To avoid local website error details of the operation to prevent the local website weight loss

: advertising plate links do not have set the JS jump

now has many local websites, picture advertisement plate, some eight, some four, and with a number of pictures banner ads, these small chunks of the image ads, although the profit is not very high, the enterprise advertising demand is not very strong, but more or less able to these pictures make full of advertising, many owners in the setting of image ads, image ads often directly set the hyperlink, actually this kind of practice is not necessary, because for advertisers, just click on these pictures can jump to the web page > they default

by the way, for some local news sites, in fact can also use similar methods to solve because too much on the soft Wen, causing the site weight loss problem! Because now a lot of local news is love Shanghai news source, this can attract very much through the soft Wen to marketing companies, and local news type the website also can through the soft Wen can get a lot of money income, but in the enjoyment of the profit at the same time, don’t forget to set the JS code, to prevent the loss of weight

! Now many local

and local website keyword rankings, basically is decided by the weight of the local website, so webmaster site will in many places a lot of effort in improving the website weight, but unfortunately, in fact many of the details can effectively improve our party website weight, but also do not need to spend a lot of energy can be completed, but now many webmaster very easy to ignore these details, leading to their hard to enhance the website weight loss suffered! So what are the owners of these


at present competition is very fierce, ten local websites and even some county level are, so to enhance the local site in Shanghai love inside the ranking is very important, because the current local websites have a lot of common ground, a local real estate information portal, second-hand real estate information website, there are local portal information network, so users in the local search keywords, general ranking exam sites will have good traffic

ignore the details? website!

website, will open up some advertising information plate, which can avoid some advertising users, advertising at random in the other plate inside, causing the site content is chaotic, on the other hand can also enrich the content of the website, so the advertising plate should not be shielded, but we need in the advertisement plate inside, anchor text the advertisement inside the hyperlink must be shielded, the usual method is through the automatic search for the hyperlink, and then set the nofollow property, but the nofollow attribute, for some search engines, or to transfer the weight, so the author believes that the direct use of JS code directly shielded, so that we can completely solve the ads because too much lead, website weight transfer of

two: picture advertising links have not set any attributes and jump

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