A5 the establishment of the early enterprise marketing to excellent and poor will affect the Shangha

Objective: never let yourself lose at the starting line! A5 marketing give these words are doing the transformation and the transformation of the Internet has been the traditional small and medium enterprises, hope these enterprises can win in the transformation of the starting line. Then, the starting line is the first step at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise. If the first step out of the question, the number of steps later may bring certain influence to the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng, even for


Figure four:

A5 recently received a marketing consulting business website, the figure of a home is almost over, down a section of the deployment of nothing. Figure two the home page is almost a single page, the other is to let the user into the home will be able to know the details of the company and products, and then put in the home than to do a separate design bidding page. Figure three left home in addition to the name of the product, this product is almost right this text, then down, then you did not. Figure four this is almost flash>

The three picture is


Figure 1:

Figure three:

Figure two:


in addition, it is interesting to compare: many traditional enterprise website is not good at professional Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner to do optimization, want to use third party service providers who assisted optimization of Shanghai dragon. For example, last week was responsible for a appliance enterprises looking for A5 marketing, want to give advice to optimize the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon, and they only need to follow our advice to optimize the site. However, when we see the site when stunned, this website do completely on a single page, other news, product knowledge and product center column did not deploy to the home page, let the spider eat? Can be said to drink the northwest wind? The overall design of website is not in line with the search engine optimization.


does not comply with the search engine optimization of enterprise website home page:

today, why write this article? The reason is very simple, I believe you also know that in recent months the love Shanghai search engine is not normal, large and small station was drop right, love Shanghai K station. During the period, there are many people in charge of the enterprise website to come to consult the A5 webmaster network Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) service. Therefore, in the process of A5 marketing consultation found in many enterprises on the front page of the site do very inconsistent with the search engine, they may only from the perspective of the user experience while ignoring the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, or the companies know they are not good at Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, led to the site of the initial construction is unable to achieve the best.


We look at several

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