Matters needing attention and exchange the role of a chain of a chain

four, increase website traffic and reduce the rate of jump at the site of


2, the bounce rate decreases, i.e., the user enters your home, look at the bottom of the page is not for their valuable information from the web page of the head, and then close the page, enter other website, this website will increase the bounce rate, website bounce rate is high, the more dangerous site. However, if the user through the links to other sites, which will reduce your rebound, rebound rate and less website search engine recognition. A friend, why users point links will reduce the website bounce rate? This is because, as long as the user enters the website, click on any link to another page, will reduce the rate of jump out the site, increase site access.

, increase keyword ranking

Links the exchange notes

is one of the Links weight source website promotion, this is no doubt, believe that every webmaster all know this. Why, Links is high weight chain? Because generally do Links is home. With respect to a website, the highest weight is the home page, only a handful of exceptions.

Links can enhance the site in the search engine rankings, because Links is a URL output, is a manifestation of the transmission link. The search engine spiders are the link to enter each site. The Links is a link, thus increasing the search engine spiders on site entrance, two sites do Links between the keywords ranking of a website is very good in the search engine, then the search engine spiders will always go to this website that each climb, climb a time will go to this website and the Links website once, a long time will enhance the keywords in the search engine ranking

is a website to get good.

two, improve the site included

links can promote the collection of a website, no nonsense, this is according to the. Why do you say that? A little contact, increase the spider’s entrance. A good ranking, high weight website, search engine, this is very friendly, as long as the site of the vote, then the search engine’s identity. Otherwise, how can ask an old rookie webmaster, webmaster, my website for a long period of time not included, what method is solved? Old will answer, you have what relation, friends of the chain, do some good, will be able to collect your site through a link.


three, improve the weight of

1, increase website traffic, this is a lot of website, effect is not large, there is, traffic is not much; because now the general web traffic itself is not high, how can Links website to bring more traffic. However, if you and a flow is very high, the popular website, made a Links words, it will give you the website every day a lot of traffic.

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