Small smart and simulated the behavior of users to bid farewell to the short lived Shanghai Dragon

because the pseudo original easy batch production, yield guaranteed. No matter what we do in Shanghai dragon industry website optimization, the first step is to find almost two to three authoritative websites in the industry, is in fact for us after the release of false original article to the source. The authority of the site every day to update a lot of information, including submission website editor and netizen article. This article not only ensures the quality and originality, naturally became our eyes do false original resource optimization personnel choice. Therefore, the emergence of such a phenomenon, all the authoritative website released almost, can find a large number of original articles derived from its, to some extent these pseudo original articles are network garbage. Before this is Hu Yang why do optimization process is actually a process of manufacturing network garbage, "do you see the Shanghai dragon do optimization when the number of manufacturing network rubbish". We use the industry authority website to do false original article there is a reason, it is easy to insert keywords, and looks relatively natural.

Why did ?This has a great relationship between ? Why

and search engine algorithm, because in other conditions under the similar conditions, the search engine needs to use external feedback to make the corresponding judgment. That is to say the search engine actually want to use.

is smart to increase the matching degree and the density of keywords

is smart to publish false original article

the reason is very simple, because the higher the degree of matching keywords, said the relationship between the better, the search engine to meet the needs of users to be weighted processing. The same search engine that will in some website keywords with higher density is the core of the site, the site is around these keywords and to start, not only rich in content and information are more comprehensive, so the search engine will give these keywords to a ranking advantage. It is because we all know that the matching of keywords and density can greatly affect the keywords ranking, so we can use keyword matching degree to exhaust all the skills to reach 100 per cent, keyword density is as high as 4% or more. Is the result of site title than a long, the entire page everywhere keywords figure.

simulation the behavior of Internet users to increase the chain


Hu Yang believes that the current mainstream Shanghai Longfeng optimization is: combination of smart and simulated users. Get smart with a maximum of two places are: 1, increase the matching degree and the density of keywords, 2, pseudo original articles. The behavior of Internet users: including simulation forums, blog or micro-blog forwarding, the increase of the chain, almost all our way of adding outside chain is in simulating real users. That is clever and elegant to simulate network behavior, said bluntly: is to coax coax, is the search engine, the Internet is cheating. Therefore, Hu Yang think now Shanghai dragon is a short-lived Shanghai dragon, large-scale containment love Shanghai recently is the best interpretation of this view.


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