The medical website optimization scheme

3, a chain exchange between the same industry, and their main intention included and the chain is similar to the hospital exchange.

3, website update, the original thing, can effectively guarantee the collection and quality, original and high quality stuff more easily to be included. At the same time also allows visitors to see what we want to see

1, ensure that every day about 5 of the chain, can make the high weight forum, classified information website, blog, the chain is mainly to reduce the chain of correlation, stability, degree of guangdong.

1.404 page production, can effectively reduce the bounce rate, and to optimize the internal structure of the site, is an indispensable part of.


4, site layout, ensure the reasonable distribution of keywords on the website, the website will not cause the accumulation of keyword density.

two, the optimization of internal

5, the production of robots.txt files, because the love of Shanghai into the first spider crawling file is an robots.txt file can be added to the site map link in the file to guide the spider climb take love Shanghai so as to improve the website.


2, website URL writing, using static link, link can effectively ensure that included the spider crawling and content.

2, add the anchor text (to some high level forum account) hyperlinks can be their content is not included with the chain as to content, forum signature now has little effect.

four, keywords ranking analysis

, keyword optimization

use webmaster tools, check the daily in the town included, the keywords ranking and row in front of the hospital were analyzed, according to the score >

2, the analysis of competitors website keywords, and can use his words as their site’s long tail keywords, at the same time with column to see. For example, long tail keywords can be (for which effect Wuhan Tian gastrointestinal disease hospital, Wuhan hospital, Wuhan best treatment of gastrointestinal therapeutic effect of acute gastritis good hospital, which hospital in Wuhan, which is the best stomach gastrointestinal therapeutic effect Wuhan hospital etc.) there are many.

1, find their own feel keywords can do, each site keywords set to 5 is the most standard (for example, Wuhan Cheonan hospital Gastroenterology, Wuhan Tian Tian, Wuhan Hospital of Wuhan hospital with gastrointestinal hospital), can love Shanghai key word heat and keyword analysis tool, for keyword optimization difficulty have a good understanding and optimization goals at the same time to give yourself a big direction, mainly to determine those words can bring traffic. And will have a very high visitors came to the site. Bidding keywords search volume can give a good direction.

three, external web site optimization

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