Personal views on the chain of love Shanghai outside the chain of tools of display


two, not all of the page links are displayed in

, a Shanghai love is not included page also shows the chain

for the two assumptions, I prefer the first. If the site optimization personnel made outside the chain of such a large number of pages included is deleted, the chain of survival time is too short, there is the optimization of suspected of cheating, easy to be search engine punishment.

three, the construction of the chain


online discussion about love Shanghai chain query tool thread has a lot of, the topic of the author is no longer a commonplace talk of an old scholar more ink. According to the actual combination of love Shanghai outside the chain of tools query, to talk about my views on love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools.

in this case, I guess is that there are several reasons.

1, the page has been included in Shanghai shortly after the release of love, and be loved in Shanghai removed. The statistical tools lag, so the display in the tool.


above the anchor text of the chain, and are closely linked to the page content. Such as "Changsha website optimization" anchor text of the page, the title contains the word "Shanghai dragon". The concept of a Shanghai website construction company in A5, about 200 manuscript, but love Shanghai station outside the chain of tools that the A5 chain only dozens of, I guess in addition to lag tools, may page content and anchor text is not relevant.


summary: the chain, need to pay attention to the correlation accurately. Many web site optimization personnel in the construction of the chain, especially the forum outside the chain, the page relevance is not good enough. Massive chain tactics often not precise tactics, such as the Shanghai dragon VIP website, is a significant example. Secondly, because the content of the page, many blogs, forums anchor text is included, and displayed in the love Shanghai station outside the chain of tools, this, I am sure that correlation of the chain is more important.

I noticed a phenomenon, the author submitted in the A5 on the chain of the anchor text for example, such as the anchor text page and the page, and click a good amount of reading, the anchor text will be displayed in the Shanghai station outside the chain of tools in love. If the page and the anchor text is too large, and traffic is not high, then the display will be a lot less likely.

I found that the chain of love show in Shanghai station outside the chain of tools, some pages actually were not included, but the page links are still displayed in the tool chain.

2, the page has been love Shanghai spiders, but didn’t put out.

I love Shanghai station through the chain tool, found a very interesting phenomenon, the author of the first on the screenshot, >

Personal view of

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