Shanghai dragon industry search direction of the algorithm change from love adjustment of Shanghai M

the news on the Internet webmaster and Shanghai dragon industry, is a major challenge. But the challenge is also the opportunity, who can seize the good love based on mobile Shanghai Shanghai dragon, are expected to make their services / goods get more attention.

for users of other systems: rapid deployment can use love Shanghai to provide their own mobile station to complete the function of website of mobile phone edition. (need to set the CNAME, please make sure to make corresponding adjustments in DNS management permission).

then the question is, how we can quickly build a mobile phone version of the website was? Will present the computer version of the site to achieve the same effect by way of

since 2012, Shanghai dragon industry for the "user experience" this concept is more and more deep. Many people in the industry are put forward to enhance the user experience for the importance of search engine weight. I have published the "2012 love Shanghai has changed the webmaster how to change?" a paper related ideas of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon.

is not difficult for us to realize that love is Shanghai’s intention, in view of the current mobile search activities have become increasingly frequent, and specifically for mobile phone / tablet version of the website and WebAPP in saving the user traffic and improve the speed of opening, the content of readability and interactive operation usability is much higher than the web sites and based on computer the traditional.


is suitable for the love of Shanghai mobile search should have adjustment: love Shanghai search, palm love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love map application in Shanghai mobile phone browser. Use the search function to love Shanghai products above, a mobile phone version of the site’s ranking, there will be higher than the mobile phone version of the website. According to love Shanghai official said: "the joint test and part of the site, with the search site, because of the transcoding page effect has been greatly improved, so that the user access behavior through the continuation of love Shanghai wireless search in the short term can be increased, thereby greatly increasing the single user PV contribution; in the long term, in correlation of the same page, do mobile search optimization", and there are more chances in the relative position of the front row".


love Shanghai to meet the users, so we have to meet the love of Shanghai.


April 11th, Shanghai officially announced: love love Shanghai will sort algorithm for mobile search results optimizing, more suitable for the mobile terminal results are encouraging, the relative results are not suitable for mobile terminal pressure.

for the blog users, especially WordPress users just need to enable a called "WordPress Mobile Themes" plugin that can be converted to the mobile phone version of the blog (only when the mobile phone users access). (note, this plug-in is the author of China expert MG12


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