2016 Shanghai Longfeng practitioners knowledge necessary to summarize key points

third: preliminary site note


for a just on the line near the site, all the external optimization is not done as far as possible, only to do is to do house work, such as the column page key words to describe the improvement of original content website updates, flattening the tree structure of the site structure vary clearly, this is to pave the way for the later "Moon", must loneliness.

website online upload all kinds of documents, all kinds of qualifications, in short, is conducive to the user experience that upload all is because this is love for the record, officials in Shanghai say as long as it is conducive to the user experience will enhance the value of the site (search engine is not a person, so there must be a set of rules covering these documents or relevant description).

to see their own preferences, it is installed on the love of Shanghai "


fifth: with the acceleration of

domain name is a web site form lies on the line, so it is important to note that,贵族宝贝 is the best domain name and best is short (TC not tanchao), there is the best domain name is clean before not engaged in illegal websites or other sites used.

The first point: the domain name



domain of course will have a space or where to put the content of the website, so the space must choose the virtual host or IP, not to covet cheap small space back want long-term development will destroy the event, because the attack from the DDOS will let you collapse. PS: buy virtual host the best test site capacity, is collecting as many articles have look at this space with the largest stability program, but it should be noted that this time the site do not line, or a website into the abyss. "

second: website space


be eliminated!

2016 Shanghai dragon notes or important knowledge points are summarized as follows, to learn patience to read:


Shanghai Longfeng practitioners primary job is to continue learning, because in the search engine optimization is to continue learning, because this is a need to think about the work, and the work is based on search engine. Shortly before the event that look at Wei Zexi, before the Internet changes million not learn not changing, you may study because it changes your


For the

fourth: website initial stage notes


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