Learning from the practical solution to the problem of Shanghai Dragon

: Study on search engine marketing research | conversion rate conversion path and transformation | (now resistance type)

URL specification

: a study of engine marketing transformation path and transformation of resistance | Zhao Youcai search (go)

if you do not practice their own never answer, only "



in February 26th is the only original link: 贵族宝贝zhaoyoucai贵族宝贝/conversion-path-and-conversion-hinder.html

page title also has two versions:

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URL specificationThe snapshot above

The rest is

Two factors affect the conversion rate of

1.URL is not standard in duplicate pages

so I was down from his actual findings, to solve it, such ideas to improve and constantly improve themselves for Shanghai dragon realm. At present I encountered two problems:

The 1 This is the Two factors affect the conversion rate of

this is the first article about Shanghai dragon, blog search engine optimization program to open a long time not to fill in, because online articles on the SOE, Shanghai dragon independent blog are innumerable, Daniel, it is not what the new content. Recently started Shanghai dragon project, began to record the story. Not all Shanghai dragon will face the same problem, about Shanghai dragon combat is the key, so I think that in view of the practical problems, to solve the current problem is Shanghai dragon best practice opportunities. Borrow a Daniel Shanghai dragon on the "black chain":


website, originally filed by the website is a good thing, want to move back, but the domestic VPS (continued price) WP run very slowly, and moved back to WP, and then upgrade, but the All in One Shanghai dragon plug-in somehow run the (heavy line), the entire system can not be used, and the change of the Meta of Shanghai dragon Pack plugin (not love it mandatory to add a link, although I think it should be, but at least we should be able to change the style of things), so the page has several different title and key.

: 贵族宝贝zhaoyoucai贵族宝贝/conversion-path-and-conversion-hinder.html? Replytocom=X (X with a digital

Reasons for the problems mentioned above are mainly caused by the migration of

Bo, post two picture first look:

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