Shanghai dragon’s success is not a point of success

For example,

said if you stand outside the station to do the very best, the website flow, but the conversion rate is too low, it is likely that the traffic is not accurate flow, we need to analyze the accuracy of the precision, and then change the advertising or promotion strategy. Of course, there is a more important reason is that your website is not out of marketing, and other common site fits. You did not highlight the advantages of the product, there is no good to show your company’s advantage and so on. I see a lot of the.

so we let us in the team of people to do the promotion, don’t forget to guide the user to remember our brand, to facilitate the next search for our brand word into our site. Of course, now more and more traditional media advertising also added to the search engine advertising, such as people in the TV ads, behind plus love Shanghai Moumou find our official website, which is guided by the user, enhance the weight of their own website in search engine. As stated above the network brand promotion or traditional media branding or seemingly unrelated to the Shanghai dragon, in fact the internal correlation is quite large, or if you have put the traditional media then do not forget the search engine.

In fact, the

outside the chain of this matter, even if the chain operator you again. In the link above to do very successful, if your users do not experience. The content editor cannot catch the attention of the user, you this site is not successful. For example, in fact, the brand promotion for the site of the weight of ascension is very favorable. Like Shanghai has a brand thesaurus, this brand thesaurus is automatically generated, that is to say the user reaches a certain amount in the search for your website brand word, there is a certain time, then your website brand word is love Shanghai included in the brand and the brand thesaurus, the word index size is that you the site has many fans in the search engine, a fixed fan Web search engines will be special treatment.

has always stressed that Shanghai dragon is a very comprehensive industry, it is best to do Shanghai Longfeng understand procedures, various languages, art design, web design, psychology, marketing, advertising, on the understanding of the industry, product knowledge, a variety of different network promotion method etc.. Of course, it’s hard to take these things to learn, as the saying goes, ten strokes better than three, three will be as good as a fresh. Often heard some friends say to do a professional talent, if you are a director of Shanghai dragon, what will you do not have, but must understand what. If you are as a team executive, you must keep a well digging, in your field, you are the most powerful company. If you are a company of Shanghai dragon charge, then you must dig the well wide, those professional strong people, put them together into a chain, give each other a synergistic effect, the integration of 1+1> 2 of the pattern, because of the success of Shanghai dragon is not a the point of success.

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