How a multi pronged approach to select the most suitable for your keywords

we want to clear the site keywords group concept, should be clear enough, this is in order not to let the phrase not too broad, believe that we are very clear, more segments, more professional, more focused, so we can shield part of no value to the visitors, the precision of our target user group.


users in the search for a relevant information that is not possible then accurately correspond to your keywords, so choosing the main keywords, to every one of the words is extended to form a series of long tail keywords, this can be through the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engines search function reference. In addition, the change of phrase word order to create different combinations of words, use common combination, combined into a question, can include synonyms, words, or figurative words commonly misspelled words, use other determiners to create more word, three words, four words were. "CPanel virtual host management system", "virtual host control platform, which is arranged by extending multiple synonyms results.

potential users of our website or product information in the search for relevant information, will use what kind of keywords, this is the basic standpoint of how we choose keywords. From the customer’s point of view, the idea of customer search habits and hobbies. This can actually get feedback from the very resources. Including our customers, suppliers, brand managers and sales staff. According to the specific situation of our own promotion content, you can set different. The blogger has deep feeling, there are few domestic users will search the host control panel, so stand in the user’s search habits, we will set the keywords "cPanel virtual host management system". For some popular words, is to consider the range more widely, such as micro-blog and Sina marketing, may the Tencent information portal site together.

fourth points, target groups using

second, will be extended to multiple keyword phrases arranged

fifth points, often competitors survey keywords

first, standing in the position of the user account for

View > competitors

network promotion work certainly cannot do without the choice of keywords, how to choose keywords is mainly included in the station to the user and search engine into consideration, so the choice of keywords is a technique which can get to the bottom of the. According to the gourd blogger promotion experience some keyword selection skills.

if your web service is the key position, has the characteristics of geography, it joined the key phrases, such as flowers, * * * * * * car network, followed by the regional lock, is a very targeted keywords. This applies to some local website.

third, the use of professional vocabulary to define the concept of the visitors

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