Hu Peibin Shanghai dragon based guide Description written notice

              < title> Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng Zhengzhou Website Optimization Website Promotion Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon studio < /title>


a lot of Shanghai dragon is the first web site to do it, then do the title and description. If the content setting, title and description not Shanghai longfeng.

three, how to know the specific needs of key words, want to know how a key demand, we need to observe, establishment of the keywords: for example, we want to know the word Shanghai dragon needs, we will see this article as long as the Shanghai dragon tutorial with other words were observed for 1-2 months, were observed. Look at the data analysis. If we observe the word dragon in Shanghai within two months whether relevant search or strip appeared in Shanghai dragon tutorial, maximum demand is certainly belongs to the Shanghai Shanghai dragon tutorial the lyrics of the dragon. Describe the sequential optimization should first determine the keywords, and then determine the title, in determining the description.

, not every page written description, can be the important pages written. Try to describe a simple, even if we each page keywords are ranked first, and we can not represent can take away all the traffic, because users have different needs, and we cannot put all user needs in our presentation, we only need to place targeted, but we can take a large part of the demand.

creativity is unique, is you, others do not, if the name of the web site, it has unique characteristics, in the creation of this year may have people search, such as: a few years ago we are in search of Shanghai dragon like Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon, Beijing Shanghai dragon belongs to the innovation, there is no innovation of common words the meaning of this phrase, it is recommended not to use the site name, many people think that contain the keywords of Web site name is shoot two hawks with one arrow. The fact is not the case, because the name of who can be used, but non generic name has various meanings, not known before people imitate you, you have known it cannot imitate you.

first position title, re position description, and then set the frame, then in addition to streamline the description, there are those who need to

two, describe the streamlined, does not represent a waste. If this description can make user groups to express the main demand, then we need to add some additional words for him. We try to keep a concise words, give us a look

this title has a lot of problems, if we want to do Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon, we only need to meet the Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon Department demand on the line, so what is the Zhengzhou most needs? If it is website optimization, then we only need to write website optimization in the description of OK.

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