difficult to engage in Web site optimization is the construction of the chain, so it is no exception that the consultant Lee Jung think Shanghai dragon, but have difficulty we must try to solve, so Xi’an Shanghai dragon small sums up the construction of the chain should adhere to the daily process:

, a forum signature post

said URL address and reply, recognized as the industry is the anchor text chain of keywords ranking the most effective? Careful Shanghai dragon may have found the current mainstream blog for reply link tag by NOFOLLOW, although there are a lot of people in a direct weight criticism of NOFOLLOW tags, we believe that the weight of this place no matter if I >.

daily task chain process

reference requirements: 20 new posts on different blogs, URL. Pay attention to reply external links form diversity development

reference requirements: 5-10 forum wide degree, 50 topic post reply type valid signature

two, independent blog reply

+ sofaThe Why

forum signature chain way is relatively convenient and the number of the Forum web site is considerable, so in construction site outside the chain way among the most widely used is the forum signature reply, there are many worthy of the experience of small skills, through observation and summary will find the forum signature appears in the content page will be indexed by search engines results after the rest of the page page content because of the poor quality is often not indexed by search engines, basically there is no value at all and for the construction of our chain. Another point is also very important, the forum generally active site compared with conventional high frequency, so the number of search engines crawl is also relatively high, resulting in new posts included in this article are very fast, so we should as far as possible before the first search engine crawling back to success included in the index after the index to the chain of our signature otherwise, before the current page snapshot not update the chain will not be included in the read, this is the reason why the forum often stressed to grab the sofa. But in order to form the chain association network with the theme of post and reply the sofa as the leading forum signature chain combination is the most effective way to the forum outside the chain.

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