The website of the long tail word system optimization

first, we can Shanghai love to good use of this platform, the specific approach is adopted in Shanghai love to search keywords, and then view the " search; " and get the long tail keywords. Such as: search " Tang Yu " you will find the word directly drop-down list is Tangyu spa, Lantian Tangyu spa and so on, and then with the relevant search keywords search again, get more. Secondly, "

as everyone knows, the website long tail keywords is one of the effective channels to obtain precise traffic, as an excellent Shanghai dragon Er how to exploit the long tail word widely we will do the homework, the author on personal experience and the site operation of long tail keywords we should pay attention to what the details, good gossip short, we in today’s topic.

first, define and understand the long tail keywords. The long tail key is user will be accurately described through some long sentences for looking for information in the search process, such as the user needs a spa, can search the best hot springs near Xi’an where? Xi’an the hot springs spa in Xi’an that place?? etc., these can be unified known as the site of the long tail keywords.

third, detailed long term mining.

second, the role and value of long tail keywords reflected in there? The author here mainly detailed analysis for our new station, new station on the line without any general weight and ranking, the main keyword you want to reach the ideal position is not easy, but this time as long as we in the website content do Kung Fu the website page long tail word ranking opportunity is very large, mainly to bring new target users in the long tail keywords. Many times we writing often is used within the page layout site of the long tail word process, as we write the headlines, how much is the price of Lantian Tangyu spa? In such a sentence as the site title creation content, the content of course need to be detailed in the title around this theme, this time the certainly for the hot spring, price comparison analysis and introduction, so that once the reader through the search engine search keywords such our website will undoubtedly be preferred display, flow so it brings more value, the conversion rate is very high. Second, the long tail keywords ranking is stable. The fundamental reason is the long tail keywords ranking stable, the current Shanghai dragon popularity, a lot of Shanghai dragon just in front of the ER key operation but did the site long tail word, is mainly because of the long tail word flow less a lot of friends disdain. This time for some small sites, we have no resources no strength, not to fight opponents and the main key words we can do is to add the appropriate website long tail keywords, let the long tail word to bring us stable flow, once the long tail word ranking is very stable.

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