The wrong solution leads to optimization of the site is down right

three, the construction of the chain of confusion is down right

: for the wrong robot the right to be reduced, the need for timely change to the robots file, complete shielding grammar correctly, and then re submit your site to search engines for webmaster tools, search engine to search the web, update the search mechanism, to restore the site weight.

brand users, website renewal has become the inevitable development of brand, love Shanghai search engine launched website tools, to help owners to better transfer weight revision. But there are still many webmaster can’t turn in to be perfect, 301 redirect is a tool for the revision, only to the old webmaster website homepage 301 redirect to the new site, the old site of the same page can be accessed, and no permanent redirect to the new site, then lead to new sites not enough weight and was drop right punishment.

love Shanghai search engine algorithm is more and more strict, Shanghai dragon exists many of the details of the optimization, many webmaster errors caused by site optimization, not necessary punishment, because the wrong result of optimization of Shanghai Longfeng site is down right, the webmaster should how and when to solve the problem, I give you some summary the common solution.

: the website is completed, the first version of the line, online for a period of time the coexistence of old and new content, new content exist for a period of time, and the new version of the content has been included, set 301 jump on the old and new content, the old version of the content to the corresponding content. After the revision of the site to submit to the "love Shanghai revision tools", the old station station need to do 301 permanent jump to the new site. At the same time, does not recommend the owners to all pages are old station 301 redirect to the new home page, if the page ranking in the search engine, search engine can’t find the corresponding URL address, so the ranking will be because of the lack of the corresponding decline.

is required to optimize the site in the Shanghai dragon chain building strong, designed the network structure on the site, the inside pages are directly linked to each other, the network structure and the improper construction become confused, home layout of multiple words, pages in different keywords and links to the same page, bread crumbs in the navigation of accumulation keywords, classification into the list with "more" label, these chain construction is not perfect. "

, error robots the right to be reduced

spider to crawl the content site, grab from the robots file, the file syntax seems very simple, but the owners often make mistakes, or lead to the entire whole directory page is shielded, cannot obtain the corresponding keyword ranking. If this is disallow:/mulu/, mulu shield a list page is not included, the error list page belongs to all written shielding of the page.

two, old and new site is down right

alternating leadIn order to further

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