The 404 page insight in Shanghai Longfeng optimization status

generally set up 404 of the web page, when a spider in a search engine, the 404 request will not crawl the content within the URL. On the other hand, if not set, the spider that continue to grab, resulting in a lot of duplicate information in web pages, resulting in repeated accumulation of Web information, finally lead to drop right, serious, even will be K station.


for 404, perhaps a lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff are in the familiar, however, in the 404 Shanghai dragon optimization really play a role in what, next, this period of the Shanghai dragon theme will tell you to page 404. First of all, simple for you about 404, the definition of what is actually 404, 404 is a link to a web page does not exist or URL failure. For example: the link www.ABC贵族宝贝/sxlj/, we use the "link failure" to do hyperlinks, displayed on the web page, and then click to enter, but the page is 404 page error. Similarly, changes in the web page file, will lead to the same situation.


this one, I will not say, for a simple point, DW can be directly used to write 404 page for some pictures and beautiful atmosphere, love Shanghai, can find a lot of code on the internet. Direct copy up save as HTML, and then uploaded to the root directory.

for the virtual host, usually in the virtual host control panel found the error page, then click the tick 404 page, it can be modified, if the host does not support space changes, service providers can contact you.

2, 404 pages to set

is usually 404 pages for IIS, in the IIS website function panel click on the error page. Add a custom error page option, and then you have to input 404 beautiful code, make the page path, and then placed in the root directory of the web site, you can.


4, 404 pages of writing and beautiful

1. First, why do 404 page

this time, can use some Adsense tools, testing 404 page is set successfully. At the same time, can also use your own domain name suffix "fill in" chaos +. To jump out of the page is 404, can know whether to set the


for Shanghai dragon, 404 pages, in fact, the main purpose is, in a user clicks on a failure of the homepage, usually do 404 page, it will lead to the web page or inside pages, so as to reduce the rate of jump page. In order to preserve the site traffic is not lost.

5, 404 pages of the success set



3, 404 pages on how to influence the optimization of Shanghai dragon

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