The analysis of long tail keywords skills through the main keywords

analysis of long tail keywords skills before we first analyze the data, we added a love Shanghai index for the optimization of long tail keywords 1000, if you are able to love the first in Shanghai, then you may have 50% of the flow, in turn, the ranking, can get traffic will be less, of course the last page and can be a little higher, can reach 10% of the traffic, if you sell products, then the directional flow often conversion rate will be slightly high, can reach the normal conversion rate, so as long as the product profit * * traffic flow conversion rate can get your profits. Usually the long tail keywords to optimize to the first or have great confidence, we’ll introduce the directional analysis method of long tail keywords

website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to optimize the competitiveness of a key difficulty is quite big, even ask some professional Shanghai Longfeng optimization company will also tell you that these words are not good optimization, the only way is the side edge optimization bidding, but this does not hinder the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng road in fact, when we have no way to the main keywords, often for the main keywords to analyze some long tail keywords with directional flow, and these long tail keywords often also can bring a good profit to you


five: the combination of modal words and interrogative, at present on the network when asked questions will have a lot of words with particles and so on, for example: what good? Is it true? Wait! The question word that is more common, such as how to do? How to wait? That will give you a combination of long tail words, we can through the search engine to help us to confirm some of the best long tail keywords to

two: the use of antonyms to help you analyze the long tail keywords, such as moisture and drying is the opposite, just add a not so not to be able to form a long tail keywords


four: the wrong character analysis of the long tail, big network, what educated people have, and even high culture, often also can input typos, so through the wrong character for the long tail that is effective method, and to translate these words with high efficiency, and optimization to the first difficulty is not large it is a creative, long tail analysis

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: the synonym, love Shanghai encyclopedia or dictionary to look for keywords such as acne, also known as acne, folliculitis and so on, for acne, blackheads and whiteheads, etc., and then integrate these concepts will be able to find the accurate orientation of long tail keywords


three: love Shanghai know often can provide us with a ready-made long tail word, because a lot of people love to love Shanghai, and the core of a problem is often the long tail keywords, of course in Shanghai know love should pay attention to exclude those advertisers inside of the long tail word, or the words are not easy optimized


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