Shanghai Dragon Mining learning website optimization key factors Wenzhongqiusheng

NO.3 search engine optimization in weight >

[search engine optimization] refers to the birth of Shanghai dragon Er this occupation is to let more people understand and use to enhance the user experience in the search of work, but there are many people to go for one of the shortcuts, shortcomings of the major search engines is to use the Internet to exist in the technical aspects of the (probably so understand), normal algorithm to deceive the search engine. The Shanghai dragon, in the industry referred to as the black hat technology optimization, so small that wearing black hat optimization that refers to a minefield in the search engine optimization, maybe you like this black hat technology can quickly achieve the results you want, but what we need is a long time for a long time ranking. And you will find yourself is how stupid, or can understand this, your lucky but did not step on mine, but just walking in the minefield for a long time, will have serious consequences, you are not to regret and.

here without Dai said, friends are very deeply know, the so-called Shanghai dragon search engine optimization can be understood as a sort, then this sort of the ultimate goal is to give the customers better and more want to ranking search results. So the rich original content on the site is a necessary starting point of the search engine optimization. Shanghai Longfeng professionals have a formal site that is perfect, as long as the content of your website do well enough, enough formal, rich enough, so long as you hold on for a long time, the vast majority of cases will be the major search engines quickly accepted, while maintaining certain rules to increase website weight, of course, more than us that is standing in a comparison of the ideal point of view analysis. But the webmaster particularly emphasized the importance of content, for the king’s statement, S Er of Shanghai Longfeng should have a positive attitude to grasp this point, the history of your site better Keyword (keywords) path optimization.

NO.2 major search engine optimization right cut method

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NO.1 Shanghai dragon Er beginners for search engine optimization (Shanghai Longfeng minefield)

said Shanghai Longfeng learning website optimization, now the network is still a hot point in the industry. Various professional and non professional webmaster webmaster spend most of the time and attention of Shanghai dragon about the major search engines, so that a small website optimization and not a lot of workers engaged in Shanghai dragon ER imagined so complicated, for example, as a keyword in the search engine ranking above, you will feel the search ranking the engine is very complex, but eventually according to the most important points to judge the quality, weight or article to you this website ranking. In this way, we do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, will firmly grasp this several important factors, the complicated computing process does not need to go to study search engine. That let Xiao Dai introduce four point of view, to understand the Shanghai dragon

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