How to restore the stationmaster net is right down the site detailing the steps

although my website is K. But I have been on the record on the watch, on the morning of 7.27, indeed, I record these sites, all is K, leaving only a web site on the home page, for which I am not here to say, the province of the suspected of advertising.

my site is K, found with me by K and one of the sites, I take these two sites to do the analysis, hoping to find some common points from. The analysis shows that we are the contents of the two sites caused by too little. Then I come to this conclusion, while the site was K, then the big revision! Revision after a month, now included more than 7000! This growth rate is amazing, the growth is the user to provide me with the content.

I observed these six sites this several months, only one in Shanghai’s first love, what is it? We need to study this ah, I began to study it, first discovered an important characteristic of its anti chain in particular, and in a continued growth, and by the time I write this article, anti chain it reached 124. Comrades is the reverse link let him hold, then the direction of operation below us where there is a clear target

How to restore the I home page for our competitors website

station network is right down the site, details of the steps, there are pictures and the truth

1, must be the love of Shanghai returns the result to be a record


4, effectively increase the chain number

3 or above of the recorded results were observed in

revision, I began to do our website hyperlink, attract spider come to our website. Remember this point is essential, is also very important.

once again remind you, must love Shanghai now returns the result to be a record, you will know the benefits behind


2, K observations of the site

Before !My site is

optimized website "114 standard net" after two months of operation, the keywords ranking is very ideal, in addition to the main keywords in second, the other very good keywords ranking. Lovely Shanghai algorithm to adjust the reason, then my site is down right, I is how to restore the site? The following is a detailed introduction to

After solving the

1) through the data record that web site of the chain through the Links platform for reverse link consultation, through the purchase of Taobao, a total of more than 500 backlinks to collect resources.

the following is my website is not right down, I recorded above

I know I should work hard from which direction, then the rest is easy. I come to do the reverse link to my site operation.

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