How to decrease the reason analysis of site traffic

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three flow rate has fallen, but not the holidays and other special days, then it is very likely to be the site there is a problem, or not open, or slow speed, there may be technical personnel changes to the site, the statistical code deleted, the website will often encounter this kind of situation. If self check to make sure the site does not have the above problems, you can also continue to flow down analysis area, for the above comparison operation "distribution" function in Shanghai love statistics, analysis of whether there is an obvious drop of traffic in some areas, there may be a problem to civil communication or parts of a problem with DNS resolution.

is recommended flow down, then use the "lifting list" to analysis what sites over the flow down, find out the exact site, then analyze each website does not open, the other site is removed the link to your website or contact each other directly responsible to understand the relevant circumstances.

when the site traffic has decreased significantly, should first analyze what sources of traffic dropped. The use of "lifting" list in Shanghai love in statistics and mom week period, or use a custom two days of data comparison, two date the best choice of the same type, such as non holiday Wednesday, it is easy to analyze search traffic, and direct traffic referrals visit three traffic sources in the part of the flow down, or is all down.

traffic may have many reasons, is also not the search engine traffic decline means that the website search engine drop right. Search traffic floating are relatively normal in 10%-20%, is likely to be natural fluctuations, may be the site is part of the content information is out of date or content search engine is suddenly pushed.

If The rise and fall of If the

is direct access to flow down, direct access to the analysis of trouble analysis method has not very reliable. However, direct access to traffic are generally old users, you can find out what makes your site to site suddenly old customers. For example, some small and medium business website, there are promotional activities in the "double 11" or other large electricity providers when the holidays will flow decreased greatly. Is the need to understand the "direct access" flow is not really all direct access, there are some missing sources of traffic, such as the 360 search online, time hidden sources for the website 360 search over the flow is the direct flow, then search 360 changes, and not hidden sources, then it caused a direct flow greatly decreased but the total flow of the website, this case is the website won’t have too big change. Can analyze the site of flash or less are pop ads.

analysis of flow, the most common is when the site should flow upward or downward, how to use the tool to find the reasons for traffic statistics. Here the network marketing skills master Deng Xin on this issue, simply discuss when analysis site traffic drops.

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