Analysis of tea mall Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis intoxicants mall optimization

, a "head light foot heavy" phenomenon

The other is the title From the

keyword ranking, keyword intoxicants mall many column page ranking is very good, the release of the chain number is also very much, but through long-term observation, the mall home frequently updated snapshot slow phenomenon, can be seen from the snapshot update, optimize the lack of home page, general weight high the web page snapshot is updated every year, from the front page article update, in addition to comment this change, on the right side of the mall and dynamic drunk goods are not updated the community forum.

intoxicants mall home page title: intoxicants Mall – the most professional Chinese authentic, authentic tea, tea online shopping mall: Tieguanyin, Black Tea, Green Tea, DaGongPao, Pu’er Tea, tea – intoxicants mall, title is also introduced to tea and tea, writing is also very long, there is also confusion, in fact, some key words appeared in the commodity classification, such as Tieguanyin, Black Tea, Green Tea, Dahongpao, Pu’er Tea, tea, these words are appearing in the column, and some key column page ranking is also good, such as red, tea two keywords ranking in the love of Shanghai home, and ranking the mall home page is not, so people feel home title should not put column page products on top, should put some general website products: such as tea tea business The city and so on.

customers are focusing on the details of the station, such as logo, with the arrival of Valentine’s day, we can see a lot of gifts website logo according to the Valentine’s day themed to custom, 2012 the coming year of the dragon, intoxicants mall logo also added the "Fortune Dragon take on an altogether new aspect," based on the original logo, is increase the tea mall grade, does not bring the same visual effect to the user. With the good side, of course, the site also has some shortcomings, before a friend to do it after some of the details of the diagnosis, today also found three may need to be improved:

column page settings, most of the products are written in title or can, but personally feel that there are several columns to write is not very good, such as several Green Tea, Black Tea, Heicha page, it must contain the following categories of tea, such as Green Tea Website Title: Green Tea – West Lake Longjing Tea __ Spring Snail _ Mount Huangshan Mao Feng _>

a website home page is to gather the weight, is the weight of the highest place, only increase the weight of home page of a web site, in order to enhance the overall weight of the home should be long-term personal feel for the update, especially need to pay attention to the quality, in addition, the construction of the chain also need to synchronize changes from love Shanghai related domain, home chain growth rate is relatively slow, the need for the front page of the site for maintenance, will play the greatest effect of the website.

two, the home page and column page written in Title

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