Once ikufumi ranking fell very sad way to deal with five strokes

keywords ranking drop response (1): halt the troops and wait

keywords ranking drop response (two):

Hello, I’m Ceng Yuwen, although today is the weekend, but they have also not easy, because your keywords ranking dropped, since the rankings off, play heart is certainly not the reason analysis, the decline is the key, so the parties face to the website for a more careful the reason analysis, found out is keyword competitors, usually keyword ranking is very good, he did not care too much, now found home more than a few top-level domain, due to the late for the fast and slightly negligence, and no content and the chain like force. As for keywords ranking drop, I believe that many owners will feel a trace of sadness and sorrow, but can not solve the problem, so when our web site keywords ranking drop, what should we do? I think we can start from five aspects:

server to solve problemsThe

love Shanghai algorithm often change, ranking is sometimes relatively large fluctuations, even sometimes due to internal data errors due to love Shanghai, keywords ranking more changes, so when we site keywords falls, we should carefully analyze the light point, we can be sure of your operation, if the site does not use black hat methods, and everything else is very normal, so we should choose to wait a day or the implementation of their own as in the past Shanghai dragon plan, the updated content can not fall, the chain strategy adhere to, perhaps for a period of time can be recovered, the fact that the website keywords many friends out for a week about the time it can be restored to the original ranking, so before we could not find the reasons, do not mess Guess, not easily to modify their own station.

keywords ranking drop response (three):

server stability of this one, impact on the website ranking is relatively large, the website often not open or open slowly, certainly will cause a certain impact on the site, cause some problems to the spider crawling, users access to the site can not open too long time, will choose to leave, this Website Trust will decline but, if the site because the server cannot access the reason, long time not open will certainly affect keyword ranking, the solution is to solve the problem as soon as possible to the server, if the general keywords off, a new probability recovery time is very large.


Links, or a serious management, I found a lot of sites to exchange a link, but not because of long time management, many links are removed, even a lot of the web site is down right, if not careful, may be linked to their own website, because Links involved and led to their website down right there are many cases, so I think everyone should have a link to the special maintenance specialist Links on this, "

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