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Internet users 3 entrance

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new media, is now included in the fire, micro-blog, SNS, blog, forum. Now there is a very fire of the term in the industry, called new media marketing. The so-called new media marketing is for micro-blog, SNS, blog, forums and other channels to promote. Now many domestic large Internet Co, has a dedicated team or person in charge of the promotion of new media marketing channels.

site navigation and traffic entrance also is also very important, but the relative threshold is relatively high, the ordinary small website basically is very difficult to obtain the flow from the site navigation, of course, if you are willing to spend money on can do, but the promotion cost is high. Shanghai phoenix new media marketing and the relative threshold is relatively low, the ordinary small site as long as you work hard, have the opportunity to advertise their websites through these channels. If the Shanghai dragon and new media promotion means to master very skilled, can get high returns through very low cost.

new media marketing

on the new media promotion, I have 2 ready-made case, go9go link platform and 28 push my forum. Many of my friends asked me how to put the 2 together website promotion. It is through the new media marketing and new media marketing and Shanghai dragon basically no relationship. Take the 28 push forum for example, in the above active webmaster, few people know the 28 push through a search engine? And more through my blog, micro-blog, or some industry forum to push 28.

of Shanghai dragon is not equal to the network promotion in my own view, some blog occasionally mentioned, but never discussed this topic alone. Today to write this article, I saw a post in 28 after feeling. The cause is a member in the 28 post asked "push in the network promotion, Shanghai dragon is the only means of promotion, do you agree?", I read the post reply. Unexpectedly, many members agree that Shanghai dragon is the only means of promotion network promotion. So I was very surprised, so I have to write this article.

first, we come to understand, now Internet users 3 entrance. Before the domestic Internet users are the 2 main entrance, respectively is the search engine and web site navigation. But today, with the application of Web2.0, the user’s Internet searching habits began to change, so there are third entrance "new media".

I – Shanghai dragon promotion experience to share with

, search engine, web site navigation, new media, is now the largest flow entrance. A general strength and cost of the website, will not let go of the 3 channels. But it does not mean the 3 channel is the only, there are actually more means of promotion. Especially small website, should look at the outside of Shanghai dragon means of promotion, so as to make the site more competitive.

One way to promote

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