The content of the website included quantity depends on the details of what

first, the update frequency of the site itself is the basis of the collected influence: the author thinks that the website content to be more search engine features, we need to do is how to improve the frequency of updates to our website, in the premise of content of stable quality, adhere to regularly update website content is to enhance the station based and included website weight the author thinks, our main content updates were divided, according to the website of different types of enterprises and personnel investment proportion in general, the site of information every day into the website content fresh for the website, and general business website we can properly updated on a weekly basis, but the author’s suggestions are as long as determining an update the frequency we must insist for a long time, rather than choosing to do monkeys breaking corn, fixed frequency absorption Which is the basis of the spider web content in favor of the key step by step included, for some relatively strong strength of the enterprise site, can employ some website content editing, the number and frequency of special website edit website content update is also appropriate to upgrade, can from the previous three days a, to now every day the higher the quality of articles, updates, the greater the frequency included will certainly increase, this is beyond doubt.

second, the website weight determines the speed of the included web content. In fact, this is mainly for the author of each when submitted to the soft, the most obvious manifestation, when submitted to the soft I often encounter a situation, after a high quality of soft, is the administrator audit will be successful, other similar platform to collect and transfer, but it is my own the platform articles are not included but acquisition submission article was collected in my station, when it comes to the many veteran Shanghai dragon Er might understand. This is the search engine of a collection of rules, the same article, the search engine will first grab high weight website information, because the search engine is "trust" on it, specifically in the search engine algorithm is the problem of weight, the higher the degree of trust the site the higher the weight, the weight high website which contains articles the speed is a lot lower weight website incomparable, so as a business site, to achieve their own website search engine included the first time by my door to do is to enhance the solid weight I own websites from the basic level, if it is a new enterprise.

as everyone knows, the website optimization effect in the website content for the website weight is remarkable, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization very clear purpose is to pass the love of Shanghai brings us a lot of directional flow, the flow is divided into two aspects: one is the main keywords ranking website for web traffic, the second is the long tail word we increase the weights of the website for optimization also has a very great role, based on the long tail word optimization is included in the long tail word in the page, and an analysis of the author mainly under the current site included the number depends on the details of what factors, good gossip short continued, we enter today theme website included the number depends on the details of what.

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