You misunderstood content is king this sentence

any user does not love a all is the text of the website, even Wikipedia websites also need some pictures to help explain. So I do website not only in text content efforts, but also on the site above the picture and animation content related optimization, such as optimization of image clarity and image size; for animation content needs to do is to improve the quality of animation and can do optimization. These are indispensable in the construction site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

this is in fact mainly refers to the "

Optimization of

1, the text of theThe core content of the text

5, pageIf you put

2, the content of the animated picture

 Optimization of

Shanghai dragon knows the industry has "content is king" this sentence, but do not really understand the sentence, for example, some of the new new people in the industry often can only understand the content of the website needs to give the user to bring some help, and also must be user needs content. This is not wrong, but there are not comprehensive, true "content is king" need to include these things.

in front of four points has been ready, so your site must have been relatively good, but you still need to do to optimize the user vision. Users of a website to evaluate the first thing to consider is the visual impact, if your site layout is confusing, users will feel very uncomfortable, this would certainly reduce their impression on your site.

3, in the page content guide link

here said the fact that is the site of the site above, some pictures, but most of the content or text. What we are talking about is the optimization of text content, need not just to meet the users, but also need to meet the search engine. For example, the optimization of keywords density control as well as the original.

4, the subsidiary function

said the guide link here mainly refers to in addition to the other part of the body other than the content of optimization is the most simple introductory menu navigation and content recommendation. The content of this part is to facilitate the users to optimize the website, if properly can greatly improve the user experience, let them more love your website.

6, pages.

Optimization of

in today’s era of big data, users are no longer satisfied only to see the contents, they often also use the collection function, the download function more convenient function. So when your website content is good enough, you must ensure that users can easily be content to collect and share it, able to dispense with yourself to the time and cost of publicity.

Optimization of Optimization of The user visual optimization of

external factors

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