How to memorize a lot of information to improve the efficiency of Shanghai dragon website password

3, modify the master password, to prevent other computer using your friends with your login information.



3, a website for multiple accounts often confused.

5, a powerful search function, can search the records of account and password, many friends will remember the password and account (not remember many of my friends are accustomed to using a password, this is not good), here through the search you can know your account login, when Firefox you only need to enter the account password. You will be given the input.

here I want to say is that maybe we have knowledge of software – related Firefox browser, we all know the function of Firefox has saved passwords. Do you have any good use? I see below how to realize "password management I use firefox.

account, not want to find their own account and password fast.

account password information

6, password security is good, can use your account regardless of your subordinates or boss on the site. Because you are prompted to log in.

4, when you login the website is Firefox will prompt you to remember your password, if you already have Firefox login account, login information will relate to your account, your account information to facilitate remote synchronization.

This step is to establish

synchronous data source, you can use Firefox sync function when not in their commonly used on the computer, sync your account information. So no matter where you go to any login account.

remember your website password information to improve the working efficiency of Shanghai dragon.

How many

2, the use of the traditional form has been unable to meet the requirements of the operator of Shanghai dragon, can quickly find their own

1, first open the Firefox browser, open tools – Options – synchronous – create an account.

for the management of a large number of website information of the webmaster want to record a large website password is a very troublesome thing. The operation of Shanghai dragon friends for account management generally has the following problems.


5, a number of measures of location, account password information can not be synchronized sharing. Some of my friends say what you can use U disk U disk, but forgot how to do

2, keep Firefox gives you feedback keys, which is synchronous data requires the use of the security key, can not be lost back, need to take good care of

4, there are no suitable software to permanently record the account password information. The author used a call recording software Allah TDP account, feel very good, you can achieve a key login records. Unfortunately, once the account is more it is difficult to find the website prior to the directory where the.


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