n order to optimize the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the old domain name do new


we can easily get the conclusion that although the weight of old domain name will slowly decrease over the site to stop operation, but as long as it continues to run the site, the weight will still have some reservations, but before the chain will become the chain of new sites, so in the perspective of optimization for our rankings have a certain role in promoting.



old domain name do new has certain advantages and disadvantages, the need to do according to our actual situation, here, I hope to help you. This article from the original thunder fans 贵族宝贝xunleimi贵族宝贝, please keep our address.

The domain name of the

old domain name do new

old domain name do new also has some disadvantages, included the problem is that the site may be slow, the site collection may appear before a site content. Because the search engine database has not completely delete all data before a site, so it needs more time to search engine to recognize this new site. My friend’s website to listen to him is almost over more than a month before the start of the collected.

The weight of

old domain name do exist the shortcomings of

new station

I found that the chain of the site a lot, and the quality is very high, many of the chain from the site before hackers. Therefore the old domain name for the optimization of the benefits of the understanding.

domain name is on time every little bit slowly accumulated, your domain name longer, you will naturally weight is relatively high, even if the site stopped running in one day, and the weight in the future for a long period of time will slowly disappear, the specific time disappeared without a precise digital, before and after my friend’s site is more than a year but many outside the chain chain still existed before.

estimates will be often heard that the domain name is the older the better, but before I talk about what role for our optimization, the author can’t know how to exit. Recently a friend and the occasional chat, he talked about using the old domain name re launched a site and the site has been in operation stage, listen to his voice as well. Then the author analyzes the site analysis found really good, a great competitive strength even at the top of the first word. Why surprised? Because the domain name before he is doing a hacking site, then shut down for more than a year, the previous stage again revised on-line optimization, about seven or eight months, the key of such fierce competition to the first row. So the author view the site information.


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