Love Shanghai 11 and a half year in the case of sharing out

this is another factor likely out of 11 bits. Many people are also in the discussion of key words will be said love Shanghai placed 11 because of love Shanghai wants to earn promotion expenses of certain businesses. Although before also think it’s because of this cause, but did not dare to try, after all, stopped the day means to put a considerable loss of revenue. The chance, also let me know one of the possible ways out of love 11 of Shanghai.

was collected and

site included adjustment, increase of



Links finishing the site out of the main reasons for the 11, if you love Shanghai in site 11, may also wish for their site to do a cleaning chain. I always have to do Links checks, think the existing chain is relatively normal, so that their website in 11 and the friends of the chain should Never mind, however, the fact that the seemingly normal chain may also have hidden dangers.

this is not just a recent work done, probably before 1 and a half months, the site was a small adjustment, and in the first 1 weeks, Shanghai began to adjust the love – >

The on Links Shanghai suspended

recently I have in the optimization way made some adjustments, finally is success in today’s Shanghai 11 out of the awkward position of love. I think these adjustments should be able to solve the way to love Shanghai 11:

believes that many webmaster is love Shanghai 11 bit annoying, before I also, but today the success out of the 11, here the author do a website phenomenon case sharing, hope to be able to help these 11 distressed owners. From the beginning to take over the site, the website main keywords " network; love " love Shanghai was placed in the 11 position, after the station, I had many reasons related to the analysis, so do some work to adjust: love Shanghai clicks, click on the keyword control server 404, 503. The number, all with cheating relationship optimization operation, stop in Shanghai love on the platform to do a lot of complaints, the keywords of the anchor text chain and so on, but still in 11 place and not because of these adjustments and jump out, but for more than half a year.

since this time I Shanghai site showed some anomalies, love Shanghai has punished a number of sites, so yesterday I on the web page of the Links made a big adjustment, mainly in the removal of some included less, not new snapshot of the site, also cancelled some low quality sites.

will do this operation is a chance, which is due to the site of the primary key in the 11 position, no way to do the bidding of Shanghai love. Recently, due to special reasons, the website was put love on the part of the bidding Shanghai area.

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