After the era of Google Adsense and the new nobility baby Raiders play


noble baby Adsense is the most important tool for the survival of the noble baby, is only profitable global webmaster choice, I believe we are not unfamiliar.

for ordinary people, this means not over the wall cannot use a noble baby, and for the owners concerned, the consequences are more serious, the registration and use of noble baby Adsense are severely affected.


3.: the use of noble baby Adsense is very simple, if you tried other advertising, you will marvel at the noble baby Adsense easy to use and simple, such as noble baby Adsense does not require the record, while all the domestic advertising alliance are required for the record.

do not use the noble baby Adsense

at the same time, the domestic love Shanghai alliance, Sogou alliance is also a strong attack, the giants are in the hope that this noble baby times after a share in the advertising alliance inside the industry. But for ordinary people, we only need to see the two problem is enough: do not use the noble baby Adsense? If you want to use, and how to use

, many owners are noble baby Adsense to make money, but this year, because of the reason as everyone knows, the noble baby’s full line of products 11 was banned in china.


5.: you can customize the display ads to do custom processing, so as to make the site for you style. A lot of other.

4.: many fewer restrictions on the advertising alliance for the type of site, traffic has certain requirements, and the use of noble baby Adsense, you do not have to worry about this, because it’s very few restrictions. Various websites can use noble baby Adsense.

2. is not tax deductible: nobility baby Commission is American companies pay, payment to you is not tax deductible, of course, you go to the Bank of Chinese bank will give some of the costs, but compared to other alliance of hundreds of ten percent taxes, or too many kind of noble baby.

1. high price: one noble baby Adsense price absolutely, in recent years, although the decline, but also the absolute rejection of domestic league a few blocks, especially overseas traffic sites.

For a very long time before

the answer to this question can not be generalized, for a small part of the site such as Lu Songsong blog, because readers are vertical, so there must be many advertisers willing to direct advertising, under such circumstances, of course, can not use any advertising alliance. And more websites website the visitors much more random, those websites flow uncertainty, I think I should use the noble baby Adsense. The reasons are as follows:

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